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Company: Wild Alaskan Company
Location: Remotely (can work from anywhere)
Position: Supply Chain Operations Manager
Requirements: See position requirements
Wild Alaskan Company ( delivers wild-caught, sustainably sourced seafood to households across the United States. Our monthly membership constantly offers new species based on availability, season and member input. Powered by our custom-built eCommerce platform and three generations of history and expertise in the Alaskan fishing industry, we constantly strive to meet our promise of a top-notch product and experience. And we’re always looking to improve, so if you happen to be reading this and have any ideas, do tell!


The Wild Alaskan Company seeks a Supply Chain Operations Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company’s supply chain. You are a meticulously organized and creative problem solver who is able and excited to take end-to-end ownership of the company’s procurement, value-added production, transportation, distribution and fulfillment processes. As a key member of our growing team, you’re always one step ahead and passionate about helping deliver a superb and reliable experience for our members.



  • Develop, track and achieve KPIs related to the company’s procurement, distribution and fulfillment processes

  • Ensure all local, state and federal regulatory requirements are met

  • Execute corporate initiatives associated with the company’s distribution and fulfillment processes

  • Collaborate with key vendors to drive improvements on key metrics

  • Implement improved processes and management methods to increase ROI and workflow optimization

  • Analyze inventory levels and support the development of a replenishment strategy based on current sales trends and the company’s growth strategy

  • Champion efficiency and cost reduction measures; assist with the implementation of changes as they pertain to the supply chain and the company as a whole

  • Identify problems and propose solutions to other members of senior management

  • Ensure that contingency systems/practices/protocols are in place to eliminate business disruption


  • Manage third party logistics partners; work in close conjunction with the company’s various 3PL providers to continuously improve the distribution and fulfillment processes of the company

  • Manage the distribution of raw materials and finished products through the entire supply chain, from procurement and distribution to fulfilment

  • Manage all vendor and 3PL relationships pertaining to the supply chain

  • Assist in the negotiation of terms with vendor and 3PL providers

  • Assist with vendor and 3PL invoicing questions

  • Coordinate and manage purchasing of inventory

  • Work with LTL providers to coordinate the shipment of inventory

  • Resolve issues relating to inventory loss and damage, shortages, etc.

  • Work in conjunction with the member experience team to report on any foreseeable problems, file and manage 3PL claims  

  • Ensure smooth cooperation between the operations team and 3PL partners

  • Work in close conjunction with the company's head of procurement and trusted suppliers to coordinate the production of value-added products

  • Work in conjunction with the member experience and operations team  and fulfillment centers to develop and implement kit boxes


  • Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent combination of education and related experience in business administration, operations management and supply chain management

  • Minimum 3 years experience in perishable food operations

  • Flexible, organized, team player

  • Strong critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills

  • Seasoned project management experience

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to manipulate large quantities of data to drive business decisions

  • Expert in Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets

  • Must possess a startup mentality; eager, creative, and consistently strive to be best-in-class


  • Previous employment at an ecommerce subscription company

  • Proficiency in MySQL

  • Interest in seafood and sustainable food systems

We’re a small, expanding team that cares deeply about sustainability, good food and personal growth. As a fully remote business, we rely on the systems we build to deliver a high-quality, personal experience to our members throughout the U.S. You can catch us in Alaska, New York and everywhere in between -- and sometimes beyond. We value independence, hard and thoughtful work, diversity in approach, backgrounds and ideas, as well as the willingness to learn. Since you’re still with us, here are some things we don’t like: excuses, micro-managers, complacency and unethical businesses. If you care about helping build a better food system and growing your career, we want to hear from you.
Please apply by emailing with your resume and a paragraph that describes what excites you about this position.
Contact: Carlos Cabrera
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Closing Date: Open until filled