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UAS Online and Blackboard

UAS Online ( is the portal to our Learning Management System (LMS): Blackboard. Students and faculty access their course sites by logging into UAS Online. After you or your students login, you will see a list of links to your courses. Click on the link to any course (offered since Fall 2012) and you'll be in your Blackboard course site. Older course sites are still available and their format has not changed.

Use the menu at the left to explore features and learn how to use them. Begin with this links:

Notice the "FAQ" (frequently asked questions) link on the menu - that's where you'll find answers to questions that don't necessarily fit with other topics.

Blackboard Help Resources

Note - our version of Blackboard will differ in some ways from the version described in Blackboard's documentation - use this site to get started then use Blackboard's documentation for more details.


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