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Allison Bidlack, Ph.D.

Director - Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center 

796-6269 (Visit Website)



  • B.S. Resource Ecology and Management, University of Michigan (1992)
  • M.S. Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2000)
  • Ph.D. Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley (2007)


Coastal margins ecosystem ecology, temperate rainforest ecology


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Buma B, Bisbing SM, Wiles G and A Bidlack. 2019. Primary succession observations over a century do not support textbook explanations of facilitation/sequential change.Ecology 100(12): e02885.

Bisbing SM, Buma B, Oakes L, Krapek J and A Bidlack. 2019. From canopy to seed: loss of snow drives directional changes in forest composition.Ecology and Evolution 9:8157-8174.

Buma B, Batllori E, Bisbing S, Holz A, Saunders SC, Bidlack AL, Creutzburg MK, DellaSala DA, Gregovich D, Hennon P, Krapek J, Moritz MA, and K Zaret. 2019. Emergent freeze and fire disturbance dynamics in temperate rainforests.Austral Ecology 44:812-826.

McNicol G, Bulmer C, D'Amore D, Sanborn P, Saunders S, Giesbrecht I, Gonzalez Arriola S, Bidlack A, Butman D and B Buma. 2018. Large, climate-sensitive soil carbon stocks mapped with pedology-informed machine learning in the North Pacific coastal temperate rainforest.Environmental Research Letters 14:014004.

Arbogast BS, Schumacher KI, Kerhoulas NJ, Bidlack AL, Cook JA, and GJ Kenagy. 2017. Genetic data reveal a cryptic species of New World flying squirrel: Glaucomys oregonensis.Journal of Mammalogy 98:1027-1041.


Allison Bidlack joined the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center in August 2012. Prior to that, she was the Science Coordinator for the Ecotrust Copper River Program in Cordova, Alaska. Allison has a background in wildlife ecology, with emphasis on population genetics and habitat modeling using geographic information systems. Her previous research projects have included assessing the population genetics and phylogeography of the Prince of Wales flying squirrel in southeast Alaska, investigating the distribution and habitat use of carnivores in the San Francisco Bay area, and creating habitat models for Chinook salmon in the Copper River watershed. She has a deep and abiding interest in the temperate rainforests of North America, and believes in the importance of gathering and synthesizing ecologic, economic and social information to help support and maintain the vibrant cultures, communities, and ecosystems of the region. Allison enjoys rowing, cycling, skiing, and all things outdoors.


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