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Ann Spehar, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Economics 
Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences


225-3624 (Fax)

Paul Bldg Room 506, Ketchikan Campus



Ann Spehar earned a Masters in Applied Economics at Seattle University in Washington State where she also earned two undergraduate degrees in economics and math at the University of Washington. She holds a Master in Education in curriculum and instruction from Montana State University and has two years of study toward a doctorate degree in economics at Washington State University and the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Courses Taught:

Ann Spehar is currently an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Alaska Southeast. She is responsible for designing, developing and instructing online asynchronous courses in Money and Banking, International Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, and principles courses.


Spehar’s field of interest is the theory of the endogenous business cycles. She has studied the 1930’s U.S. ‘Great Depression’ extensively, and has compared it to the 2008 financial crisis. Spehar has recently published two papers on that topic in the World Economics Journal.   She has also published in the International Journal of Wilderness.

Spehar has also worked as a consultant in industry, with areas of expertise in mathematical modeling, software engineering and project management. She worked 15 years at the Boeing Company, supporting clients that included Bell Laboratories, AT&T Long Lines, McDonnell Douglas and Hanford Nuclear Facility. She served in executive leadership at the Boeing Company in Seattle and received over 700 hours of Boeing Company training when that company was expanding its territory beyond aviation into computer timesharing services to the world. At the time, Boeing Computer Services (BCS) provided cutting edge computer engineering consultation to 148 government and commercial customers.

Ann Spehar was born in Fairbanks, Alaska “before it was a state” where her father served as editor of the Fairbanks Daily News Minor and headed up AP for Alaska.  She has recently moved from Montana with her husband Alex and Australian Shepherd Montana.


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