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William Urquhart, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology 
Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences


225-3624 (Fax)

Paul Bldg Room 505, Ketchikan Campus



Ph.D., MA, Tulane University
B.S., Oregon State University

William Urquhart’s recent doctoral dissertation on school violence and bullying includes ethnographic and statistical studies at a remote Western Alaska village and at an inner-city high school in pre-Katrina New Orleans.  This work emphasizes the importance of social account conversations in defining peer group norms for retaliation in disadvantaged areas, and will soon be published in book form as a monograph.  His other research interests include Alaskan social problems such as alcoholism and domestic violence, and organizational behavior perspectives on workplace violence.  Currently, he is investigating the effect of climatic temperature variation on seasonal domestic violence rate cycles in northern states.  He enjoys teaching distance education classes, and some of his course offerings include Theory and Research in Criminology, Social Psychology, and Alaska Social Problems; Deviant Behavior, Organizational Behavior, and Environmental Sociology.


Bill Urquhart teaches courses in sociology, general social science, humanities,  and multicultural education.  As a sociologist, his teaching interests include social problems, deviant behavior, social psychology, education, and criminology, with special focus areas in juvenile delinquency, domestic violence, and social problems relevant to Alaska.  Dr. Urquhart primarily teaches online and serves as the Distance Coordinator for the online Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree program. He is also the Project Director for a Title III grant for Alaska Native Serving Institutions titled "Strengthening Arts & Sciences eLearning Communities."  Dr. Urquhart was born and raised in Ketchikan, Alaska, from a family long involved in commercial fishing.  After graduating high school, he continued on to Oregon Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, and eventually to Tulane University, where his PhD focused on bullying and conflict resolution among high school students in New Orleans and in a village in Western Alaska. Bill enjoys spending time with his wife, Frankie, who is a high school science teacher, and their four children, Liam, Neila, Torran, and Kinsey.  Bill plays the bagpipes with Ketchikan's Misty Thistle Pipes & Drums, and spends spare time fishing, hunting, and gathering with family.  


Advising contact for all distance-based students in the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree.


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