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Cathy L. Connor, Ph.D.

Professor of Geology, Emerita 
Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences


(907) 796-6518 (Fax) (Visit Website)



Ph.D. Geology 1984, University of Montana, Missoula, MT
Doctoral Dissertation: Late Quaternary Glaciolacustrine and Vegetational History of the Copper River Basin, Southcentral Alaska.

M.S. Geology 1975, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Masters thesis: Holocene Sedimentation History of Richardson Bay California.

B.S. Geology 1974, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Curriculum vitae (PDF | 149Kb)


Quaternary Geology and Paleoecology, Regional Alaskan Geology, Glaciology, Neotectonic Processes, Geoscience Education

  • Outreach in Geoscience Education in Alaska′s secondary schools
  • Alaska Geology–Understanding how it all came together and how it is changing
  • Comparison of Neoglacial stratigraphy with Tlingit Oral History Glacier Bay
  • Geomorphic Evolution of Mendenhall Valley during repeated glaciations
  • Uplift in Northern Southeastern Alaska
  • The Little Ice Age retreat of Mendenhall Glacier and Comparison with early 21st Century Rapid Retreat
  • Sediment flux through the Mendenhall Glacier/River system
  • Bathymetric surveys Mendenhall Lake 2000–2003
  • Recent Paleoecology SE AK fjord basins–Gravity Core studies marine sediments
  • Calving Retreat LeConte Glacier 1996–2000

Courses Taught:

Lower Division:

  • GEOL 104 – Introductory Physical Geology & Lab
  • GEOL 105 – Historical Geology
  • Environmental Geology
  • ENVS 101 – Introduction to Environmental Science & Lab
  • GEOL 271 – Earth Materials (Mineralogy & Petrology) with Lab
  • ENVS 111 – Introduction to GPS
  • ENVS 110 – Introduction to ArcGIS
  • Introduction to Geologic Field Methods (for undergraduates, for AK secondary science teachers)
  • Introduction to Field Archeology

Upper Division:

  • GEOL 301 – Geomorphology
  • GEOL 300 – Geology of Alaska (Emphasis on Structure & Tectonics)
  • GEOL 310 – Glaciation and Climate Change
  • GEOL 315 – Field Course Glacier Surveying
  • ENVS 491 – Environmental Science Internship
  • ENVS 492 – Environmental Science Seminar (Capstone Course)
  • Independent Studies
  • Geology and Geomorphology of the Tatshenshini and Lower Alsek Rivers
  • Juneau Icefield Research Program Courses

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