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Incoming Student Information

We look forward to welcoming you to Juneau, the capital of Alaska, as well as the home of the University of Alaska Southeast!

Our university is small, personable, and different from what you may be use to, nevertheless we believe you will learn to enjoy the uniqueness of our community and univeristy. You will most likely depart with strong connections, new academic knowledge and skills, different perspectives and lasting memories.

Important Dates

Fall 2020

  • Housing Move-in: August 20 (Aug 19 for ISEP students only)
  • Orientation: August 21–23
  • First Day of Classes: August 24
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 26–28
  • Finals: December 7-11
  • Housing Move-out: December 14
  • Campus Closure: December 24–January 2

Spring 2021

  • Housing Move-in: January 7 (Jan. 6 for ISEP only)
  • Orientation: January 8–10
  • First Day of Classes: January 11
  • Spring Break: March 8-11
  • Finals: April 27–30
  • Housing Move-out: May 3

Incoming Student Checklist

Be sure to review the ISEP and NSE pages as appropriate for further details.


  1. Respond to emails from UAS
  2. Complete the Course Registration form by following all the processes within the first month of placement
  3. Work with UAS Housing to secure housing request
  4. Arrange travel to Juneau on the official Housing Move-In date (ISEP participants may arrive a day early)
  5. Log into the UAS Elmo system to obtain your UA ID and view course schedule and syllabi
  6. Order text books
  7. Plan for New Student Orientation

Upon arrival

  1. Check-in at the UAS Housing Lodge (ISEP particpants may obtain a bedding package which includes sheets and pillow)
  2. Rest up and prepare for New Student Orientation
  3. ISEP particpants: Submit your travel authorization (DS-2019) immediately


  1. Participate in campus and community events
  2. Explore Juneau. Go hiking, even if you've never hiked before. There are over 100 miles of trails to explore!
  3. Become familiar with the city bus system
  4. Enjoy your time in Alaska