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3:00- 5:00 pm Egan Library 211

Present Chuck Craig President, Cathy Connor Pres. Elect (minutes), Tony Martin Career ED, Jill Dumesnil Natural Sciences, Jane Terzis Humanities, Virgil Fredenberg Education, Lynn Shepherd Library, Eric Niewohner CIOS,  Lisa Hoferkamp at Large, Tim Ewest . Ketchikan, Ex Officio-Robbie StellNot PresentYuliya Ivanova  BPADM, David Noone Social Sciences , Joe Liddle Sitka

1. Call to order 3:00-Quorum with  3:10

2. Approval of minutes of last meeting ( DEC 1.)  ATTACHMENT 2.1

Corrections of Dec 1 minutes.

  • c-1, c-2, c-3 #10? Refereeing to  source mentioned by Robbie, previous Wilson Fund usage
  • will have  GERS  all faculty meeting sometime in the future, did not talk about at mini Convocation

3. Approval of today’s agenda

4. Assembly member’s comments

5. (3:30 pm) Provost’s comments

Executive Provost Council Report

Provost Stell distributed the Fall 06 report to Faculty Senate

Thanks for Convocation participation. Break through with End of Courses

Student Surveys Institutional data that will help with decision making and assessment of student ratings for future planning.

It is hoped that departments will scrutinize their respective data and explore what it might mean at the classroom level. Pivot tables are cool!Need other means of evaluating competencies.

  • Degree Programs-interview graduates-(e.g. professional behavior, computer competency)
  • Forums with students (Frosh and Senior)
  • Forums with Departments

RS guesses that assessment teams will probably interview faculty and students on campus. AT will probably pre-view course syllabi on the web to evaluate integration of UAS competencies into courses. Join in online sessions and interview distance students.

Eric - Dec Assessment meetings how to do outcomes strategies……
Larry Harris will head up Assessment of Academic and Institutional Effectiveness (has NCATE evaluator experience) Gerken Facilities, Hyde Finance, Student Services.

Draft UA Student Success.
Faculty Alliance - Shirish Patel and Dave Veazey distributed.

President Hamilton identified the need for UA to help better prepare K-12 students and teachers for college as well as identify what students need to know when they leave college.

This document is a response to President Hamilton’s Charge to Faculty Alliance.
Lynn commented that this document doesn’t articulate the need to assess a student’s competency in information literacy that is the ability to find and synthesize knowledge in electronic formats.

Lynn inquired about UAS request for portion of Statewide potential $1.5 million for specific innovative programs from each MAU. She emphasized the need to submit well-articulated projects that address student college readiness and success.

Previously mentioned by Robbie and now underway

  • Plans for Summer Academic Camps (Joe Nelson geometry camp JDHS students)
  • Jill Dumesnil will teach Math 105 and 107 next fall downtown at the Bill Ray Center, targeting JDHS students who might otherwise not take High School math as juniors and seniors.
  • University outreach to High School teachers (Math).
  • Joe Nelson has 5-6 SEAK HS superintendents on board to implement math placement tests at their schools. (larger southeast towns)
  • Possibilities of assisting math instructors in smaller SE communities
  • Need to hold forums for parents to inform them about test results meaning.
    Virgil F. suggested Offering Math placement tests during Junior Day on UAS campus.
    Eric N, reiterated President Hamilton’s idea of rewarding through special tuition discounts, students for taking 4 yrs of math at UA (gray shirt scenario…early UA entry as spring HS seniors)

Student success

Lynn suggested that the Faculty Senate create a couple of good proposals for student success e.g. interdisciplinary 1 credit courses……..that work on student competencies(Enviro policy and chem., Art and biology) share interests learn some skills or college readiness-academic camps

 Lynn, Jill, Cathy will form an Ad Hoc committee #12 and come up with some SS suggestions.

6.   (3:15 pm) Chair’s report: Alliance update

  • Human Resources Units function have merged at UA System merged with UAF
  • Distance Ed Steering Board (DESB) ceased to exist. Old DESB members have joined ETT (Ed Techno Team), will be enhanced Sachi Oba, Karen Perdue will co-run, Ramona MacAfee will be contact interim Org director. RFPs for dist ed project spring 2007 to solicit campus dist ed projects. Steve Hamilton represents Distance Ed function on Faculty Alliance as well as Karen Schmidt
  • Alliance thoughts about how to reduce cost for student’s to attend  UAA/strengthen residential body
    • 4 year tuition rate lock in at entry year
    • 4 year housing rate lock in
    • if you take 15 credits you pay 12 credit rate
    • rebate if you finish in 4 years rather than 6

7.  ACTION ITEM: Final approval of the changes made to the online faculty evaluation handbook wording from last meeting.  ATTACHMENT 7.1

Unanimously approved as written by Faculty Senate!!!

Ad Hoc discussion……
JT - How do students forward email to personal accounts
EN - Skype links on his course pages
VF - Eluminate sessions will be available on faculty portfolio pages. Virgil will use for office hours.
RS will repeat Mini Convocation sessions-Effective use of technology expand to 1.5 hours.

8. Student Success Dave Veazey - Strategic Planning attachment sent around See # 5 section above.

9. Next meeting Feb 2, 2007. Chuck will be absent. Cathy will chair.

10. More ad hoc discussion
Foreign students who come to Juneau on student visa, move to Anchorage, take BBA online and get in trouble with INS because they need 3 face to face courses.

Online - JDs,  Face to face J01s, same course

Get UD accounting courses back in the class room, now most are distance CIOS most courses online…bites into retention of 18-25 year olds who prefer face to face courses. CIOS/Management programs need a separate curriculum for older students?

Fate of Education TV broadcasting….

UATV UAS Satellite is being shipped to Fairbanks for Distance ED. Internet to UAF/KUAC and then sent off transponder from KUAC. Formerly Alaska 3 (5 agency group collaborated to make original satellite-TV system since 1991…..$200,000 resource/yr.

Saved in the 1990s by US Military program needs for MPA, BBA in remote Alaska locations

Could UA TV (Channel 18) be used in future to teach rural HS courses? Type A qualified HS teacher/University Master teacher team teachers? Worked in .Bethel area 26 classrooms with Sue Kocyba. ED 593 courses.

IPY research info dispersion

Useful medium for instruction.

Meeting Adjourned at 5 pm.


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