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Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes

FRIDAY May 4, 2007

In attendance:Chuck Craig Pres, Cathy Connor Pres elect, Eric Niewoehner CIOS, Pricilla Schulte Humanities, Tony Martin Career Ed, Jill Dumesnil Natural Sciences, Joe Liddle Sitka, Jennifer Brown Library, Tim Ewest Ketchikan, Virgil Fredenberg, Education, Yuliya Ivanova BAPDM, Lisa Hoferkamp Juneau.
Ex Officio Maria Montoya (Moya) for Provost Stell

1. 3:00 pm Call to order

2. Approved
 April minutes of   ATTACHMENT 2.1

3. Today’s agenda Additions:
-Info only 5.1 Dean/Director approval outlying campuses MM
-Faculty Excellence Awards CC
-Intellectual Property JB

4. Assembly member’s comments

5. 3:10 pm Provost’s comments/ Maria Montoya (MM): Memo from Provost (Information item only no FS action to be taken today, we will revisit in the Fall):

Proposed changes to Faculty Handbook ATTACHMENT 5.1, Attachment 5.2 Maria Moya read Memo which had not been received by Sitka and Ketchikan representatives. General gist of proposal is that all faculty will be evaluated by Deans and not campus directors in the case of S and K faculty.

Joe Liddle in Sitka: Only the campus directors know what faculty in K and S are actually doing. In the past the various Deans have officially delegated faculty evaluation  authority to directors.

Priscilla Schulte in Ketchikan -workload has to be tied into evaluations. Presently Deans do workloads and directors do evaluations on K and S campuses?

Chuck-Union input? collective bargaining issue?

Tim Ewest Ketchikan: Who evaluates faculty is a “Hot button” issue in Ketch….
Two concerns- Juneau-based Deans may or may not know about outlying campus faculty’s performance…..Workload criteria is presently structured for the Juneau campus and tends to marginalize the rural campus/community college mission.. Evaluation process must be tied to workload….What does it say in faculty handbook? Will need linkage….Don’t want to lose mission of community campuses.

Maria left report from provost council. Different criteria for extended campuses (esp distance ed, faculty tie-in to local community…tied to workload criteria)

6. 3:25 pm Chair’s comments/report
Talk of adding a  Faculty member on Board of Regents
Tuition 5% rise instead of 7% No locked in tuition/possibly predicted tuition raises
Intellectual property rights-all levels, especially faculty Alliance and United Academics.
Student success task force……
Jill Dumesnil is faculty President elect.

7. Results of 2007-2008 Senate chair elect elections / new senators /
Education-Karen Wicks Ortega
CIOS Rick McDonald
Career Education-Tony Martin
Social Sciences David Noon
NS-Matt Heavner
Humanities - Jeremey Kane
Library TBA
BAPDM - Rick Wolk
At Large Juneau-Tom Regele (Humanities)
At-Large - Ketchikan
 Priscilla Schulte (Social Sciences)
At-Large - Sitka - Joe Liddle (Natural Sciences)

8. ACTION ITEM: The Ad Hoc Curriculum Clarification Committee suggested changes to the faculty handbook; Lynn Shepherd

As both Lynn Shepherd and Elise Tomlinsen are out of town JD/VFLH moved to defer any further action on this item until fall.

9. ACTION ITEM: Service Committee  suggested changes to the faculty handbook; Jill Dumesnil

Jill passed out a revised version of these documentsFaculty comments:
Isn’t section on “Work with students”..already part of Scholarship of Teaching guidelines? –Yuliya..BAPDM…..

JD response…this varies between departments
Service Sub-categories (University vs Public). Service types are not differentiated by the
 BOR. This set of guidelines is an attempt .to reign in the breadth of the previously unconstrained “blackhole” of service”
Service has been interpreted elsewhere (especially during evaluation, tenure and promotion reviews) as UAS vs Public (with Professional service as a subset of public service)….

If we vote to accept this today what will happen?…..These guidelines,  if approved will go into faculty handbook

This is meant to be a guide for faculty preparing files for review, and activities report it can be revised through the Faculty Senate.

Comments from Sitka and Ketchikan

..keep the spirit of these guidelines as an aid to faculty preparing files and planning workloads and not punitive e.g  “you must be doing everything in matrix”…. Priscilla…Social Science faculty needs to see it…. Public forum needed?
EN-no responses from CIOS when this was distributed.

YI/LH  moved/seconded to accept Service Guidelines as is for faculty handbookVOTE:
Accept for Fac HB effective when printed  7
Reject for Fac HB 4
Guidelines Accepted and Approved for inclusion in 2007-2008 faculty handbook

Jill D requests that FS introduce these guidelines in  AUG. during Convocation

10. 3:55 pm  Update and discussion on Library skills/Information Literacy testing, Lynn Shepherd/ Carol literacy…continues…markers, exams, evaluation criteria requested by BAPDM (grad courses in BIZ), CIOS, Etc……

VF-Education…great idea…..why haven’t we been using….so many students need….ed doesn’t teach such courses per say…but could be worked in. MAT program could benefit.  (Ed Resources IC database)…mention to Larry  (Dean Of Education)..librarians ready to deploy help etc….

4:05 Faculty Excellence Awards cc:
Comments on first run. Selection committees established…light on applicants. Timing short, process onerous? Consider this a first attempt and improve mechanism for next time.

Awkward to nominate yourself
Encourage of each Department to nominate candidates while still providing mechanism for self-nomination. Instead of 3 letters of Recommendation nominees/applicants should provide 3 pieces of evidence supporting their claim(students,  new paper articles, published paper, recommendations, testimonials, etc)
Connor and FE committee members will develop application/nomination rubric and revised forms over the summer. First batch of awardees will be announced at August convocation. FS will announce guidelines and forms for 2007-2008 FE awards then with application deadline in MARCH 2008.

4:15 Intellectual Property Rights - JB issue for unions, faculty alliance,  distance education, UA faculty senates. .Statewide ETT how to define, use when deciding about distance ed policies for the university, guided by Unions (UNAC, ACCFT./BOR) …tried to get into contract faculty vs university rights, usually preempted by negotiations over salary and health care.

LS wants FS support from UAA, UAF UAS…Lynn wants this to go to ETT for their decision making process. Faculty bundle of rights…

EN:Serious/spiritual issue with CIOS…..High tech info over dist delivery…hours/daily…faculty property…..lecture slide shows should have faculty-author attribution/ recognition/$$$  property/arbitration….as per union contract….Steve Hamilton and Eric..N…icon links to things….movies, audios, etc….Digital age…everything is  recorded..Eluminate/UA TV...snippets…..who owns them? This will be an ongoing discussions into perpetuity…..

2003 IT document  painstakingly produced by Lynn Shepherd, Jennifer Brown and others needs FS support for distribution. Another one for fall convocation…..

11. Committee reports /results/status/ for the year end. Distributed by email. All committees were to snuff.
GER committee made many recommendations about courses, faculty Senators should take up with their departments where relevant.

Regular updates of  6 year core sequence needed.
List off campus courses/GERS?…These are recommendations only, department level changes needed
GER committee next year add pertinent UAA and UAF courses?
See handout

(End of year reports: Curriculum Committee, Academic Information, Community Outreach, GERs, Grad Chart, Graduate Committee, Advising/Learning Center/Tutoring)

Adjourn  SINE DIE (for the season)



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