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Video conferencing is primarily available throughout the UA system through Zoom. Access (which includes scheduling, settings, and software) are all available at This provides the advantage of individual control over meetings, settings, and schedules. For more information about how to use Zoom, check out our Zoom webpage or contact the Helpdesk directly. 

Video Conferencing Services still provides support for Zoom, including walking through the process of using the Zoom thick client, Zoom web client, Google Calendar plugin, or the Outlook plugin. They are no longer required to schedule meetings ahead of time, but they can assist you with the process. If you need to use a conference room, you will need to reserve the room separately. If you would like training, contact your local campus support.


For information on the equipment available, contact Instructional Services Manager Randy Nutting at 907-747-7701 or


For information on the equipment available, or to set up a video conference, contact John Long at 907-228-4531 or


For information on the equipment available, contact the Helpdesk at 907-796-6400 or


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