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Every page in UAS Online has an Edit Settings link in the upper right corner as displayed below.


The Edit Settings link provides settings for the page you are on and if required all subpages. Their are four sections for managing pages that deal with content, design, security and publishing. Most of the controls are not used for Course Portfolios, but do allow a wide range of customization for special uses in personal portfolios.

When you click on the Edit Settings link the Page Content tab will open. You can choose the other controls by clicking on a tab. Selection of tabs is show below.


Faculty will see another tab called Instructor Tools.

Instructor Tools

Page Content

Provides the ability to edit page title & description, manage content items and attachments and include Webmeetings, Forums, Weblogs or Wiki's on your page. More...

Page Design

Change your font's and colors, page navigation or add a background image. More...

Security Settings

Edit security based on user function: general user, reviewer, importers, grader, co-authors. More...

Instructor Tools

Provide a course template with content items for your students. More...

Publish Page

You can make your page available to other UAS users through the browse feature in the Portfolio window on the UAS Online start page. More...


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