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  1. Sign into UAS Online and click the View Portfolio link on the front page.

  2. Go to any UAS Online course and click the Portfolio link on the navigation bar.

  3. Click on the Portfolio: View link from a class list. This link will only appear once content has been added to a portfolio for that course.

Choose a page in your portfolio to have the blog, then go to Manage Page and Content Setting, finally check the box to Display a weblog.

Go to the page, click the Manage Page link in the upper right. In Content Settings: Current Items, click Browse. You will then see a list of all of the items that have ever been added to any your portfolio pages. Find the item that was removed and click the Add button.

To create a thumbnail when uploading your images, in Options for Images, choose Version to Display = Small and Click-to-View = Enabled. When the attachment has been added, preview your posting to see how it will look. The initial image will be small, and when someone clicks on it, a new window will open with the original size of the image.

A forum is a place on an ePortfolio page where you and others can engage in discussions.

To add a forum to any portfolio page, simply go to Manage Page, then Content Settings and Forum Settings, and check the box to Display a Forum on this page.

As explained in the Forum Settings, "People with General Access can view content and Reviewers can post."

By default, for course portfolios, all participants in the class are reviewers. For non-course portfolios, no one is a reviewer.

To add a reviewer go to Manage Page, then Access Settings, and put the usernames of the people you want to review in the Reviewers text box.

Uploaded items added to a page can be shared between pages. Pages in the portfolio system can be copied within the system.

From the UAS Online main page, click the Browse Portfolios link. You can check out what's new, what's popular, or search for something interesting. As a participant in a course, you will also be able to view and comment on the portfolios of your fellow students from the class list.

By default, portfolios pages are viewable by others but the person would need to know how to get to it. In the "Manage Page" option, you can restrict the access settings.

Within your portfolio, choose Manage Page and click the Publish button. It's a good idea to give your page a good title and description, otherwise it will be difficult to search for.

Go to PUB (Personal URL Builder) at to create an easy address for any of your sites.

By default all portfolio pages are viewable by anyone, so double-check the following setting: Go to Manage Page, Access Settings, and set the General Access to unrestricted. This will ensure that anyone you invite will be able to view the page.

Portfolios are accessible by anyone with access, so they will be able to view it. Send them a method to access it, such as a custom link or searching instructions.


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