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MyUAS Ribbon Navigation

My UAS Ribbon

The MyUAS Ribbon is your quick reference from the main UAS website to access the rest of your assets. It's both customizable and unobtrusive, but grants access to a wide variety of resources, such as your Email, Course Homesites, ePortfolio, UA Online. 


Each heading of the Ribbon is designed to access a different set of tools. If you aren't logged in, clicking any of these will take you to the Single Sign-On login page.  

My UAS Ribbon Highlights


Once you're logged in, this section displays your name. Clicking this allows you to edit your profile or log out.  

Popout Menu

This is your quick access to a dozen different tools: UAS Online, ELMO, UA Online, Blackboard, Portfolios, Bubblenet, Surveys, Wiki, Announcements, and Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive.


Go straight to your UA Google inbox, as well as the rest of the Google for Education suite.


This populates a list of all of your Subpages listed in UAS Online. It remembers where you've been for quick and easy access.


All of your current courses will be listed here, as well as any courses you've bookmarked.  


UAS has a host of special tools found here, including Blogs, Chatrooms, Forums, and Surveys.


Need to go somewhere not listed above? This list allows you to customize links to resources like the Library, Helpdesk, or the Registrar. You can even link to content outside of UAS, such as your personal website, and customize the layout and organization.


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