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Getting Started with Online Course Meetings at UAS!


Many distance courses conduct live meetings in a similar manner to classroom sessions. Instructors can schedule session for each class, or have a virtual room that's always available for student collaboration. 

For more information about how your instructor plans to conduct the class, check out their Blackboard course site or reach out to them directly.

Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the University's primary online meeting software for online classes and student/staff collaboration, run entirely in a browser. Collaborate is used primarily in teaching e-Learning courses but it can also be used to present guests speakers, hold virtual office hours, and bring together colleagues from all over the world.


Zoom is the primary video conferencing software officially supported across the UA System. While primarily for peer to peer communication, it is also available for instructors as an alternative online meeting tool.


Some instructors prefer alternative software for hosting their courses. Some of these options include Google Meet, Adobe Connect, or the now retired Collaborate Classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

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