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The UAS Human Resources website is no longer being updated. University of Alaska Statewide Human Resources (SW HR) will migrate content to the SW HR website later this year.

Our Human Resources staff adhere to University Policy & Regulations to appropriately classify positions and ensure fair compensation. The tools found below outline our current classification and compensation processes at UAS. For more information on these processes please contact your HR Consultant.


If a change needs to be made to an employee's duties, position classification, or salary, follow the steps in these guides below to navigate university policy and regulations.


University of Alaska Southeast

University of Alaska Statewide

  • UA Classification FAQs

    Answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding position descriptions, such as:

    • How does it work?
    • What is the value?
    • How do I get a new position classified?
  • UA Compensation FAQs

    Answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding employee compensation.

    • Are there yearly salary increases?
    • Do I have to work overtime?
    • Don't I have to get paid for on-call time?
  • UA Salary Schedules

    View present and past salary schedules for staff, temporary staff, and student employees as well as:

    • Information regarding geographic differentials
    • Links to other UA system resources

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