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The UAS Human Resources website is no longer being updated. University of Alaska Statewide Human Resources (SW HR) will migrate content to the SW HR website later this year.


Our UAS community believes in providing all employees with a fair work/life balance throughout their employment. Supervisors adhere to the UA Policy & Regulations to approve requested time off for various reasons. The employee should submit a request for annual leave at least thirty days in advance. In addition employees need to notify their direct supervisor an hour before regular scheduled work hours for sick leave; unless it’s an emergency. Feel free to contact our Payroll technician (796-6473) about completing a timesheet while on leave.

Annual Leave

UA employees accrue annual leave on a bi-weekly basis. These accrued hours are earned based on on/off contract status and prorated based upon hours worked per pay. An employee’s annual leave is set with a maximum accrual limit of 240 hours. Any amount exceeding this limit will be forfeited during the pay period that includes June 30th. Employees continue to earn leave unless they are on terminal leave or LWOP for more than a full pay period. Annual leave for full-time employees (non-faculty) is earned as follows:

  • 5.54 hours per pay period during the first 5 years of employment
  • 6.46 hours per pay period during years 6 through 10
  • 7.38 hours per pay period after 10 years of employment

Our annual leave cash-in program allows all staff members to receive payment for up to 40 hours of unused annual leave every fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). In addition, faculty members can cash-in five days of FTO (Faculty time off) after they've used five days of this leave type. An employee may be given permission from their supervisor to work a reduced schedule to exhaust leave hours if necessary.

Employee Note

The remaining annual leave balance is paid out on an employee’s final pay. The non-exempt staff personal holiday must be used before the pay period that includes July 1.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees accrue 4.62 hours per pay period (if in an active pay status for entire pay period), while part-time employees earn an amount based on FTE (Full-time equivalency).

Sick leave may be taken for a variety of reasons:

  • illness or medical condition
  • an appointment with a doctor or dentist
  • emergency care for members of your immediate family
  • childbirth (by you or your spouse) or newborn adopted child
  • adoption of a minor if required by the adoption process
  • a death in the family (maximum of five days for funeral attendance)

Faculty Time Off (FTO)

Full-time faculty members are provided 15 days of time off during their nine-month or alternate contract period. These hours are in addition to UA observed holidays. Additional days are provided to regular faculty members on a summer contract extension. Three of the 15 days must be taken during the UA winter closure, while remaining hours are typically reported during the following periods:

  • before classes begin in the fall semester, and when faculty are on-contract and being paid by the university
  • after classes have completed in the fall semester and grades have been turned in and faculty are being paid by the university
  • in January when the university reopens (after the holiday closure period) for business and faculty are on contract and being paid by the university, and before spring classes begin
  • spring break

Employee Note

Please contact an UAS Payroll Technician (x6273) for more information about reporting FTO throughout the academic year.

Family Medical Leave (FML)

FML is a University of Alaska Regulation (UR 04.06.144) based on the federal Family Medical Leave Act and the State of Alaska’s Pregnancy, Childbirth and Family Leave Act. It provides eligible employees with certain job and benefit protection for a limited period of time. If your leave qualifies under both state and federal law, the leave you use will count against your entitlement under both laws. Upon return from FML, you will be reinstated to the same or equivalent position with the same pay, benefits, terms and conditions of employment.

One of the following:

  • Employed with the University of Alaska for at least 35 hours a week for at least six consecutive months
  • Employed with the University of Alaska for at least 17.5 hours a week for 12 consecutive months
  • Employed with the University of Alaska for at least 12 months and worked at least 1,250 hours immediately preceding the commencement of leave

One of the following:

  • The employee is unable to work because of a serious health condition.
  • The employee’s or spouse’s health is affected by pregnancy.
  • Childbirth
  • To care for a newborn child (within the first 12 months following birth)
  • For the placement of a child through adoption or foster care (within the first 12 months following placement)
  • To care for a spouse or an immediate family member with a serious health condition
  • FML-eligible absences covered by worker’s compensation
  1. Meet with your current supervisor to complete the FML Request Form. Form instructions:

    • The anticipated leave duration can be estimated dates, but written in a month/day/year format
    • Intermittent leave request should include an agreed upon a schedule
    • Supervisors can make copies of both the request form and agreed upon schedule for own employee files.
    • 720 hours in a 12-month period is the maximum FMLA duration period
  2. Complete one of the following forms depending on FML qualifying reason:

  3. Submit completed forms to the HR Office and meet with your HR Consultant (796-6473) to answer any additional questions. After form completion:

    • FML Approval or Denial letter is sent to the employee’s HR address in Banner
    • Communication between the employee, supervisor, and HR Consultant should occur on a regular basis throughout the leave duration

Benefit Eligibility

  • FMLA eligible
  • Reported 80 hours of FMLA leave without pay in the past 28 days
  • Received minimum 40 hours leave donation to retroactively apply to account

Program Overview

FMLA employee entitlements is a job-protection leave code for specified family and medical reasons. An employee will be using their current leave balances while an employee is on FML. After all leave balances are exhausted the employee will remain on FML leave without pay (LWOP) until the full entitlement is exhausted. The HR office should provide a 30-day notice to both the employee and supervisor before all FMLA entitlements are exhausted.


  • FML earnings code (601) should be used throughout entire duration period
  • Our system automatically deducts from the employee’s sick leave balance first
  • An employee must be eligible for FMLA to receive leave share

Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

An employee approved to go on leave without pay for more than ten working days (one full pay period) due to FML LWOP, Sick Leave without pay, and/or a leave of absence will need to arrange for benefit payments. Contact our HR Director (796-6473) for more information about LWOP.

Employee Note

Non-medical leave absences exceeding ten days must be routed to both the Chancellor’s Office and the Statewide HR Office for approval.


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