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The UAS Human Resources website is no longer being updated. University of Alaska Statewide Human Resources (SW HR) will migrate content to the SW HR website later this year.

UA Choice Health Plan

Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield is our health care provider for the UA Choice health insurance program. All eligible employees are able to enroll into one of three health insurance plans, or opt-out if already covered. New employees eligible to enroll into a UA Choice health plan need to meet with a HR representative during their first week of employment. A new employee has until the 25th of the month to either submit their UA Choice health plan enrollment or Opt Out form. All three UA Choice plans cover medical, dental, vision (VSP), and pharmacy.

To contact Blue Cross/Blue Shield customer service call 1-800-364-2982.

See the UA Statewide Benefits page for more information. All current UA health benefit enrollment and change forms can be found on the UA Benefit Forms page.

Major Life Event

A UA benefit-eligible employee is able to make changes to their health insurance benefits outside of the annual open enrollment period due to a life event. All changes made will retroactively be effective on the date of the life event. Employees will have a 30 day enrollment period following the life event to submit any changes to their current health insurance elections. The following are considered major life events:

  • Marriage or divorce of the employee
  • Death of the employee’s spouse or dependent
  • Birth or adoption of a child by the employee (60 day enrollment period from life event)
  • Employee or spouse’s end of employment
  • Employment status change from part-time to full-time for either the employee or spouse
  • Employee or spouse unpaid leave of absence
  • Gain or involuntary loss of health care coverage of your dependent

Contact your HR Consultant (796-6263) about any upcoming life events to go over your options and paperwork to make any necessary changes in Banner.

Express Scripts is our Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield pharmacy services provider. Employees enrolled in a UA Choice Health Plan will receive a separate card for their pharmacy coverage. There are some coverage differences between our three health care plans in regards to pharmacy benefits.

The 750 & HDHP copay tier system:

  • Tier 1 generic drugs
  • Tier 2 brand drugs
  • Tier 3 non-preferred brand drugs
  • Preventive drugs no-cost to members

The CDHP offers coinsurance for both prescription drugs expenses and a preventive drug benefit that covers any medications found on the preventive drug list.

For more information about employee pharmacy benefits visit the UA Pharmacy Benefits site.

ASIFlex is our FSA vendor. For more information and FSA forms go visit our UA FSA site. Employees participating in either our UA 750 or High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) are eligible to setup a FSA to set aside funds to pay for various health care out-of-pocket expenses throughout the year. All eligible employees can sign up either during open enrollment or within 30 days of a life event. The current maximum contribution limit for the medical FSA is $2,550. The Plan Year for both the FSA runs from July 1 through June 30. All claims must be submitted by September 30 following the end of plan year.

Note: There are no conflicts having both a Health Savings Account & Dependent Care FSA account at the same time. There are potential conflicts for employees with both a HSA & Medical FSA. Our recommendation is to contact a financial advisor to discuss your options based on your individual situation. For more information contact Erika Van Flein, University of Alaska Director of Benefits, Statewide Office of Human Resources.

Employees enrolled in our Consumer-Directed health care plan (CDHP) have the option to set up an HSA either during open enrollment or within 30 days of a life event. The HSA is an employee contribution program to set aside funds to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses throughout the year. Our HSA is managed by the Bank of America and all contribution made roll over year to year.

The HSA contribution plan limits are based on the calendar year (Jan 1 to Dec 31), while the bi-weekly employee deduction is based on the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). The HSA has a $3,350 contribution limit for the individual account and a $6,750 maximum for family coverage.

Current employees enrolled on the CDHP plan electing to set up a health savings account must submit a new enrollment form during open enrollment (July 1 to June 30) every year. For more information and enrollment forms visit the UA HSA site.

Note for new employees

Your HSA contributions will begin the first of the month following the start of your CDHP coverage. If your CDHP coverage begins on the first of the month, your HSA will be established that same day.

All employees (and their dependents) covered on a UA Choice health insurance plan can use Patient Care services free of charge. They provide health care advocate services including: cost-benefit analysis, finding a doctor, marketplace navigation, and more. This is a great benefit for employees seeking guidance on Flexible Spending or Health Savings account management.

For more information about their services and contact information go to the Patient Care website.

The university's wellness program is changing! We are working on the details to bring you a fun new program in the next few weeks. The guidelines of the program will be mostly unchanged, but the features and platform will be new and engaging with a customized portal and new features like integration with the Apple Watch and Google Fit on Android. 
Stay tuned as we'll be making an announcement soon when you can try out the new site!


Life Insurance

Securian is our current UA Group Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance account manager. The University provides all regular full-time and regular part-time employees with $50,000 in basic life insurance at no cost to the employee. In addition, an employee can increase this amount and sign up for supplemental life insurance, any increases over $200,000 requires the submission of an Evidence of Insurability form. An employee can elect to sign up for Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance at a fee paid through bi-weekly payroll deductions.

For more information and forms visit our UA Life Insurance site.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Trained counselors, who are available around the clock, will help and may guide you to an expert in your area. You may get help with personal concerns, legal and financial issues or day-to-day challenges, such as finding child care or buying a car. Find out more about the EAP provided by Deer Oaks EAP Services through their presentation.


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