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The UAS Human Resources website is no longer being updated. University of Alaska Statewide Human Resources (SW HR) will migrate content to the SW HR website later this year.

The University of Alaska Southeast follows a bi-weekly payroll cycle throughout the calendar year. Our regional office provides additional payroll assistance to all parties involved in the process, while preparing all payroll records to be processed. The following information provides employees and supervisors with additional payroll support. 

UAS Timesheet Practice

The following elements are required for every time sheet or report that is turned into payroll. Non-exempt employees are required to submit a time sheet each pay period to receive pay. If you are not in an employment category that requires you to turn in a time sheet each pay period in order to receive pay, contact your department Cost Center Clerk or local HR office to determine the circumstances under which you are required to turn in a time sheet.

  • All paper time sheets must be completed in blue or black ink (This time sheet must be printed from Banner not UAOnline - contact your department Cost Center Clerk for assistance)
  • Employee signature
    If the employee is unavailable to sign the original time sheet, the Cost Center Clerk may print N/A (Not Available) and sign with their own signature in place of the employee’s signature on the time sheet printed from Banner.
    Note: The employee's signature is required for all revised exempt and non-exempt time sheets.
  • Department approval shown by the signature of the Department Dean/Director/Supervisor or designee.
  • Restricted funds require the signature of the Principal Investigator (PI of the grant) or alternate on behalf of the PI as per signature card.

Note: No one person may sign for both the employee and the department. If a time sheet approver starts, enters time and submits the employee’s time sheet for approval, the time sheet approver’s proxy will need to approve the time sheet.

Timesheet FAQs

Complete our UAS TKL/FYI/Timesheet Approver/Supervisor Change Form and submit it to the HR office a pay period before the desired effective date (see our payroll calendar). This request will require additional departmental approval and may result in affected parties restarting current timesheets to view recent changes.

Complete our UAS Employment Release of Information Form and submit it to the HR Office.  Based on the information provide a payroll technician will compose a letter and send it to the employee.

No one person may sign or submit a timesheet for an employee.

Consult our UA Earning Codes Definitions listing or contact the HR Office for confirmation on the appropriate earnings code to use.

A paper timesheet should be completed and submitted to the HR office before the end of key week. Both the employee and supervisor should sign the paper timesheet:

Print submitted timesheet. Strike through the error, initial, and write correction above. Do not use whiteout or correction tape.

All timesheet approvers should setup a proxy on UAOnline to approve timesheets.

Fair Labor Standards Act and Alaska Wage and Hour Law Criteria (BOR R04.05.020):

  1. Nonexempt employment
    1. Employees in nonexempt categories will be compensated on an hourly basis, rather than salary, and will be eligible for overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 per work week, as approved in advance by the employee's immediate supervisor, unless otherwise excepted by the Fair Labor Standards Act and/or the Alaska Wage and Hour Laws. Hours worked excludes all leave and holiday hours.
    2. Nonexempt employees will not be eligible for compensatory time-off in lieu of overtime pay. This regulation does not prohibit the arrangement of flexible working schedules for employees which do not exceed 40 hours in any workweek.
    3. Nonexempt employees are required to submit timesheets for all hours.

Fair Labor Standards Act and Alaska Wage and Hour Law Criteria (BOR R04.05.020):

  1. Exempt employment
    1. Employees in exempt categories will be compensated by salary, rather than hourly rates of pay, and will not be eligible for overtime pay.
    2. Exempt employees are not required by federal or state law to submit timesheets for pay purposes; however, they may be required to do so by the supervisor or department head and must always submit timesheets when using leave hours during the pay period in question.

Payroll Processing Schedule

Our HR Office staff ask departmental supervisors and administrative support staff to be mindful of the payroll processing cycle when requesting any job changes or new assignments to be setup in the system. “Key week” is the seven day period following the end of a pay period when supervisors approve reported hours and payroll technicians make all necessary corrections before payroll records are processed across the system. For questions on payroll procedures and practices contact a payroll technician.

Day of Key Week

New pay period begins

Employee timesheet submission deadline (noon)

Timesheet approver/supervisor approval deadline (5 p.m.)

Time sheets returned for correction approver deadline (5 p.m.)

Payroll technician reviews all error reports for the pay period

Payroll technician reviews final error report at noon

Payroll process for previous pay period

Additional notes

Pay periods with a holiday may prompt an earlier approver deadline

Payroll technician resolves outstanding timesheet issues. Payroll records uploaded into Banner.

Manual entry occurs for all paper timesheets received. Payroll reports run and final corrections made.

No EPAF processing can occur due to payroll processing the next day.

Payroll/Personnel Processing Best Practices

  • Submit all paperwork within or before the pay period containing the job change effective date.
  • All job forms received after the pay period (two weeks) containing the job change effective date will be considered late and not given priority.
  • Contact Kim Stewart Greinier (796-6479) for all temporary (staff, student, adjunct) payroll related questions.
  • Contact Yolanda Cordero (796-6273) with any regular (staff or faculty) payroll related questions.

System Resources & Information

  • Web Timesheet Resources

    Additional resources regarding our automated payroll system:

    • Quick reference instructions
    • Google payroll submission calendar
    • Faculty time off instructions
  • Current UA Payroll Forms

    All current UA payroll deduction forms, including:

    • Annual leave cash-in
    • Paper time sheet
    • W-4
  • Tax Information

    Information regarding our UA tax procedures:

    • W-2 & W-2c FAQs
    • W-2 UAOnline access
    • W-4 information

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