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Job Form Instructions

Our payroll technicians need a completed job form to either change an existing assignment, or create a new assignment for an employee. The instructions below explain how to complete the “Notations” section on a job form. In each section are valuable payroll/personnel resources to help indicate the appropriate job classification and compensation for the assignment. All job forms submitted should have completed labor distribution, timesheet approver, FYI, and employee information sections. Contact a HR representative for additional resources and support.

Payroll Calendar Resources

Pay Period Calculator


Job Form Notations and Resources Based on Employee Classification

  • Student (A, B, or C) AY17 or Summer
  • PCN-Suffix
  • Hourly rate and hours per pay period
  • Start date to end date
Current Student Non-Taxable (SN) Assignment Dates

August 21, 2016 to May 13, 2017

May 14, 2017 to August 19, 2017

Download resource for "Example Student Job Form"

Example Student Job Form

Click on thumbnail for full sized PDF.

Download resource for "Example Temporary Staff Job Form"

Example Temporary Staff Job Form

Click on thumbnail for full sized PDF.

  • School Name Adjunct
  • PCN-Suffix
  • Annual Salary, Number of Credits
  • Number of Previous semesters (Step 1,2, or 3)
  • Contract Start Date to Contract End Date
Course Description
  • Subject/Course/Section/CRN
Spring AY17 Adjunct Assignment Dates

January 15—May 6, 2017

Download resource for "Example Adjunct Faculty Job Form"

Example Adjunct Faculty Job Form

Click on thumbnail for full sized PDF.

Our HR payroll technicians also require the submission of job forms to change assignments (pay, hours, contract length, labor distribution, etc.)

  • Assignment Type (student, temporary staff, etc.)
  • PCN-Suffix
  • Job Change Reason
  • Effective date

If hours, contract length, and/or pay are affected then list updated information here.

Download resource for "Example Current Employee Job Form"

Example Current Employee Job Form

Click on thumbnail for full sized PDF.

Common Job Change Reasons

A full listing of job change codes is available on the University of Alaska Statewide Human Resources site.

Increase in Assignment (hours per pay, etc)
Decrease in Assignment (hours per pay, etc)
In Grade step movement (requires supervisor justification memo)
Reclassification up 1 or more (requires approved MyUA PD, and contract letter)
Labor Distribution Change

Position Control Number (PCN)

A PCN defines the job based on a classification and grade assigned to the position by a HR Consultant.

  • All regular, term benefit-eligible employees are assigned a unique PCN tied to their position description.
  • All temporary (adjunct, staff, and student) employees are assigned a shared UAS temporary PCN based on general assignment details. To find a temporary PCN go to our Job Forms page for the complete listing.


Distinguishes assignments in the same position from others held in the past, present, and future. Employees in a temporary position often retain the same job on a semester basis, but their assignments end and a new one is created for their next employment period.

For example: A new adjunct for the fall semester assignment is 987000-00. The adjunct teaches another course in the spring, 987000-01. Now if this same adjunct has a summer assignment the PCN changes to 987020 and because the position has changed the suffix returns to 00.

PCN/ECLS Code Lookup Tables

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds
PCNTitleFICA Taxable or Non-TaxableAccountECLS CodeGrade
987100Student Assistant CFICA - Non-Taxable1640SN00_C
987101Student Assistant CFICA - Taxable1641ST00_C
987104Student Assistant BFICA - Non-Taxable1640SN00_B
987105Student Assistant BFICA - Taxable1641ST00_B
987102Student Assistant AFICA - Non-Taxable1640SN00_A
987103Student Assistant AFICA - Taxable1641ST00_A

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds

Temporary Non Faculty, Non Student

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds (Temporary Non Faculty, Non Student)
PCNTitleAccountECLS CodeSalary ScaleGrade
987040APT - Salaried or Hourly1615XTTS00_75
987041Exempt Staff - Extended1617XXTC00_71
987042Classified - Hourly1620NTTS00_71
987043Classified - Extended1627NXTS00_71
987044Clerical - Hourly1620NTTS00_71
987045Clerical - Extended1627NXTS00_71
987046Non Covered - Hourly1620NTTC00_71
987047Non Covered - Extended1627NXTC00_71
987048Non Covered - Hourly1620NTTS00_71
987049Non Covered - Extended1627NXTC00_71
987050NonExempt Staff - Temporary1620NTTC00_71
987051Casual Labor - Temporary1620NTTS00_71
987052Seasonal Labor - Temporary1620NTTS00_71

L6070 Temporary Staff, Non Student

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds (L6070 Temporary Staff, Non Student)
PCNTitleAccountECLS CodeSalary ScaleGrade
987070Crafts & Trades I (CT1)1630CTCC00_T1
987071Crafts & Trades I (CT1)1627NXCC00_T1
987072Crafts & Trades II (CT2)1630CTCC00_T2
987073Crafts & Trades II (CT2)1627NXCC00_T2
987074Crafts & Trades III (CT3)1630CTCC00_T3
987080Custodian (Cust)1630CTCM00_C1
987081Custodian (Cust)1627NXCM00_C1
987085Maintenance Serv Worker (MSW1)1630CTCM00_M1
987086Maintenance Serv Worker (MSW1)1627NXCM00_M1
987087Temporary Trades Seasonal1620NTTC00_71
987088Temporary Trades Casual1620NTTC00_71

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds

Academic Year

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxiliary Funds (Academic Year)
PCNTitleUnion AffiliationAccountECLS CodeGrade
987000Temporary Faculty CreditCovered1601FTCR_08
987001Temporary Faculty CreditNon Covered1602FWCR_08
987005Temporary Faculty, Non-CreditCovered1601FT00_NC
987006Temporary Faculty, Non-CreditNon Covered1602FW00_NC
987010Faculty, Overload/CreditCovered - UNAC1611F900_BW
987011Faculty, Overload/CreditCovered - UAFT1612A900_BW
987012Faculty, Overload/CreditNon Covered1612FN00_BW
987015Faculty, Overload/Non-CreditCovered - UNAC1613F900_BW
987016Faculty, Overload/Non-CreditCovered - UAFT1611A900_BW
987017Faculty, Overload/Non-CreditNon Covered1612FN00_BW
987018Substitute FacultyNon Covered1602FW00_NC

Summer Session Faculty

Juneau Campus - Unrestricted and Auxilary Funds (Summer Session)
PCNTitleUnion AffiliationAccountECLS CodeGrade
987020Temporary Faculty CreditCovered1601FTCR_09
987021Temporary Faculty CreditNon Covered1602FWCR_09
987025Temporary Faculty Non-CreditCovered1601FT00_NC
987026Temporary Faculty Non-CreditNon Covered1602FW00_NC
987030Faculty, Additional Assignment/CreditCovered - UNAC1611F900_BW
987031Faculty, Additional Assignment/CreditCovered - UAFT1612A900_BW
987032Faculty, Additional Assignment/CreditNon Covered1613FN00_BW
987035Faculty, Additional Assignment/Non-CreditCovered - UNAC1611F900_BW
987036Faculty, Additional Assignment/Non-CreditCovered - UAFT1612A900_BW
987037Faculty, Additional Assignment/Non-CreditNon Covered1613FN00_BW
Labor Account Codes by ECLS Effective FY2001 (R15 payroll)
ECLSDescriptionPrimary Account CodeOptional Account CodeWhen to use Optional Account Code
A9UAFT1 Union - Regular - <12 month11021612overload/summer assignment only
ARUAFT1 Union - Regular - 12 month1152
CRL60702 Union - Regular1501
CTL60702 Union - Temporary1630
EXExecutive Management1201
F9UNAC Faculty Union - Regular - <12 month11011611overload/summer assignment only
FNFaculty - Regular - <12 month (non-represented)11501613overload/summer assignment only
FRFaculty - Regular - 12 month (non-represented)1151
FTFaculty - Temporary1601
FWFaculty - Temporary (non-represented)1602
GNGrad Student Non-tax - Stipend16431646workstudy assignment only
GTGrad Student Taxable - Stipend16441647workstudy assignment only
NRNon-Exempt Staff - Regular1401
NTNon-Exempt Staff - Temporary1620
NXNon-Exempt Staff - Extended1627
SNStudent - Non-taxable16401646workstudy assignment only
STStudents - Taxable16411647workstudy assignment only
XRExempt Staff - Regular1251
XTExempt Staff - Temporary1615
XXExempt Staff - Extended1617
  • 1 previously ACCFT
  • 2 previously CEA and AHECTE

For more information about department fund and org structure contact Julie Vigil at


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