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Our MyUA system allows for supervisors to perform essential position management functions, perform necessary recruitments, make online offers, and begin a more streamlined onboarding process. All UAS employees have at least employee access to view their PD online. Contact our HR office if additional supervisor, CCC, and/or search committee access is needed to perform HR related job duties. An HR recruiter will partner with every hiring manager on a benefit eligible recruitment and guide them through the process. This working partnership is essential to ensure an expedient process and finding multiple qualified candidates to fill the vacancy.

Process overview

These apply to regular and term staff positions. For temporary hires, please see Temporary Hiring Practices below.

Position Description

One to two weeks for processing

  • Establish position duties
  • Approve grade & classification
  • Route request to recruit
  • Gain understanding about position

Position Requisition

One to two days for processing

  • Finalize posting details
  • Coordinate recruitement strategy
  • Establish a search committee (3 people minimum)
  • Finalize screening documents


One to seven days for processing

  • Finalize assignment details
  • Pay & starte date
  • Offer approval & candidate acceptance
  • Initiate onboarding process

Position Description

Our practice has always been to have a formal position description (PD) on file for regular and term staff benefit-eligible positions. In our new system we have migrated the "Request to Recruit" process to occur during the PD review stage, in an effort to ensure that accurate position is being maintained in the system. We no longer require supervisors to route memos for approval to recruit prior to initiating the electronic process, to help prevent a duplication of effort. Instead we route a revised PD to propose a reclassification, position update, and/or request to fill an existing position. We recommend that hiring managers consult with their management team about the need for a position and obtaining funding before contacting the HR office. Supervisors must obtain approval to recruit through a PD approval process before proceeding to the posting phase in any recruitment to fill a benefit-eligible position. The best practice is to consult with either the HR Director (796-6473) or HR Consultant (796-6263) before making permanent changes to a position.

Promotions & Position Changes

  • If an employee is being promoted and changes PCN numbers then the department will need to continue with a position requisition (non-competitive) and make an online offer to recognize the position change across both Banner & MyUA.
  • If the position is only being reclassified due to a change in duties then the department will coordinate the creation of a job form and contract letter, with the HR Consultant; once the PD has been approved.
  • For more information consult the UAS Permanent Position Change Workflows page.

Position Requisition

This is an online form that contains job specific advertisement details necessary to post a vacancy on our UA Careers site. After the position description has been approved select the “Recruit for Position” option to trigger the requisition (posting). The supervisor reviews all position announcement text before submitting it to a HR Recruiter for posting onto our UA Careers site.

Search Committee

The best practice is to have at least three search committee members for all benefit-eligible recruitments. On each position requisition search committee members can be added, while members not in the UA system can be identified on the notes tab. Every round of applicant screening must be performed by the same search committee members. Prior to the initial applicant review date the search committee should meet to review their recruitment timeline, screening forms, and committee member responsibilities. All screening materials (preliminary, interview, reference checks, etc.) used should be submitted to the HR Office for approval, prior to initial applicant review.

Applicant Screening Practices

Applicant screening for minimum qualifications identified on both the PD and advertisement text. This should be a coordinated effort between the search committee chair and HR Recruiter.

Use the Preliminary Template to aid in preliminary screening.

This is an optional screening phase to reduce an applicant pool based on the preferred qualifications identified on both the PD and advertisement text. Additional search committee members may participate in this application assessment.

Use the Intermediate Screening Template to aid in intermediate screening.

All completed screening forms and/or notes should be sent to the HR Recruiter for review. Be sure to indicate the qualified applicant(s) you want to interview at this time. The cost center clerk (CCC) / personal payroll assistant (PPA) assigned to the recruitment could set up an Interview Event in MyUA at this time. The search committee needs needs to receive HR Recruiter approval to interview before inviting applicants to the interview event.

To perform automated interview scheduling, use these MyUA guides:

All search committee members should participate in the interview. Best practice is to conduct a phone interview for all final applicants if it’s necessary for a candidate living outside of Juneau. We recommend to hold on campus interviews if all candidates are local.

Use the Interview Template as a guide to establishing behavioral-based questions.

Offer Steps

After all applicant screening materials have been submitted to the HR office, the HR Recruiter will notify the hiring manager when they can proceed to make a verbal offer. This initial conversation is essential to negotiate both a start date and salary details. The following are some verbal offer tips for hiring managers:

  • Complete the Faculty Salary Placement Form or Staff Salary Placement Form to identify a salary range for negotiations
  • For staff positions if the applicant desires a step above ten consult with the department Admin Manager and Director about budget restrictions
  • Start dates beginning at the start of a pay period are always preferred
  • Have candidates contact an HR Consultant (796-6263) for clarification about our UA employee benefits package

Temporary Hiring Practices

Our practice has been that all temporary (staff, student, adjunct, and L6070) positions do not have formal position descriptions like regular and term staff positions do. All UAS temporary positions have been setup with a template PD in MyUA to trigger the recruitment process. Contact a HR Consultant (796-6263) if a temporary template is missing from the system.


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