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Accreditation, Federal, & Grant Reporting for UAS School of Education

Initial Certification Programs

  • BA BAEL: Elementary Education
  • BA SPED: Special Education
  • GLI EEED: Ed Cert - Elementary Education
  • GLI EESC: Ed Cert - Secondary Education
  • MAT ELED: Elementary Education
  • MAT SCED: Secondary Education
  • MAT SPED: Special Education
  • MAT EDUC with concentrations in ECED, ELDI, ELED, or SCED

Advanced Certification Programs

  • GLI EEDT: Ed Cert - Education Technology
  • GLI EMT5: Ed Cert - Mathematics K-5
  • GLI EMTH: Ed Cert - Mathematics K-8
  • GLI ERED: Ed Cert - Reading
  • GLI ESPE: Ed Cert - Special Education
  • MED EDLD: Educational Leadership
  • MED LDTC: Learning Design & Technology
  • MED EDMA: Mathematics Education
  • MED EDRE: Reading Specialist
  • MED EDST: Science Education
  • MED SPED: Special Education 
UA Strategic Pathways
Budget Contingency Planning & Strategic Pathways
FY19-20 Proposed Tuition Increases
FY19 Proposed Operating Budget
FY19 Proposed Capital Budget
FY18 Budget Planning
FY17 & FY18 Budget Discussion
FY17 & FY18 Budget Discussion
FY17 Budget Planning
FY17 Proposed Operating Budget Distribution Plan
FY17 Proposed Capital Budget Distribution Plan
FY17 Governor's Annual Budget Book
FY17 BoR Annual Budget Requests (Redbook)
FY17 Budget Development - Early Considerations & Overview
FY17 Budget Development Calendar
Financial Scorecard
FY16 Budget Actions & Impacts
FY16 Budget Impacts Presentation
FY16 Budget Impact & FY17 Groundwork Overview
FY16 Authorized Operating & Capital Budget (Yellowbook)
FY16 Operating & Capital Budget Distribution Plans
FY16 Operating Budget Development Guidelines
FY16 Capital Budget Development Guidelines
FY16 Contingency Budget Planning Process
Financial Scorecard
UA Deferred Maintenance & Renewal

UA Shaping Alaska's Future (SAF)

UA Presidential Performance Compensation Metric Outcomes

UA Strategic Planning

UA Goals
UA Strategic Pathways

UA Shaping Alaska's Future (SAF)

Special Reports

2016-2017 UA BoR & AK BoE Joint Meeting

2017 NCHEMS Report for UA on Characteristics of Effective Statewide Higher Education Leadership Organizations 

2017 AK College of Education 

2016 UA Assessment of Single Accreditation vs. Three Separate Accreditations 

2016 UA Statewide Transformation Team

2016 UA Productive Partnerships for Alaska

2016 UA Value of Higher Education in Alaska

2016 UA SB 241 BoR Report

2016 UA Cost Benefit Analysis of Eliminating UAF SoM

Reports by Consultants