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  • NEW: Enrollment by Major 
    • Enrollment by primary major, all majors, minors, and concentrations
    • View by fiscal year or term, FY 2016 - FY 2020
    • Updated bi-annually using end of term (close freeze) data


  • NEW: UAS Section Enrollment, daily 
    • Course enrollment in upcoming term, Spring 2020
    • Updated daily
  • NEW: UAS Course Enrollment, official
    • Course enrollment by individual section, or by subject area
    • Includes course count, headcount, student credit hours, and faculty count
    • Updated bi-annually using end of term (close freeze) data
  • NEW:UAS Course Pass RatesCourse Pass Rates, 1998-current 
    • Pass, Fail, and Withdraw rates of students by course
    • Updated bi-annually using end of term (close freeze) data

Other Enrollment Data

  • NEW: UAS Student Faculty Ratios
    • Student FTE, Faculty FTE, and the calculated ratio, based on Teaching FTE
    • Review by subject area, course level, or specific courses; See overview tab in dashboard for full details
    • Updated annually

Degrees & Awards

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Surveys and Official Reports


  • Annual UAS Housing Survey from 2014 - 2017 (EBI)
  • Annual UAS Third Year School of Ed. Survey for NCATE/CAEP Reports
  • UA High School Graduate Survey: 2017
  • UAS Student Retention Study: 20172012, & 2009
  • UA We Miss You Survey: 2016 (Spring), 2015 (Fall) 
  • UA Recent Alumni Survey: 20182014 & 2012
  • UAS Student Satisfaction Survye (Noel-Levitz): 2007 & 2000
  • UAS Student Engagement Survey (NSSE): 2005
  • 2013 UAS Student Scheduling Survey Analysis

Official Data & Studies

IPEDS Federal Reporting