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Have fun and get free stuff writing for the Whalesong student newspaper!

  • Admission to an event to write a Whalesong story may be free.
  • A great way to build your resume and writing samples for future employers
  • Many more....

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the Whalesong editor. If you want to cover an event that is not listed or would like to write an editorial piece, please contact the Whalesong editor at

Remember, you are the voice of UAS!

Cover a UAS sporting event! Please consult the Juneau campus calendar for complete listings.

Policies and Procedures

The Whalesong is managed by the five-member student staff. Articles are not reviewed by the university administration prior to publication. Editorial opinion and article content are controlled by the students although the advisor/instructor has the authority to remove items that might be considered libelous or slanderous.

Positions at the Whalesong

Look for open positions on the University of Alaska jobs site.

  1. Editor
  2. Staff Writers
  3. Staff Photographer
  4. Advertising Manager

Content maintained by Whalesong staff.