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Counseling Services

Office Closure

The UAS Juneau Counseling Office will be closed from June 19-August 16th.  Counseling appointments will be available again beginning the week of August 17th for the Fall semester. 

Additional Counseling Resources are available during this interim period from Sitka Campus Licensed Professional Counselor Debi Terry, LPC. Currently enrolled summer term students may be eligible.  If you are interested in tele counseling appointments with Debi, please call her directly to schedule an appointment at 907-623-7716.  Additional resources are available on this site including crisis information, support specific to COVID and Self Help Resources. 

General counseling questions can be sent to Vice Chancellor Lori Klein at 796-6057 or email at We look forward to hearing from you in the Fall.

Covid-19 Additional Counseling Resources

The National Alliance on Mental Illness - Juneau maintains a list of COVID-19 and mental health resources.

Free, confidential, and compassionate assistance to all enrolled UAS students. Counseling Services helps students reduce psychological symptoms, cope with life events and increase resilience.

Counseling services supports the mental well-being of students, fosters student success, and contributes to a safe and welcoming campus community. We are committed to equity and respect for individual and cultural differences.

Students who are enrolled in credit courses for the current semester are eligible.  Additionally, we offer distance (telephonic, video calling, etc.) counseling to students enrolled in one or more university credits. 

We observe confidentiality within UAS Counseling Services and ensure that any information exchanged during the counseling process is used exclusively for the benefit of the student. Counseling records are not kept in student academic files and information is not released to anyone.

Counseling can help students clarify personal issues and emotions, set goals, and improve relationships.