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Nathan Block

Campus Recreation Assistant 
Student Recreation Center


796-6541 (Fax) (Visit Website)

Recreation Center, Juneau Campus




I was born in MN, growing up in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I spent a great portion of my child hood summers in Grand Marias hugging the Canadian border. For two years after high school I followed various bands around the country and spent most of my time skydiving, hiking, traveling, and attending concerts and festivals. After a while I became tired of that life style and decided to enlist in the Army. After completing Airborne school, I was attached to a Long Range Surveillance Detachment with whom I have completed over 200 Combat Missions, earning an Army Achievement Medal. My final years with the Army I operated as an Alpha/Bravo Detachment (ODA/ODB). Currently, I am enrolled in the Masters of Public Administration and hope to focus my course work on Security and Disaster Management. It is my carrier goal to work for Elon Musk implementing new technologies and procedures to help rebuild areas affected by natural and man made disasters.

Enjoy your workout,



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