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The UAS Recreation Center provides the finest programs, services, facilities and equipment to enrich the UAS learning experience. The REC fosters a lifetime appreciation and involvement in recreation and wellness activities for our students, faculty, staff and the UAS community. The REC contributes to the physical, social, intellectual and cultural development of those we serve.

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Student Recreation Center


Front Desk: 796-6544



Recreation Center

12300 Mendenhall Loop Rd.

Juneau, AK 99801


Spring Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm.
Weekends: 11am-8pm

REC will be closed one weekend a month for National Guard drills and have limited hours during breaks. View hours page for closures and adjusted hours.

Dave V. Klein

Associate Director of Campus Recreation

Phone: 796-6545


Student Recreation Center

Recreation Center

Juneau Campus


Bachelor of Arts, Journalism with emphasis in Public Relations
Humboldt State University, California 1997.

United States Air Force, 4.5 years
Honorable Discharge


Following high school graduation in San Diego, CA I escaped the city life for the remotes of Alaska by joining the US Air Force. Stationed at Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska I crewed KC-135 aerial refueling and reconnaissance aircraft.

Following my honorable discharge, I worked the summer on the "slime line" working in the canneries of Bristol Bay, Alaska to get the feel for Alaska life outside the military. Although the life of cannery work was never in my cards, I did enjoy the comradery of working in a fish camp, enough to return for several summers while pursuing my degree from Humboldt State University in northern California.

Kayaking in S.E. Alaska, taking a breakWhile attending Humboldt, I went on National Student Exchange to the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau during my Junior year. Upon graduation from Humboldt, I returned to Juneau and have been working with UAS since. My role at UAS have varied from employment with student housing to manager of the recreation center to regional web coordinator. What attracted me to Southeast Alaska was the feeling I had as an exchange student. That was the feeling of euphoria one felt as a child upon waking up the morning of a trip to Disneyland. For the outdoor enthusiast, Juneau has just about everything for those who enjoy kayaking, hiking, hunting, camping, fishing, name it.

My wife Lori also works at UAS. We have a wonderful son Garrett, who loves the outdoors and exploring our wonderful surroundings. To coin the term, "Life is Good".


Accomplishments while at UAS include:

Associate Director of Campus Recreation, University of Alaska Southeast: 2014 - Present

Regional Web Coordinator, University of Alaska Southeast: 2/2003 - 2014

  • Created UAS course schedule. Resulted in one regional authoritative source for class information, saving UAS money in print production and mailing costs
  • Designed UAS whale-tale logo in use regionally today (learn, engage, change later being added). New logo was recognized for excellence by Admissions Advertising Awards
  • Researched and deployed content management system, insuring consistency of brand and reducing duplication of information
  • Co-chair regional Web development group, recognized by the UAS Executive Cabinet
  • Coordinated a complete redesign of the UAS website, bringing UAS into alignment with our accreditation goals and objectives
  • Developed and manage UAS photo database, reducing our potential for copyright issues

Manager, Student Activities Center, UAS: 8/1999 - 2/2003

  • Designed facility from the ground up with student input. While I managed the facility, it was largely operated and maintained by students
  • Founded the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC). The ORC rentals were self-supported through rental fees and use was coordinated with Outdoor Studies (ODS) program.
  • Developed mechanical skills and saved money by learning to make many cardiovascular equipment and facility repairs
  • Coordinated physical education classes, wellness programs and entertainment opportunities, logging record event attendance
  • Created training manuals for all functions, including climbing facility, help desk and performance spaces. Although student staff turn-over was low, this was critical for safety and ease of new staff transition

Administrative Assistant, Student Activities/Student Government, UAS: 8/1996 - 9/1999

  • Created outdoor gear rental program with seed money from the UAS Student Government Association. My close work with the USUAS-JC helped me to further refine my skills in oral and written communication and group dynamics
  • Moved many services online, to include housing referrals, rates and event information
  • Worked collaboratively with Facility Services and other stakeholders to fund and create the UAS ID system that utilized magnetic door locks, still in use today
  • Worked with Student Senators and local businesses to create a student discount program, saving students money at places they visited while also promoting UAS in the community
  • Served as technical consultant to the Whalesong student newspaper, moving their publication and advertisements online

Living Group Advisor & Community Advisor , Humboldt State University/UAS: 8/1994 - 8/1996

As an undergraduate, I served as a Living Group Advisor (2 years) at Humboldt State University and as a Community Advisor at UAS while on National Student Exchange. As anyone who has this experience will tell you, it was both challenging and rewarding and worthy of mention as it helped shaped me into the professional I am today.

Mariah Vantrease

Campus Recreation Assistant


My name is Mariah Vantrease and I am from Homer, Alaska. I am currently in my second year at UAS and pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish, and love living here in Juneau. I enjoy hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and just being outdoors in general, and I spend my summers in Bristol Bay commercial fishing. I am looking forward to the rest of the time I have here in Juneau and to join the REC center team!

Erin Wallace

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hello! My name is Erin and I am from the lovely yet rainy town of Juneau. This is my third year here at UAS and I've been studying Outdoor Studies and Psychology. I am hoping to eventually apply these two areas of studies to become a Wilderness Therapist. With that said, I am a huge nature enthusiast. I love anything outdoors, especially trail running, hiking, rock climbing and skiing (downhill and nordic). I am excited to be part of the REC center team and if you see me around don't be afraid to say hi.

Tina Cruz

Campus Recreation Assistant


Howdy! My name is Tina and I’m from Kodiak, Alaska. This is my third year at UAS working on my bachelors in biology with an emphasis in fisheries. During the summer I work for the State of Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game at remote weirs on Kodiak Island counting salmon. After graduating from UAS, I’d like to continue working with fish. I enjoy camping, traveling, canoeing, and reading.

Louise Tymrak

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hi there! I’m Louise and I’m from Homer. This little hunk in my photo is my favorite little dude-Buddha. We love going on hikes and bike rides. In general I love being outdoors and exploring. Buddha and the environment are two of my all time favorite things. I hope to someday work towards protecting our environment through restoration and conservation biology. This is my first semester here at UAS and I am so excited to learn more about biology and environmental science and get to know this sweet little city. 

Cass Somerville

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hello! I'm Cass, and am from Kenny Lake, Alaska. I started at UAS in Fall 2013 and recently graduated with my Bachelors of Social Sciences. My winters are usually filled with more indoor activities such as baking, knitting, sewing, and reading, while my summers are spent out side as a Fisheries Tech. I came back to UAS this year for the ODS certificate program, and am looking forward to new adventures!

Rayne Billings

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hello! My name is Rayne. I'm new to UAS, but i'm a 3rd year college student. I'm studying environmental science. I came here from Washington state, where I lived on a little island off the coast known as San Juan Island. Out there I worked with killer whales and humpback whales. In my free time, I do a lot of hiking and reading. I try to spend as much time outside as possible. If you do see me indoors, it would probably be at the library! After I graduate from UAS, i'd like to go to graduate school and work with whales again. 

Gage Cadenhead

Campus Recreation Assistant


My name is Gage, and I was born in Texas, but grew up in Iowa. I am here on exchange for the semester and go to Iowa State University in Iowa, majoring in Animal Ecology. In my free time I enjoy hiking, fishing, running, and spending time outdoors! I came to Juneau to experience something new and am very excited to be here!

Connor Owens

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hello! My name is Connor and I am a second year ENVS major from Palmer, Alaska. I enjoy sunshine, sushi, ski wax, sustainability, and rollerblading. After college, I’m not quite sure what I want to do, but I hope to go to grad school and contribute to the implementation of environmentally conscious policies, infrastructure, renewable energy sources, and so forth. My favorite things about Juneau are the tall trees, the downtown shops and cafes, and, on the off chance it’s available, the sunny days.

Carmen Soto

Campus Recreation Assistant


Hello! My name is Carmen and I’m from Palmer Alaska. I’m a big fan of getting outside to hike, camp, ski, or frolic; but I’m also always down to have a cozy night in reading a book and drinking tea. I’m a third-year student studying Geography and Environmental Resources and my only plan after I graduate is to take a year or two off to learn how to surf somewhere hot and sunny. If you see me working, feel free to come say hi and swap book recommendations, corny jokes, and/or general balderdash.


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