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COVID-19 response

The Learning Center is currently open for testing and tutoring by appointment only. A face covering is required while in the Learning Center.

Online test proctoring and math/statistics tutoring through Zoom will continue to be available.

Appointments will be offered during our open hours. Please check frequently as hours may change with little to no notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Testing

The UAS Juneau Testing Center is now offering online test proctoring for UAS Blackboard tests via Zoom.

Students: To take a test:

  1. Make an appointment: You can call us at 907-796-6348, or email us at
  2. Make sure you are fully prepared to test, you will need:
    • A computer or device with a microphone, webcam, and a stable internet connection. Test your device
    • A distraction free enviornment for the duration of your test.
    • A photo ID (UAS student ID, or goverment issued such as a drivers liscence or passport)
  3. When you are ready to begin, click the "take my test" button below. You can login to Zoom with your UAS account. Please be aware that you will be required to share your video, audio, and computer screen with Testing Center staff during the exam.
  Take My Test 

Faculty: To have a test proctored online by the Testing Center, please email with the following information:

  • Date(s) that students are allowed to take the test. (Students will be able to take the test any time during our open hours on the days listed)
  • Names of students expected to take the test.
  • Allowed resources (calculator, open book, etc).
  • Password (for password protected Blackboard tests)


Testing hours are the same as the Learning Center's regular open hours.

UAS Exams

Taking a UAS class? If so, your course instructor may choose to offer their exams in our Testing Center. Check with your course instructor to see if this option is available.  Students taking UAS exams through the Testing Center are required to bring current photo identification. It is required for all examinees (no exceptions).

Acceptable ID (Government Issued)
  • Passport
  • State ID
  • State Drivers License
  • Military ID
Acceptable ID (School or University Issued)
  • High School Identification
  • University Identification (Whalecard)
Unacceptable Identification
  • Credit cards with picture
  • Warehouse club cards
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Cards
  • Company or Work Identification
  • Photocopy of any Identification

E-Learning Exams

Students enrolled in e-Learning education programs typically need to take supervised exams, and thus need to set up these exams with a local proctoring center, such as ourselves. Keep reading to learn how to setup and use The UAS Testing Center as your exam proctor.

Proctor Setup

To make The UAS Testing Center your distance test proctor, you must make arrangements with the campus that is offering the course. Here is the information to give them:

Our Name: UAS Juneau Testing Center
Title: Proctoring Staff

Egan Library, 1st Floor
Mailstop: BE1
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, AK 99801

Phone: 907-796-6348
Fax: 907-796-6225

UA E-Learning Sites

UA Fairbanks

UA Anchorage


Placement Testing Overview

New UAS students will need to complete the ALEKS Math Placement Test (scroll down for more info), and the Writing Directed Self Placement.

You may not need to take a placement test if you have...

  • taken the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Advanced Placement Exam with a score of 3 or higher. For details see the UAS Catalog, Advanced Placement Credit
  • ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer scores, see our placement table for details.
  • taken the CLEP English Composition with Essay and scored 500 points or higher; or taken a Math CLEP and scored 50 points or higher. For details see the UAS Catalog, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • or if you have passed an English/writing or math class at another university (with a grade C or better).  For details see the UAS Transfer Credit Policy.

All test scores and transcripts must be approved by the Registrar's Office. All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor before signing up for classes.

ALEKS Math Placement Test

Mathematics provides the foundation for many of the science, business, and professional courses you will take during your college years. Most students are required to take at least one math course to earn a degree. The UAS Math Placement Assessment is through ALEKS. It is a fully automated, adaptive system that covers material from Basic Math through Precalculus and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. After the initial assessment, a targeted Prep and Learning Module is available for you to review and learn material, and to improve placement and eventual course outcomes. You have the opportunity to re-test up to four times.

How to study

The test has a Prep and Learning Module built in with which you can work before re-testing (up to four times). You may choose not to prepare for the initial test. However, ALEKS offers a free three-hour trial which you can access at . In addition, we have math textbooks available for checkout, and we can give advice regarding what material to study. If you have specific math questions, the Learning Center math tutors are ready to help you study during the Fall and Spring semesters! Simply come to the Learning Center during our hours and study with us.

For more comprehensive math review visit and/or .

Taking the test

Once admitted, students can visit the University of Alaska ALEKS page to get started. The ALEKS test is not proctored.

Test results

You will receive computer-scored results immediately after you finish the test. For help in interpreting your score please refer to the placement scores table. If you are concerned about the results, please talk to a staff member after the exam.

Accuplacer Writing Placement Test

Directed Self Placement

Most students do not need to take the Accuplacer Writing Placement test, but can instead use Writing Directed Self Placement.

Some academic programs may require a writing placement test for admission. There is no time limit. On average, students take about 2.5 hours to complete the test. Please come early to allow yourself enough time to finish.


See Accuplacer for free sample questions, answer keys, and a study app 

Test fee

The Accuplacer writing placement test costs $10 and students can pay online through our test payment site.

Taking the test

In Juneau, the Accuplacer writing placement test can be taken in the Learning Center, or online via our Zoom proctoring service. Call or email to make an appointment.

Test results

You will receive computer-scored results immediately after you finish the test. For help in interpreting your score please refer to the placement scores table. If you are concerned about the results, please talk to a staff member after the exam.

CIS Placement Exam

The CIS Placement Exam is not required. However, if you are planning on taking computer classes (CIS, CS, etc.), you will need to either take CIS 105 (Computer Literacy) or place out of CIS 105 with the CIS Placement Exam.

Test content

Please refer to the computer skills placement preparation document.

Taking the test

The CIS Placement test is proctored, and can be taken any time during our regular open hours. Currently you may take the CIS Placement test using our Online Proctoring via Zoom service.

Test fee

The CIS Placement Exam costs $10 and can be paid online through our test payment site.

Test results

Tests are scored immediately.

Accuplacer Next Generation Writing Placement Table

Writing Placement Test scores range from 400-600. UAOnline will use your highest score to determine placement. Note that the ranges below represent minimum scores needed to register for a course. Students should work with their advisor to determine the best course to take.

Combined Reading & WritingClass Placement
400 - 499WRTG 090
500 - 529WRTG 110
530 or aboveWRTG 111

* All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor before signing up for classes

Writing Placement with ACT or SAT scores (Effective Feb. 11th, 2019)

In addition to ACCUPLACER, an incoming student will have the opportunity to waive Writing 111 and place into writing classes by submitting ACT and SAT scores. Test scores will be evaluated upon admission to UAS. Student test results must reflect the following:

ACT/SAT Placement Table
CourseACT English + Reading Total Combined ScoreSAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
WRTG S211, S21260–72710–800
WRTG S11136–59480–700
WRTG S11030–35430–470
WRTG S09026–29390–420

Placement for current National GED Test: Reasoning Through Language Arts

Students may place into Writing classes by submitting GED scores. Test scores will be evaluated upon admission to UAS.

CourseGED: Reasoning Through Language Arts
WRTG S110145-164
WRTG S111165 or higher
1 credit of 100 level English credit175 or higher

Students may also place into WRTG S090 by taking TABE 11 & 12.

ALEKS Math Placement Table

Math Placement Test scores range from 0 to 100. UAOnline will use your highest score to determine placement. Note that the ranges below represent minimum scores needed to register for a course. Students should work with their advisor to determine the best course to take.

ALEKS Placement ScoreUAS MATH/STAT Course Placement*
78-100MATH 251**
70-100MATH 211/212
65-77MATH 152**
55-77MATH 151
55-100STAT 200 (formerly STAT 273)
30-100MATH 113, STAT 107
30-54MATH 105
17-29MATH 055
0-16MATH 054
  • * All students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor before signing up for classes
  • ** MATH 151 and MATH 152 are both prerequisites for MATH 251. If you score a 65–77 on the ALEKS placement test and wish to take MATH 251 in the future, successful completion of MATH 151 is required.

Standardized Tests

GRE, PRAXIS, CLEP, BAR, and many other acronymic offerings.

Study Tip: Be sure to check out web resources dedicated to helping students prepare for standardized tests:

The Test Prep Review site links to over 70 practice tests for exams such as  the ACT, CLEP, GRE, and Praxis.

A variety of practice tests and related resources for similar standardized exams can also be found at the Test Prep Practice site.

The Study Guide Zone offers free resources for students, beginning professionals, and anyone else who wants to improve their score on a standardized test.

The UAS Testing Center is certified to proctor many standardized tests. You do not need to be a student to test at our facility; the Testing Center serves the entire Juneau and Southeast community.

  • Candidates who wish to register for ABC Water Quality, CLEP, FAA & FCC, MAT, and TEAS exams should call the testing center to arrange an appointment.
  • All other standardized testing candidates must register through the testing company, not through the UAS Testing Center.

Please use resources below to contact your testing company directly. Additionally, we keep informational bulletins in stock; these packets clarify registration deadlines and fees and offer tips on test taking.

Alaska Bar Exam(Alaska Bar Association)
CLEP(College-LevelExamination Program)
GRE(Graduate Record Examinations)
LSAT(Law School Admission Test)
MPRE(Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination)
NCEES(National Counsel of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying)
Pearson VUE(Offers a variety of professional certification exams)
PRAXIS(Teacher license and certification tests)
PSI/Lasergrade(FAA, FCC, and Alaska Trade Association exams)
SSAT(Secondary School Admissions Test)

Standardized Tests Offered


Note: We administer a long list of standardized tests, many of which have several common names. To ease navigation, we have included keywords for each exam, which your browser can search. In the top-left bar of your browser, click: Edit→Find.

ABC Water and Wastewater Exams
Test Purpose: Certification exams for water and wastewater treatment

4 “levels” for each: Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Distribution

How to Register:

Keywords:Water, Wastewater, collection, treatment, OpCert, ABC, Provisional
ATB Ability-to-Benefit
Test Purpose:For students who lack a high school diploma or GED and want to enroll in college.
Details:A type of Accuplacer test, inform testing personnel that you need to take a placement test for ATB purposes.
How to Register:Call to make an appointment
Keywords:placement, ability, benefit, Ability-to-Benefit, ATB, high school, diploma
ACE (American Council on Exercise)
Test Purpose:Various certifications for fitness professionals
How to Register:Schedule appointment through CASTLE Worldwide Our Site Code: 025
Keywords:ACE health, fitness, exercise, CASTLE
ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
Test Purpose:Automotive mechanics certification exams

Computer based, testing vendor is Prometric.

How to Register:
Keywords:Automotive, mechanic, prometric, ase
Test Purpose:

Professional and state licensing exams including AK Contractor, AK Electrical, and AK Mechanical.


Computer based, open book (with some restrictions), PSI.

How to Register:
Keywords:ATLAS, contractor, electrical, refrigeration, mechanical, PSI
Bar Exam
Test Purpose:Examination to determine qualification to practice law in Alaska
How to Register:Contact the Alaska Bar Association See calendar for exam dates
Keywords:Bar, law, legal, attorney, MPT, MBE
CASTLE Worldwide
Test Purpose:They offer 30 different online tests for professionals
How to Register:Contact CASTLE Worldwide
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
Test Purpose:Assessment test on a variety of subjects, people may take more than one. Gives full college credit that UAS accepts for a set range of courses (e.g. history). UAS accepts credit for all available CLEP tests.
Details:Testing agency: College Board. 90 min, computer-based test. Visit
How to Register:Contact us to make an appointment.
Keywords:CLEP, college
FAA Examinations (Federal Aviation Administration Tests)
Test Purpose: 
Details:Testing company: LaserGrade. Various FAA examinations: Aircraft dispatcher, airline transport pilot, aviation mechanic & examiner, commercial pilot, flight engineer, flight instructor, instrument pilot & instrument instructor, inspection authorization, military competence, parachute rigger & examiner, pilot examiner, private pilot, recreational pilot, sport pilot. Visit
How to Register:Contact us for scheduling. Our Site Code: 99802
Keywords:Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, pilot, aviation, flight, parachute, instrument, LaserGrade
FCC Tests (Federal Communications Commission Tests)
Test Purpose: 
Details:Testing Company: LaserGrade (or ETA)Radio & Law Operating Practice (Element 1)General Radiotelephone Operator (Element 3)Third Class Radiotelegraph Operator (Element 5)Second Class Radiotelegraph Operator (Element 6)GMDSS Operator (Element 7) - (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System)Ship Radar Techniques (Element 8)GMDSS Maintainer (Element 9) Visit
How to Register:Call us for scheduling. Our Site Code: 99802
Keywords:Federal Communications Commission, FCC, LaserGrade, radio, radar
GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) – general
Test Purpose:Graduate school admission exams. The general GRE measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking and analytical writing skills.
Details:Computer Based Test
How to Register:Visit See calendar for exam dates. Our Site Code: 19018
Keywords:graduate school, GRE
GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) – subject
Test Purpose:Graduate school admission exams. The GRE Subject Tests gauge undergraduate achievement in8 specific fields of study: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology; Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Literature in English; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology.
Details:Computer Based Test
How to Register:Visit See calendar for exam dates. Our Site Code: 19018
Keywords:GRE, graduate school, subject
LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
Test Purpose:Law students admission exam
How to Register:Contact LSAC See calendar for exam dates.Site Code: 9916
Keywords:law, legal, lawyer, attorney, LSAT, LSAC
MAT (Miller Analogies Test)
Test Purpose:Required for admission to some graduate schools.
Details:Testing agency: Pearson The MAT is a high-level mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies. Visit
How to Register:Contact us for scheduling. Our Site Code: 4784
Keywords:Miller, Miller, Analogies, MAT
MPRE (Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination)
Test Purpose:Part of the Bar Examination required by most US jurisdictions. The purpose of the MPRE is to measure the examinee's knowledge and understanding of established standards related to a lawyer's professional conduct.
How to calendar for exam dates.Site Code: 0153
Keywords:MPRE, ethics, responsibility, lawyer, bar
Test Purpose:

Certification for various positions in the medical field.

Details:Online or paper tests available. Must meet certain qualifications before testing.
How to Register: you will need to contact us to set up a time before it will let you register for the test.
Keywords:Medical, Assistant, Coding, Competency
Test Purpose: 
Details:Engineering and Surveying Licensing. Offered twice a year, visit for information.
How to
Keywords:ELSES, NCEES, engineering, engineer, surveying, surveyor
ParaPro Assessment
Test Purpose:Testing Company: ETS. ParaPro Assessment measures the reading, writing, and math competency of prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures the ability to apply these competencies when assisting in classroom instruction. Visit
Details:Not required for teacher’s aides in Alaska
How to Register:Contact ETS Site Code: 05313
Keywords:ETS, assistant, teacher, teaching, parapro assessment, professional, classroom, instruction, education
Pearson VUE
Test Purpose:Pearson VUE delivers millions of high-stakes tests a year across the globe for clients in the licensure, certification, academic admissions, regulatory, and government testing service markets.
Details:Computer based, 1 – 5 hours long, visit
How to
Keywords:Pearson, Vue, Professional, Comp TIA
PLNE (Primary Languages Not English)
Test Purpose: 
Details:Testing Company: ETS. PRAXIS exam (teacher certification exam) for non-native speakers of English; 50% extra time. Session 1- 7:30 a.m.
Session 2 - 12:00 p.m.
Session 3 -3:30 p.m. Visit the Test Takers Needing PLNE Accommodations (ESL) page.
How to Register:Contact ETS - See calendar for exam dates. Site Code: 05313
Keywords:PRAXIS, education, teaching, teacher, pedagogy
PRAXIS (Professional Assessment for Beginning Teachers)
Test Purpose:Teacher certification test
Details:Session 1: 7:30 a.m. Session 2: 10:45 a.m. Session 3: 2:15 p.m. Visit Special arrangements possible for non-native speakers of English. See PLNE.
How to Register:Contact ETS - See calendar for exam dates. Site Code: 05313
Keywords:PRAXIS, education, teaching, teacher, pedagogy
SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)
Test Purpose:Admission Test for private high schools
How to Register:Contact See calendar for exam dates.Our Site Code: Z594
Keywords:SSAT, secondary school, private, high school
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Test Purpose:The TOEFL test is the most widely accepted English-language test in the world.
Details:Testing Company: ETS Paper & pencil test. Visit
How to Register:Contact ETS See calendar for exam dates. Our Site Code: X070. No more standbys
Keywords:Toefl, English, foreign, language

Payment Instructions

Local in-person UAS course exams from University of Alaska campuses are always free. For other exams, we may charge an administration fee. Those fees have to be paid before you can take the test – either through our online payment portal with a credit/debit card before you come to the Learning Center or at the Learning Center on the day of the test (cash or check). Payment of the testing fee is required prior to administration of the examination or test. 

Testing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have any questions, please call 907-796-6348 prior to making payment.

Testing Fees

Pay Online

Placement TestsExam Fee (effective November 1, 2016)
UAS Writing$10
UAS MathNo charge
UAS Alaska Marine Highway System English Proficiency Test$10
UAS Maritime and Multi-Skilled Workers$10
Retake of any UAS placement test$10
UAA or UAF Writing$10
In addition, UAA and UAF may charge fees
UAA Math$10
In addition, UAA may charge fees
In addition, UAA and UAF may charge fees
E-Learning ExamsExam Fee
UA E-Learning course exams (UAA, UAF, UAS Sitka, UAS Ketchikan)No charge
Non-UA exams — for other universities or agencies
This includes placement exams and E-Learning course exams
$50/UAS exam fee or $150 per semester per class
Standardized Exams/VendorExam Fees
ASE — Automotive Service ExcellencePayment made to vendor upon registration
Castle WorldwidePayment made to vendor upon registration
CLEP$50 to UAS + $80 to CLEP — Total cost $130
Dantes (DSST)$50 to UAS + $80 to Dantes — Total cost $130
FAA Federal Aviation Administration/PSI$165 to UAS
Exception: Drone Exam — payment made to vendor upon registration
FCC Federal Communications Commission/PSI$60 to UAS
GRE IBTPayment made to GRE/ETS upon registration
HESI$50 to UAS + $93 to UAA
Miller's Analogies Test (MAT)$100 to UAS
Pearson VuePayment made to Pearson Vue upon registration
PRAXISPayment made to PRAXIS/ETS upon registration
PSI (all PSI exams except FAA and FCC)Payment made to PSI
The Institutes$50 to UAS + payment to vendor upon registration

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