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Covid-19 Operations

The UAS Ketchikan Campus Library is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Additionally, library staff are available for research, database, and e-collections assistance by phone, email, and one-on-one Zoom conferencing. Finally, one of our staff members hosts a library-centered Discord server that students may ask to join. The server allows students to reach that staff member outside of normal business hours and gives centralized, easy-to-use access to chat, voice, video, and desktop sharing options.

Our phone number is (907) 228-4567, and our toll free phone number is (888) 550-6177. Email: 

Research Guides

Online guides created by UAS librarians to help UAS students locate and use the most appropriate library resources for their classes and to find help when they need it!

How Do I?

Find out how the answers to a number of your questions that will help you conduct research, including how to narrow a topic, find out how to evaluate Web resources, find out more about citation management software, and so much more!

Ask a Librarian

A librarian from the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library would be happy to answer your research questions and to help you locate facts and resources, and to help you select appropriate databases.    


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