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Covid-19 Operations

The UAS Ketchikan Campus Library is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Additionally, library staff are available for research, database, and e-collections assistance by phone, email, and one-on-one Zoom conferencing. Finally, one of our staff members hosts a library-centered Discord server that students may ask to join. The server allows students to reach that staff member outside of normal business hours and gives centralized, easy-to-use access to chat, voice, video, and desktop sharing options.

Our phone number is (907) 228-4567, and our toll free phone number is (888) 550-6177. Email: 

Library Services for E-Learning Students

Welcome! The UAS Ketchikan Campus Library is a resource of library support for UAS e-Learning Students in addition to the Egan Library at UAS Juneau. UAS e-Learning Students living in or near Ketchikan, or those enrolled in e-learning courses taught by Ketchikan faculty, will benefit from the services and materials offered by the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library. The following information will allow you to most successfully take advantage of the library services and materials offered to you by the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library

Your Library Card at the UAS Ketchikan Campus

•     The Ketchikan Campus Library is a member of the First City Libraries consortium and requires a separate library card from the Egan Library card in order to check out materials.
•     If you would like to be issued a library card from the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library please complete the registration form.

Activate Your UAS E-mail Account

When you register for a class at UAS, the Computing Center automatically gives you an e-mail account. If you have problems activating your account, please contact the Help Desk toll-free at 1-877-465-6400 or by e-mail at, for log-on instructions.

Access to Online Resources

As a UAS e-Learning Student, you may access both the online library catalog of the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library through the Library's website, but also many electronic databases made available to all UAS students by the university, as well as the Statewide Library Electronic Doorway. These databases provide abstracts, and frequently the full text of thousands of journal and newspaper articles. You may be required to provide a user name and password, usually your UAS e-mail user name and password, to enter these databases. For further information, contact the Ketchikan Campus Library or the Egan Library.

Be sure to check out the Research Guides created by UAS Librarians!

Request Materials

•     If you live outside of Ketchikan and would like to request books from the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library, please fill out this form. Books checked out to you from the Campus Library must be returned (or renewed) by the due date; copies of journal articles are yours to keep. Please honor our 28-day checkout period. A return mailing label is provided for you convenience. You must cover the cost of the return postage.

•     If neither the Ketchikan Campus Library nor the Egan Library owns an item you request, we will do our best to borrow it from another library through our Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL), and have it sent directly to you. If we borrow a book from another library on your behalf through our ILL Department, please return it to us in a timely manner. Copies of articles are yours to keep. Allow two weeks for receipt of ILL materials. Articles are often received within 7 days. Very current materials and videos, however, may be more difficult to obtain.

Access to Other Libraries

•     Your local library may also be able to assist you in locating materials for your research. To find libraries in your area, go to

Contact the UAS Ketchikan Campus Library

Telephone: (907) 228-4567
Fax: (907) 228-4520
Contact Form
Mailing Address:
UAS Ketchikan Campus Library
2600 Seventh Avenue
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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