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Tutoring Services

UAS Ketchikan provides tutoring for Mathematics, English, writing and computer technology. Tutoring is available by appointment, and during scheduled drop-in hours.

Math Tutors:

Louis Scott: (907) 228-4565,

English & Writing Tutors:

Teague Whalen: (907) 228-4514, 

(best for English composition and lower division coursework)

Kasia Polanska: (907) 225-4518,

(best for upper division coursework) 

Technology Tutor:

Kimberly Matsuura: (907) 228-4507,   

Drop-in Tutoring:

Teague Whalen and Kasia Polanska are available for writing tutoring, and Louis Scott is available for drop-in math tutoring during scheduled hours. Drop-in tutoring is available both on campus and online. Distance students should call or email their tutor to arrange online tutoring support.

General Guidelines for Tutoring

Plan Ahead: Make an appointment in advance of an assignment due date. Do not wait until the last minute.

Clarify Expectations: If you have questions about the assignment or the instructor’s comments, ask your instructor to clarify before you work with a tutor.

Be Specific: What do you want to work on? “Everything” is not a valid response to this question. We cannot work on every aspect of an assignment in one sitting.

Arrive Prepared: We are not a substitute for attending class. Attempt the homework on your own before seeking tutorial assistance.

Make Homework a Habit: Many subjects take practice, repetition, and patience. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself.


Math Review Tips

  • Buy the textbook. Too many people think that they can just borrow their book from other students, or just do the class without it. There is no review tool which equals the textbook.
  • Ask specific questions. While doing homework, identify specific areas in which you’re having difficulties. This can be crucial when trying to figure out what to study. It also can be extremely helpful when getting help from a tutor or professor.
  • Utilize tutors!  Tutors are a great way to review or get help on the problems that you’re having.
  • Attend all classes. If you’re not spending time in classes, you’re most likely not learning very much. Math textbooks are hard to just sit down and study from scratch, and class periods can give you a great feel for the material as well as possibly answer questions you had.
  • Read the appropriate section before class. With a bit of preparation, class time can make much more sense with a bit of background in the topic before the professor talks about it.

Online Math Review Websites

Algebra through Calculus
Khan Academy

Video tutorials on many math concepts


Awesome math videos

Purple Math

Many different levels of mathematics

S.O.S. Mathematics

Algebra to Differential Equations

Calculus.orgResources for the calculus student
Paul's Online Math NotesNotes and/or tutorials from classes at Lamar University
Live Homework HelpStatewide Library Electronic Doorway (SLED)

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