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Dual Enrollment

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Earn college credit while still in high school

Dual Enrollment Policies

UAS welcomes registration of dual enrollment students who are prepared for college-level work. Dual enrollment policies are designed to allow access to courses in a manner that supports student success. The University of Alaska system has an open enrollment policy allowing students to register for courses for which they have an adequate background (UA Board of Regents' Policy P10.05.010 & P10.05.015). Please note that in order to qualify for federal or state financial aid, you must have earned either a high school diploma or a GED. Registering in courses establishes a permanent academic record that reflects academic performance in all courses attempted.

Types of Secondary School Student Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Students

A dual enrollment student is one who is simultaneously enrolled in a high school curriculum and also is taking courses at UAS. Courses the student takes at UAS will be used to fulfill high school graduation requirements. The purpose of dual enrollment is to provide high school students with access to coursework that is not available in Alaska high schools. Examples include academic courses that are more advanced than those offered in high schools and various career and technical programs that high schools are not equipped to teach.

Tech Prep Students

Tech Prep courses are offered by agreement between UAS and identified high schools as a means of promoting career and technical education pathways. Under such an agreement, high school instructors approved by UAS teach college-level classes that are taught in local high schools. Policies and procedures described here do not apply to Tech Prep courses. Tech Prep students should register for Tech Prep courses at their high schools. For more details please visit the Tech Prep page.

Other Secondary School Students

These may be students who are enrolled in high school and are taking UAS classes, but do not intend to use the UAS classes for academic credit at their high school. This may also include home school students or those who have withdrawn from high school prior to graduation and have not completed a GED.

Enrollment Policies for Dual Enrollment Students

  • Students must meet all prerequisites and secure funding to cover tuition, fees, books, and materials. Federal and state financial aid is not available to students who lack a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Students are expected to consult with a UAS advisor to ensure that their combined course load in high school and at UAS is manageable and conducive to student success.
  • Students are required to abide by all UAS policies and procedures and the Student Code of Conduct.

Alaska Advantage

The Alaska Advantage program encourages high school students to take any 100 or 200 level online courses offered by University of Alaska Fairbanks and University of Alaska Southeast. These college courses provide the opportunity for high school students to get a jump start on their college careers and meet high school requirements at the same time. Students who enroll in the Alaska Advantage Program can earn credits accepted at UAS and UAF, and these credits can also be transferred to other institutions of higher education. The cost is $495 per three-credit course (not including textbooks and other course materials).

Registration Procedure for Dual Enrollment Students

  1. Apply as a non-degree seeking secondary student using our online application. Please allow 2–3 business days for processing. This step must be completed only once.
  2. Go to ELMO to claim username/ID and set a password. Select Option 3 ("Search for my account"). Please contact the UAS IT Help Desk (907-796-6400) if you encounter any problems.
  3. Submit a signed Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement Form in person to the Registrar’s Office or by email to The form must be signed by both the student and parent/guardian. Signatures on the form denote agreement to abide by all student policies, procedures, and deadlines. Please include your 8 digit UA ID number (e.g. "3XXXXXXX"). This form must be completed only once. You can register for classes once we receive this form.
  4. Take the Accuplacer (for English) and/or ALEKS (for math) placement tests if planning to register for a writing or math class.
  5. Meet with a UAS advisor to identify appropriate courses and explore the extent to which student has an adequate background to meet expectations of college-level study.
  6. Register for classes via UAOnline beginning on the "Open Registration" date. Students can also register with a paper registration form signed by their advisor along with a signed Secondary Student and Parent/Guardian Agreement form. Important dates and deadlines are available on the Academic Calendar.
  7. Pay all tuition and fees associated with selected course(s) by the payment deadline.
  8. Adhere to UA Board of Regents' Policies (specifically, but not limited to chapter 09.02) as well as Student Rights and Responsibilities and student handbook.

Important Notes

The secondary school student and their parent or guardian understand and accept that:

  • University work generally is much more rigorous and often much less guided than secondary coursework.
  • Enrollment at UAS establishes a university transcript that will follow the student throughout their college career wherever the student subsequently enrolls. The grades earned can impact many things in the future, including admissions, scholarships, and financial aid eligibility.
  • Students can complete an Education Record Information Release form, required by federal regulations (FERPA), in order for UAS officials to be able to speak to parents/guardians about the student’s academic progress, registration status, accounts, and student affairs record.
  • University study typically includes use of curriculum, course materials, and discourse that are appropriate for mature/adult students.
  • UAS reserves the right to discontinue enrollment of a dual enrolled student if it becomes clear that they lack adequate background for student success.


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