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Science lab courses available online? Yes, that is exactly what the Sitka Campus offers … and more.


The University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka Campus has a reputation for quality online courses, both academic and noncredit. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver an excellent learning experience, even for highly technical courses like anatomy or microbiology. The above video gives an inkling of the tools we provide to make distance education work for you.

For a schedule of the courses currently being offered:

The below list links to descriptions for many of the online courses offered by Sitka Campus.

Course Title Subject Type of Course
Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL credit
Human Anatomy and Physiology II BIOL credit
Introductory Microbiology BIOL credit
Introduction to General Chemistry CHEM credit
A Survey of Organic and Biochemistry CHEM credit
Computer Literacy CIOS credit
Word Processing Concepts and Applications CIOS credit
Using Spreadsheets in the Workplace CIOS credit
Using Databases in the Workplace CIOS credit
Fundamentals of Fisheries Oceanography FT credit
Introduction to Fisheries of Alaska FT credit
Alaska Salmon Culture I FT credit
Fisheries Management Techniques FT credit
Alaska Salmon Culture II FT credit
Introduction to Limnology FT credit
Fisheries Management, Law and Economics FT credit
Fundamentals of Fisheries Biology FT credit
Medical Terminology HIM credit
ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding HIM credit
Legal Aspects of Health Information HIM credit
Quality Improvement and Project Management HIM credit
Pathophysiology HIM credit
Health Care Management HIM credit
Healthcare Privacy and Security HIM credit
Healthcare Information Technology HIM credit
Introduction to Health Sciences HS credit
Medical Terminology HS credit
Science of Nutrition HS credit
Introduction to Law Enforcement JUST credit
Policing in the Community JUST credit
Introduction to Addictions JUST credit
Rural Justice in Alaska JUST credit
Criminal Investigation and Interviewing JUST credit
Criminal Procedures JUST credit
Research Methodology JUST credit
Criminal Law JUST credit
Ethics in Criminal Justice JUST credit
Lifespan Development PSY credit
Asbestos Refresher Online EOS noncredit CEU
Challenging Behaviors of People with Alzheimer's LTE noncredit CEU
Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease LTE noncredit CEU
Boat Electrical MNT noncredit CEU
Marine Hydraulics MNT noncredit CEU
Understanding Telehealth and the Coordinator Role THC noncredit CEU
Becoming a Certified Telehealth Coordinator THC noncredit CEU
Becoming a Certified Telehealth Manager THC noncredit CEU
Facility Safety TPM noncredit CEU
Marine Structures and Materials TPM noncredit CEU
Oil Spills: Prevention Preparedness and Response TPM noncredit CEU
Customer Service for Ports and Marinas TPM noncredit CEU
Fire Safety for Ports and Marinas TPM noncredit CEU
Harbor Operations and Planning TPM noncredit CEU
Hazardous Materials and Waste: Risks and Controls TPM noncredit CEU
Marine Utilities: Water and Sanitary Sewer TPM noncredit CEU
Harbor Administration TPM noncredit CEU
Marina Utilities: Electrical Systems TPM noncredit CEU
Lagoons WWO noncredit CEU
Small Treated Water Systems WWO noncredit CEU
Small Untreated Water Systems WWO noncredit CEU
Water and Wastewater Chemistry Part I WWO noncredit CEU
Water and Wastewater Chemistry Part II WWO noncredit CEU
Art Appreciation ART credit
History of World Art I ART credit
History of World Art II ART credit
Understanding Domestic Violence PSE noncredit CEU
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