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Construction Technology Program

Program Brochure

Construction technology is dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities in a supportive environment where construction students can learn new skills or improve existing skill levels. Construction technology at UAS provides the knowledge, tools and experiences that enable students to attain employment, develop professionally and experience personal growth and enrichment.


House Build Crew 2017

Sitka Construction Technology

The Residential Light Construction Occupational Endorsement program at the UAS Sitka Campus provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn new skills (or to improve existing skill levels) in a supportive environment. Students completing the courses will possess the knowledge, skills and experiences to attain employment, develop professionally, and experience personal growth and enrichment.

All light construction training courses are held in a state-of-the art construction lab on the campus. Instructors combine classroom lecture and study materials with plenty of hands-on training opportunities to build your skills and experience in a variety of construction techniques.

These courses can also be applied to earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Construction Technology.


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