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How to continue your coursework remotely

Instructors have been asked to transition to providing remote learning options. Stay tuned; we expect your instructor will provide information about how your class will be conducted moving forward.
Why are we moving to remote learning? See the Chancellor's Coronavirus messageLearn more at the UA COVID-19 webpage.

We’re here to help you continue your courses with minimal disruption.
Contact us at for more information.

Faculty, please review the information provided by CELT.

Steps you can take today

  • Make sure that your email destination is up-to-date by signing into ELMO and checking Email Destination.
  • All courses have a Blackboard course homesite available at or from any main UAS page ( As a student registered for the course, you can access Blackboard by logging in with your UA username and password.
  • Review your syllabus on Blackboard. Your instructor may have made changes.
  • Check the Classlist for your instructor’s contact information.
  • Blackboard for Students mobile apps are available on both iPhone and Android. When asked to input your university, use University of Alaska.
  • Check your notification settings in your Blackboard profile. You can receive individual emails for each item, or a daily email summarizing all of it.
  • If you are new to Blackboard (or want a refresher) visit our Blackboard Help pages.
  • Collaborate with your classmates and continue working on group projects. There are multiple tools available for group voice and video chats. Every student has access to a UA Google account that comes complete with Google Drive for real-time, collaborative document editing and Google Hangouts for chat and audio conferencing. Students also have access to Zoom for video and audio conferencing. Claim your account at
  • After your instructor informs you of their new delivery method (Collaborate Ultra, Recordings, Discussion Board, or other resources), become familiar with any new tools.
  • If you need specific software, you can access Student Virtual computers online at For more information, check out the Student Virtual guidelines

How to get support

Contact the UAS IT Helpdesk at, 907-796-6400, 877-465-6400, or check our website at to see if we are available through chat.
For help after hours, contact our Statewide Office at 907-450-8300, 800-478-8226, or


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