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The Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees develop rules for undergraduate and graduate curriculum submission. It reviews, amends or recommends all curriculum changes and proposals of undergraduate and graduate degrees, programs, certificates and courses.

Undergraduate Curriculum proposal deadlines are:

If these days fall on a weekend or holiday, proposals will be due by 5:00PM on the next business day.


  1. UAS Curriculum Committees do not accept paper or outdated digital forms. Current forms, the updated Curriculum Guide and flowcharts can be found in the faculty handbook.
  2. Download the appropriate proposal file and save it to your computer. Do not attempt to complete the forms through your web browser.
  3. Current curriculum forms can and should be completed and signed with the free ADOBE ACROBAT READER. Other viewers, such as Macintosh’s Preview application corrupts the files and makes them unsignable.
  4. New course proposals must have an attached syllabus.
  5. Prior to Curriculum Committee review, proposals must have the requisite signatures and be emailed to:

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