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  • Example standard vertical logo with whale tail and text elements

    Primary University Logo

  • Athletic logo designed for use in school spirit and athletic apparel applications

    School Spirit Logo

A well-designed logo system helps us tell our story, the stories of our students, faculty, and alumni, in every medium available to us.

  • The overall brand identity allows for differentiation of our individual campuses while still maintaining our strength and image as a single university.
  • Comprised of components that work independently from each other, the logo supports special campaigns, partnerships, and limited edition designs.

Downloadable files are available on the logo files page.

Diverse organizations, like universities, maintain a family of related logos, united by a common color palette. For more information, download the UAS Brand Identity Booklet.

university logo
academic and business use, marketing, general use
school spirit logo & mascot
school spirit and athletic use, merchandising
partnership logos
joint entities with other organizations
university seal
official documents, chancellor’s use

Brand Color Palette

The UAS palette: warm, saturated, nature-based colors inspired by the ocean, ferns, spruce and hemlock, salmon berries, soft gray skies — all the colors of Southeast.
Color usage RGB Value CMYK Value Sample swatch
Primary color r0g92b158 c100m45y0k20
Secondary color r141g202b70 c50m0y100k0
Sitka Campus r0g167b155 c100m0y50k0
Ketchikan Campus r132g42b118 c50m95y20k5
Juneau Campus r116g167b58 c50m0y100k20
Accent color r208g229b52 c20m0y100k0

Logo Variations

The UAS logo was designed to accommodate all campus, school and department names in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Whale Tail Element

The logo is comprised of two parts: the whale tail and the wordmark. The whale tail element is optional. The wordmark can appear without the whale tail element.

  • Example logos showing different schools' logos

    Logo Variations

Get Social campaign

Social Media

Get Social!

Like, Follow, and Share

Use these suggested hashtags to keep conversations about UAS going

Conversations showcasing all that is happening within UAS
Array of posts about UAS life and school pride
Keep in touch and updated about what UAS alumni are doing

Email Signature

Suggested elements
Title, Department
University of Alaska Southeast
Office Location | 11066 Auke Lake Way | Juneau, AK 99801
P: 907-PHONE | F: 907-FAX-NUMB |
Adding the UAS Logo to your signature
  1. Visit the signature page
  2. From your browser's edit menu, click on "Select all" (exact wording may vary between browsers)
  3. From your browser's edit menu, click on "Copy"
  4. From the "Gear menu" within your Google Mail, select "Settings"
    Selecting settings from the
  5. Scroll down to the "Signature" setting
    Navigating down to the
  6. Put your cursor in the desired location to insert the UAS logo
  7. From your browser's edit menu, click on "Paste"
    Inserting signature
  8. Click on "Save Changes" towards the bottom of the page

Be a Social Superstar!

  • Something to share? Please complete the submission form to request a post for news, event, or story idea.
  • Lots to share? Takeover Instagram for a week and share what you love about your UAS life!
  • Interested in more ways to get involved with social media or want to suggest an idea? Email to set up a time to chat.

Official Business Cards, Letterhead, & Envelopes

To order, coordinate with your department’s administrative assistants. Microsoft Word letterhead templates will be available online soon.

Advertising Checklist

All advertisements placed by or on behalf of the University of Alaska Southeast need to contain certain essential elements. Anyone involved in placing and/or designing ads for UAS is encouraged to use this checklist as a guide to make sure these elements are included or addressed. Unless otherwise noted, these elements apply to all print, radio, television and web advertising.

  • Name of event, date and time, location, contact information
  • AA/EO statement (required for print ads) (see below)
  • UAS Logo and UAS website address

For consultation and/or review of your advertising, call 907-796-6575 or e-mail

Website Address

You are encouraged to use the UAS website addresses or on printed materials, websites and presentations.

Campus-specific URLs are,, and

Nondiscrimination/Title IX and Accreditation Statements

Federal law requires one of the following statements to appear on all UAS print, multimedia, and web publications designed for external distribution:

UA is an AA/EO employer and educational institution and prohibits illegal discrimination against any individual:

An optional sentence may be added:

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, this material is available in alternate formats upon request.

The accreditation statement can also be included with the AA/EO statement:

The University of Alaska Southeast is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

UAS Writing Style Guide

The UAS Writing Style Guide is set up alphabetically and contains listings that will allow you to standardize everything you write for the University of Alaska Southeast. Reference materials include The Associated Press Stylebook, Webster’s New Dictionary and McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms. Use our web form to provide suggestions to this guide or the Website Content Guide.

The University Name in Radio, Video, Social Media, & Print

Radio and TV/Internet ads must include “University of Alaska Southeast” in the script/copy. For all campuses, proper use is:

  • “University of Alaska Southeast, Ketchikan Campus”
  • “UA Southeast, Ketchikan Campus” (audio only)
Do not use these examples: “UA Juneau” or “University of Alaska Sitka” Do not use a comma, dash, or hyphen between Alaska and Southeast, e.g., “University of Alaska – Southeast”.

Audio Variation

“UA Southeast” may be used instead of “University of Alaska Southeast” to avoid confusion with “UAF”, which has a similar sound.

Social Media Handle/Account Name

“UASoutheast” is the prefered handle/account name for social media.

Branding of the University and its Campuses and Schools

Materials representing the UAS institution and its Schools as a whole must coordinate with current brand design set by the Creative Manager, UAS Enrollment Management. Examples of recruiting materials exhibiting current brand design are available.


Materials for specific programs may utilize a more individualized design style tailored to that particular program. All the logo use guidelines apply.

Consistency is Essential

Consistent branding across UAS and its Schools creates an overall image of mission clarity, coordination, and communication. Defining our university through consistent branding will raise our profile locally, regionally, statewide and nationally. Our goal is to unite the three campuses in Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka in one visual message. Together, we can build community and alumni pride and attract, enroll and graduate more students!


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