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The UAS Web Strategy Committee is a consensus-based committee, accountable to the UAS Executive Cabinet, co-led by the regional web designer and web developer. The committee is comprised of representatives from each UAS campus and key regional departments. Three members of the committee have been appointed by the Provost, three by the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, and two each by the Ketchikan and Sitka Campus Directors.

The UAS Web Strategy Committee is responsible for:

  • Analyzing current web strategies and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Setting UAS web operational standards and guidelines
  • Planning and coordinating ongoing web projects
  • Promoting “best-practices”  to department content creators
  • Reviewing future directions and present recommendations to UAS leadership
  • Recommending UAS web policies

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the committee strives to:

  • Coordinate UAS web technologies to ensure they interoperate as a coherent whole;
  • Convey one UAS brand with a consistent design and navigation scheme;
  • Support UAS departments in the efficient fulfillment of their objectives;
  • Include the perspective of UAS stakeholder groups including Faculty Senate and Student Government.

The UAS executive cabinet formalized and chartered the UAS Web Strategy Committee on September 5, 2012.