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Ph.D. Linguistics, 1999, University of Washington. 
     Dissertation title: Phonetics and phonology of Unangan (Eastern Aleut) intonation.

M.A. Linguistics, 1992, University of Washington.

M.A.T. Elementary education, 1972, University of Louisville

B.A. Humanities, 1968,  University of Louisville.


Current Research and Recent Publications

Deg Xinag  (Deg Xit’an, Deg Hit’an, or Ingalik, international code = ing)

       Deg Xiyan’ Xidhoy: Stories from Just Around Here

Deg XinagAłixi  Ni’elyoy: The local language is gathered together. Online audio learners' dictionary.

Tlingit (international code = tli)
  Tlingit Conversation Documentation

Unangam Tunuu (Aleut Language, international code = ale) 
  Unangam Tunuu conversations 50 hours of conversation videos.


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