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What I need to do......


  1. Complete the ISEP Participant Placement Acceptance Form (PPAF) and return it to your home coordinator
  2. Respond to emails from your host institution (UAS) ISEP coordinator
  3. Fulfill all UAS paperwork including course registration and housing forms
  4. Register for orientation and airport pick up on the UAS New Student Orientation website
  5. Arrange travel to Juneau, arriving no more than two days before the official Housing Move-In date

Upon arrival

  1. Check-in at the UAS Housing Lodge and obtain a key and bedding package (sheets and pillow)
  2. Rest up and prepare for orientation (receive UAS ID, review course schedule and more)

Valuable Tips from past participants


  • Work with Marsha to obtain your course schedule at least two months before you arrive to Juneau
  • Figure out what courses you want to take by looking at the specific semester course schedule -not the catalog!
  • Be prepared for small student-faculty ratios and discussions in the classroom
  • Consider an outdoor/physical education course

Travel and Recreation

  • Go hiking, even if you've never hiked before. There are over 100 miles of trail to explore!
  • Bring extra money to be able to travel via ferry to Sitka, Haines or Skagway
  • Arrive at least a day before the official UAS Move-in day in order to rest before orientation
  • Submit your ISEP travel authorization paperwork immediately upon arrival. You'll be able to explore Canada when you want to.
  • Become familiar with the city bus system


  • Take advantage of Marsha's meals. She welcomes exchange students to her house for home-cooked dinners.
  • Eating out is expensive here
  • Beware: American cookies are soft, not hard and crunchy. Hated them at first. Now I enjoy them!

Mark your calendar!

Fall 2017

  • Housing Move-in: August 23 (ISEP students only)
  • Orientation: August 25 and 26
  • First Day of Classes: August 28
  • Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 23 and 24
  • Finals: December 11-16
  • Housing Move-out: December 16
  • Campus Closure: December 21 through January 3

Spring 2018

  • Housing Move-in: January 10 (ISEP only)
  • Orientation: January 12 and 13
  • First Day of Classes: January 16
  • Spring Break: March 12-16
  • Finals: May 1 - 5
  • Housing Move-out: May 5
Aurthur Flavigny: ISEP participant from France

'This experience wasn't just about my studies but an experience that I will only live once. I learned to change my habits, behave differently with people and as a result became more open-minded than I was before.'

Aurthur Flavigny: ISEP participant from France


You are soon to step into a new world of academics. Our university is small, personable, and different from what you are use to: embrace this! Many ISEP students are surprised to learn that they may be one of 10 students in a classroom, their instructor knows their name, and there are numerous papers to write along with several exams in one semester. This is how our education system functions and you will soon be a part of the process.

When selecting courses be sure to sign up for at least 12-15 credits, check time and day conflicts, and review the course description. Because you are here to experience a US university and chose Alaska for your exchange site, it is highly recommended that you consider taking an outdoor course. There are many to choose from including sea kayaking, backpacking, ice climbing, and avalanche travel. These classes tend to be highlights of the exchange experience and add depth to your personal journey.

Course Registration

The class schedule is available online early-April for fall semester and late-October for spring semester. Be sure to utilize the semester's course schedule, not the academic course catalog to plan your course work. Many of our courses are only available during one semester or the other, which is not reflected in the catalog. You should complete your course selection by the first of June for fall semester and mid-November for spring semester.

Only course selections with a J (for Juneau) section should be considered. Those sections with a K or S refer to campuses outside of the Juneau city limits in Ketchikan and Sitka.

Please note that you are here for the whole experience. Distance / e-learning courses are not recommended although you may register for one distance/ e-learning course if other on-site courses aren't possible.

Once you have decided what courses you are interested in and have checked and double checked for course conflicts, contact the ISEP coordinator at with your desired courses and she will assist you with the registration process.

Martin Pelke: ISEP participant from Germany

'I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into, but what I got into was great!'

Martin Pelke: ISEP participant from Germany

Home Away from Home

Juneau is a temperate rainforest located at the 58th parallel (the circle of latitude that is 58 degrees north of the Earth's equator). Be prepare to live in a green, wet and occasionally snowy environment. Yes, we do have black bears that climb the ash trees in the Housing courtyard and porcupines that waddle across the pathway to the Recreation Center.

Housing is located one-quarter mile from campus with a fairly easy walk to our main buildings. ISEP students share an apartment usually with three other students, each student with his or her own bedroom.

The housing application is available online. Please be sure complete and sign all forms and include your immunization requirements. Although housing is guaranteed to ISEP students, if your documentation is not submitted in a timely fashion, your housing space may be forfeited. You are not required to submit a deposit although any damages incurred during your stay will be billed to you.

Please plan to be in Juneau at least a day, if not two, before orientation that way you can rest up and get a feel for the location. Your ISEP benefits allow you to arrive two days before orientation (which is the same as one day before the official Move-in day) without any extra cost. If you plan to arrive earlier you will need to obtain lodging off campus.

Campus closes over winter break. If you are staying for the academic year, you are allowed to stay in your apartment during that time at no extra cost. If your stay is only for one semester, special arrangements need to be made and an extra cost will be billed directly to you.

Laura Vera Constan: ISEP participant from Spain

'University Housing is right in the middle of the Tongass rainforest and I enjoyed spectacular views everyday. How lucky I was to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!'

Laura Vera Constan: ISEP participant from Spain



We want to welcome you to UAS and prepare you for a successful exchange! So plan ahead and be here for the New Student Orientation.You may arrive to UAS Housing two days prior to orientation, without an additional personal charge.

During orientation you will learn about the campus and its community, the town of Juneau and its people, and begin to create friendships with other students, staff, and faculty!

Your day of orientation was created specifically with you, the exchange student, in mind. It's important! It's fun! It's for you! To register and obtain information click Orientation.


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