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Site-specific and Language Options for All

GEO offers a multitude of site-specific study abroad opportunities for students. Programs vary in length from semester-based (15 weeks) or quarter terms (10 weeks) to summer options which range from three to eight weeks. Course selection is created with the location in mind and many include foreign language study opportunities at all levels. Excursions are included in the academic program and are often the highlight of the study away experience.

Programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Area Studies
  • Art and Performing Art
  • Business and Marketing
  • Cinema Studies and Music
  • Education and Human Rights
  • Foreign Language and Literature
  • General Studies and Liberal Arts
  • Global Health
  • Humanities
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Science and Conservation

Visit the GEO web site for more information.

Ellie Sica: UAS student in Venice

'I grew up much more than I thought I would and realized that a little bit of the sweet life or “la dolce vita” is one of the best medicines. I came back a more mature and more capable person. I will always think of Siena as a second home that will welcome me back anytime.'

Ellie Sica: UAS student in Venice

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