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UAS Faculty Excellence Awards   

Information and ON-LINE application for the Annual Faculty Senate Sponsored Excellence Awards in
  Teaching, Research, Service, Adjunct Instruction and Faculty Advising can be found here.
2014 - 2015 Award Recipients:
Service Award:  Julie Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Accounting - School of Management
Teaching Award:  Suzanne Malter, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences - School of Career Education
Adjunct Instruction:  Ben Huff, Adjunct Instructor of Art - School of Arts & Sciences
Research Award:  Dr. Heidi Pearson, Assistant Professor of Marine Biology - School of Arts & Sciences
2013 - 2014 Award Recipients:
Teaching Award:  Kitty LaBounty - Assistant Professor of Biology
Service Award:  Michael Stekoll, Ph.D. - Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Faculty Advising:  Jeffrey Lofthus, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Education
Adjunct Instruction:  Zachary Jones - Adjunct Instructor of History
Research:  Amanda Sesko, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Psychology
2012 - 2013 Award Recipients:
Teaching Award: Carolyn Bergstrom, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor of Marine Biology
Service Award: Sanjay Pyare, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of GIS and Landscape Ecology
Faculty Advising: Vickie Williams, MBA/CPA - Assistant Professor of Accounting
Adjunct Instruction:  Patricia Belec - Adjunct Instructor in Physical Education

 2011 - 2012 Award Recipients:

Teaching Award: Emily Wall - Assistant Professor of English
Service Award: Dan Monteith - Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Research Award: David Tallmon - Associate Professor of Biology
Adjunct Instruction:  Ljubumir Medenica - Adjunct Faculty of Business Administration

 2010 - 2011 Award Recipients:

Marquam George - Associate Professor of Construction Technology
Eran Hood - Associate Professor of Environmental Science
Kevin Maier - Assistant Professor of English
Fran Polumsky - Adjunct Instructor of Physical Education

  2007-2008 Award Recipients:

Teaching Award: Pricilla Schulte - Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
Research Award: Clive Thomas- Professor of Political Science
Service Award: Sherry Tamone - Associate Professor of Biology  

 2006 - 2007 Award Recipients:

Mary Claire Tarlow - Associate Professor of Education
Marsha Gladhart - Assistant Professor of Education
  Yuliya Ivanova - Assistant Professor of Business


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