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TODAY: Thursday, Mar. 26

7:00 PM - Circuit Training
7:00 PM - Open Gym: Soccer

Friday, Mar. 27

7:00 PM - Sound+Motion

Student Clubs

SEA- P.A. Club of UAS (SE Alaskan Prospective Accountants)

The UAS Accounting Club will promote interest in the accounting profession, including education regarding career paths and promote interaction with other students, faculty and business leaders.

Club Advisor: Julie Hamilton,, (907) 796-6101

Club President: Elizabeth Pederson,, (701) 367-7133

Meeting times: Monthly - Day/time TBA


Alaskapella is the resident a capella choir for UAS. We are student-led. Music style range from classical to pop to parody in voice-only arrangements.

Club Advisor: Bruce P Simonson,, 907-723-1076

Student Contact: Richard Ringle,, 907-321-8026

Meeting times: Saturdays (weekly) during the afternoons. Specific times T.B.D

Climbing Wall Club

The Climbing Wall club will provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for students to practice and improve in the sport of climbing.

Club Advisor: Forest Wagner,, (907) 796-6361

Student Advisor: Ted Hanrahan, (206) 909-4382

Meeting times: Tuesday and Thursdays 6:30pm-9:30pm

College Democrats

The College Democrats are firm believers in the democratic process and want everyone eligible to vote to do so.

Club Advisor: Joe Nelson,, (907) 796-6057

Student Advisor: Marcos Galindo,, (907) 209-4632

Meeting times: TBD

Flying University @ UAS

The Flying University at UAS is an on-campus extension of the Flying University at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, a prison education project that brings UAS Students into LCCC for mutual study with incarcerated students. The mission of Flying University is to provide peer support and social comfort for those transitioning from Prison to University life.

Club Advisor: Sol Neely,, (907) 796-6411

Student Contact: Marcos Galindo,, (907) 209-4632

Meeting times: TBD

Gaming Club

The Gaming club will host weekly gatherings of students that enjoy playing games of all types, including video, tabletop and board games.

Club Advisor: Jacob Achee,, 907-796-6118

Student Contact: Wesley McEwen, , (907) 500-2709

Meeting Times: Meetings will occur starting at 5pm on Saturdays in the Egan library.

Go Take A Hike

Go Take a Hike club will create a healthy and fun opportunity to meet new people, explore Southeast Alaska and beat the winter blues through physical activity.

Club Advisor: Dave Klein,, (907) 796-6546

Student Contact: Olivia Lihou,, (907) 209-6143

Facebook Group Page (closed group)

Meeting times: Two hikes per week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Campus Inclusivity Alliance, CIA

CIA strives to enhance social acceptance and awareness of non -heteronormative issues on campus, and act as a point of reference for resources. 

Club Advisor: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Contact: Matt Magnusson,

Meeting Times: Thursday 5:30-6:30pm please contact for location

Math Club

The intent of the math club is to gather with students and talk about any type of mathematics.

Club Advisor: Amdrzej Piotrowski,, (907) 796-6423

Student Advisor: John Heritscko,, (210) 414-9873

Meeting Times: 1st & 3rd Friday of each month, 4-5 pm

Psychology Club

The Psychology club aims to facilitate psychological discourse and research, while providing opportunities for academic growth and future career development.

Club Advisor: Amanda Sesko,, (907) 796-6436

Student Contact: Izzy Rowland,, (907) 957-3990 or Ashley Troupin,, (907) 209-4532

Meeting times: TBA


The S.C.R.I.P.T club will produce contemporary & artistic projects for UAS and the Juneau Community at large.

Club Advisor: Shona Strauser,, 907-364-2421 ext.232

Student Advisor: Bryan Crowder,, 918-629-9825

Meeting times: Weekends 12pm-5pm and Fridays 5pm-8pm.

UAS’s drama club S.C.R.I.P.T. will be performing Douglas Carter Beane’s “The Country Club” this February. Opening on Valentine's day, performances will be on Feb. 14, 15, 16 and 21, 22, 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Hendrickson Building, Room 113. This fast-paced play goes through a year of holidays, including a naked New Year’s Eve romp, a tacky Italian wedding, and an explosive Thanksgiving dinner. “The Country Club” provides a witty commentary on club relationships, from the surface-level to the sordid, and explores what it means to be 20-something without purpose.
Spanish Club

The Spanish Club will practice Spanish and further their knowledge of Hispanic culture.

Club Advisor: Andrea Dewees,, (907) 796-6008

Student Advisor: Riley Norheim,, (907) 209-8277

Meeting Times: Wednesdays 1pm in the Mourant Cafeteria

Study Hall

The Study Hall will exchange study methods, make study partners and support our peers as we strive for academic success.

Club Advisor: Joel Mundy,, (907) 769-6060

Student Contact: Traci Taylor,

Meeting times: Would like to meet every Saturday in the Laptop Lounge, times vary


This group is a way for students to gather and participate in fish related activities and perform community service / outreach.

Club Advisor: Anne Beaudreau,, (907) 796-5454

Student Advisor: Jane Sullivan,

Meeting times: Last Thursday of each month, Lena Point UAF Building, 17101 Pt. Lena Loop Road @ 1-2pm, Room TBA

UAS Baptist Campus Ministries

Through UASBCM, we encourage Christian students to embrace and live for Christ and to educate and inform interested students about the Bible. 

View the club's 2012-2013 Constitution.

Club Advisor: Rachelle Grossardt,, 907-305-0624

Student Contact: Meghan Cook,,  907-254-6351

Meeting Times: Thursday night Bible study, 9PM @ Chapel by the Lake.

UAS Astronomy Club

The UAS Astronomy club will stargaze, learn constellation, and view Aurora Borealis. Will incorporate Tlingit language and traditional knowledge of the cosmos into club activities. 

Club Advisor: Hildegard Sellner,, (907) 796-6226

Student Contact: Karenza Bott,, (907) 209-8166

Meeting Times: Can be found on Facebook @ UAS Astronomy - all meetings will be weather dependent

UAS Dance Club

The club's mission is to promote social dance activities on the Juneau campus. Dance is a physical activity with lifelong benefits including health, confidence, self-expression, social life, relaxation, and fun. The club will provide students with regular opportunities to learn and practice various forms of social dance through scheduled dances, group instruction, practice sessions, and community engagement.

Club Advisor: Maria Moya & Mark Hopson, (907) 796-6147 and (907) 796-6111, for Maria and for Mark

Student Contact: Maranda Clark, (907) 491-1241,

Club Facebook Page

Meeting Times: TBA


UAS Pre-Health Professions Club

The UAS Pre-Health Professions Clubs mission is to provide UAS Students access to resources that will help them be successful in applying to professional programs such as medical, dental schools, etc.

Club Advisor: Amanda Arra, (907) 796-6000

Student Contact: Michael Schaake, (907) 340-6048,

Meeting times TBA

UAS Radio Club

UAS Radio Club will provide students interested in radio with the opportunity to produce and broadcast their own programs.

Club Advisor: Rosemarie Alexander-Isett,, (907) 796-6421

Student Contact: Andrew Ainsworth,, (907) 500-2376

Veterans and Family Student Association

The UAS Veterans and Family Student Association will work together to collaborate ideas on how to improve college services for all Veterans and their families. They will organize activities for Vets and their families while enhancing relationships between Vets, Faculty, Staff and students.

Club Advisor: Eric Ramaekers,, (907) 796-6312

Student Contact: Daniel Rufkahr,, (907) 796-6312

Meetings are at least once a month. February 21st will be the first meeting in the Fireweed room. Please contact Eric or Daniel for more information.


A leadership club, Wooch.een works closely with the University and community organizations to foster a better understanding of our states wonderful tribes and promotes an awareness of our states cultural and social issues. 

Club Advisor: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Contact: Heather Burge,, (907) 796-6043

Meeting Times: TBD