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Aug 26

8:30PM - Ryan Donahue: Comedy Show

Aug 27

8:30PM - Walk-In Movie

Student Clubs


An SATB a Capella group, we perform a wide variety of musical genres. We want to bring an easily accesible musical group and concerts to the campus.

Club Advisor: Bruce P Simonson,, 907-723-1076

Student Lead: Richard Ringle,, 907-321-8026

Meeting times: Saturday evenings. Please contact for specific times.

UAS Astronomy Club

The UAS Astronomy Club will observe celestial bodies and northern lights, learn and practice night-time photography, and learn and promote Tlingit language studies.

Club Advisor: Hildegard Sellner,, (907) 796-6226

Student Lead: Karenza Bott,, (907) 209-8166

Meeting Times: Can be found on Facebook @ UAS Astronomy - all meetings will be weather dependent

UAS Baptist Campus Ministries

Through UASBCM, we encourage Christian students to embrace and live for Christ and to educate and inform interested students about the Bible. 

View the club's Constitution.

Club Advisor: Rachelle Grossardt,, 907-305-0624

Student Lead: Triston Nyquest,

Meeting Times: Thursday night Bible study, 9PM @ Chapel by the Lake.

Campus Inclusivity Alliance, CIA

CIA strives to enhance social acceptance and awareness of non -heteronormative issues on campus, and act as a point of reference for resources. 

Club Advisors: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Lead: Matt Magnusson,, 907-769-6043

Meeting Times: Thursday 5:30-6:30pm please contact for location

College Democrats

The College Democrats are firm believers in the democratic process and want everyone eligible to vote to do so. The club is dedicated to pushing for the election of Mr. Bernie Sanders and bringing to light Trump's fallacies.

Club Advisor: Joe Nelson,, (907) 796-6057

Student Lead: Magdalena Oliveros,, (415) 215-7750

Meeting times: TBA

Cosplay Club

A club for people interested in cosplay and costuming to meet, discuss, learn techniques such as sewing, costume design, and prop-making, and work on constructing cosplays.

Club Advisor: Kolene James,, 796-6454

Student Lead: Lara Swanson,

Meeting Times: TBA

Creator Club

The purpose of the Creator Club is to promote creativity through video with a focus on emulating cinematic elements such as cinematography and story telling.

Club Advisor: Ivan Hazelton, (907) 796-6119,

Student Lead: Stefann Paddock, (360) 718-9905,

Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 4:30 in Egan 220

UAS Dance Club

The club's mission is to promote social dance activities on the Juneau campus. Dance is a physical activity with lifelong benefits including health, confidence, self-expression, social life, relaxation, and fun. The club will provide students with regular opportunities to learn and practice various forms of social dance through scheduled dances, group instruction, practice sessions, and community engagement.

Club Advisor: Maria Moya & Mark Hopson, (907) 796-6147 and (907) 796-6111, for Maria and for Mark

Student Contact: Maranda Clark, (907) 491-1241,

Club Facebook Page

Meeting Times: TBA


Dancing Phalanges

The club will practice and teach other students American Sign Language.

Club Advisor: Ivan Hazelton, (907) 796-6119,

Student Lead: Holly Eyre,

Meeting Times: 9:00am Fridays @ Spikes Cafe

Disc Golf Club

The UAS Disc Golf Club gives everyone the opportunity to get out and enjoy the pleasures of disc golfing.

Club Advisor: Derek Eby,, (907) 796-6392

Student Contact: Blake Fletcher,

Meeting times: TBA

Flying University @ UAS

The Flying University at UAS is an on-campus extension of the Flying University at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, a prison education project that brings UAS Students into LCCC for mutual study with incarcerated students. The mission of Flying University is to provide peer support and social comfort for those transitioning from Prison to University life.

Club Advisor: Sol Neely,, (907) 796-6411

Student Lead: Marcos Galindo,

Meeting times: TBA

Gaming Club

The Gaming club will host weekly gatherings of students that enjoy playing games of all types, including video, tabletop and board games.

Club Advisor: Martin Carter,, (907) 340-3583

Student Contact: Jon De Guzman,, (907) 209-1989

Meeting Times: Meetings will be every Saturday, 5PM - 12AM in the top floor of the Egan building

Ladies and Gentlemen's Ice Cream Society

The intent of the club is to bring people together through a love of ice cream and to promote the spirit of dapperness through various discussions and activities.

Club Advisor: Denise Carl,, (907) 796-6090

Student Lead: Madilyn Willard,, (907) 965-1110

Meeting Times: 5:00pm every other Saturday in the John R. Pugh 4th floor seminar room

Math Club

The intent of the math club is to gather with students and talk about any type of mathematics.

Club Advisor: Andrzej Piotrowski,, (907) 796-6423

Student Advisor: John Heritscko,

Meeting Times: 1st & 3rd Friday of each month, 4-5 pm in Egan 219.

Mycology Club

Learn about Fungi of Southeast Alaska and others around the world. The club will learn to grow mushrooms and identify fungi in the wild, as well as do some wild mushroom foraging.

Club Advisor: Dr. Sherry Tamone,, (907) 796-6599

Student Lead: Alannah Johnson,, (907) 321-7506

Meeting Times: TBA

UAS Pre-Health Professions Club

The UAS Pre-Health Professions Clubs mission is to provide UAS Students access to resources that will help them be successful in applying to professional programs such as medical, dental schools, etc.

Club Advisor:  Chris Urata, (907) 796-6125,

Student Contact: Michael Schaake,

Meeting times TBA

Psychology Club

The Psychology club aims to facilitate psychological discourse and research, while providing opportunities for academic growth and future career development.

Club Advisor: Amanda Sesko,, (907) 796-6436

Student Lead: Christy Perrin,

Meeting times: TBA

Radio UAS

Radio UAS is college radio for life on the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus. With live broadcasts, fun events, and volunteer/community outreach, we work to bring everyone together.

Club Advisor: Rosemarie Alexander-Isett,, (907) 796-6421

Student Contact: Felix Thillet,

Meeting Times: TBA

UAS Running Club

Running, drills, and forms.

Student Contact: Aspen Daigle,, (907) 299-6513

Meeting Times: Mondays, Thursdays, Please contact Aspen for exact times and locations.


The S.C.R.I.P.T club will produce contemporary & artistic projects for UAS and the Juneau Community at large.

Club Advisor: Shona Strauser,, 907-364-2421 ext.232

Student Advisor: Felix Thillet,

Meeting times: TBA

SEA- P.A. Club of UAS (SE Alaskan Prospective Accountants)

The SEA-P.A. Club will promote interest in the accounting profession as a career, educate students about the various career paths available to accountants, provide opportunities for members to interact with other accounting students, faculty, and leaders in the business community, and take advantage of community volunteer opportunities for which club members can share their accounting expertise and spread the visibility of the Accounting Club.

View the club's Constitution.

Club Advisor: Julie Hamilton,, (907) 796-6101

Student Lead: Jesyca Mack,

Meeting times: Monthly - Day/time TBA

Spanish Club

We will speak Spanish in order to extend our vocabulary. We will be learning and practicing Spanish in a fun and informative environment.

Club Advisor: Andrea Dewees,, (907) 796-6008

Student Advisor: Mauricio Cedeno,

Meeting Times: Tusedays, 1:30 - 2:30 in the Lakeside Grill.

Sustainability Club

A club to encourage sustainability on campus.

Club Advisor: Jim Powell,, (907) 209-5676

Student Lead: Griffin Plush,

Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 9:30 - 10:30 in Egan 220


The goal of the Sex and Gender Equality Club is to educate people on equal rights issues and advocate for equality.

Club Advisor: Em Rademaker,, (224) 800-0956

Student Lead: Hannah Wolfe-MacPike,

Meeting Times: 10:00am every Saturday, in Egan 225

Veterans and Family Student Association

The UAS Veterans and Family Student Association will work together to collaborate ideas on how to improve college services for all Veterans and their families. They will organize activities for Vets and their families while enhancing relationships between Vets, Faculty, Staff and students.

Club Advisor: Eric Ramaekers,, (907) 796-6312

Student Contact: Daniel Rufkahr,

Meetings are at least once a month. Please contact Eric or Daniel for more information.


A leadership club, Wooch.een works closely with the University and community organizations to foster a better understanding of our states wonderful tribes and promotes an awareness of our states cultural and social issues. 

Club Advisors: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454 & Janelle Cook,

Student Contact: Jasmine Mattson-Wolff,, 907-796-6043

Meeting Times: Fridays, 2:30 - 3:30 in the NRSC

Writers' and Readers' Initiative to Educate (WRITE)

Purpose: To foster a supportive environment for aspiring writers and recreational readers for collaborative edification of themselves and others.

Club Advisor: Will Elliott,, (206) 953-3636

Student Lead: Dylyn Peterson,

Meeting Times: Once per week, time TBA

Young Americans for Liberty

The mission of the YAL is to educate/train young Americans about the natural rights of life, liberty, & property. Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.

View the club's constitution.

Club Advisor: Glenn Wright,, (907) 796-6115

Student Lead: Casey Bain,

Meeting Times: 7:00pm, the first Tuesday of each month.