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Student Clubs

Access Now

The mission of this club is to provide better access for students on the UAS Campus. Accessible parking, paths, trails, entry into buildings, and transportation, etc.

Club Advisor: Margie Thomson,, (907) 796-6465

Student Contact: TBD

Meeting Times: TBA

Accounting Club

The UAS Accounting Club will promote interest in the accounting profession, including education regarding career paths and promote interaction with other students, faculty and business leaders.

Club Advisor: Julie Hamilton,, (907) 796-6101

Club President: Katherine Beatty,, (907) 500-8711

Meeting times: TBD

A Helping Rock "Rimo Latino"

The Helping Rock club will develop social cultural and educational activities to Latino students and those interested in the culture.

Club Advisor: Eddy Reyes, (907) 723-0837,

Student Advisor: Sharyl Biscotti, (907) 500-2387,

Meeting times: TBA

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks will practice the fine arts of aerial silks.

Club Advisor: Ruth Olsen,, (907) 500-8881

Student Contact: Madalyn Campbell,, (907) 362-2023

Meeting Times: Will meet weekly at the UAS Rec Center Climbing Wall On Fridays at 6:30pm


Alaskapella is the resident a capella choir for UAS. We are student-led. Music style range from classical to pop to parody in voice-only arrangements.

Club Advisor: Bruce P Simonson,, 907-723-1076

Student Contact: Richard Ringle,, 907-321-8026

Alpha Phi Omega

We aim to develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to humanity. 

Club Advisor: Dayna M Mackey,, 907-500-8288

Student Contact: Lauren Elizabeth Tibbitts-Travis,, (907) 957-7937

Meeting Times:TBA

Atheists & Friends

Atheists & Friends is a club that will foster inter-faith and extra-faith dealing with understanding and friendship.

Club Advisor: Hildegard Sellner, hildegard.sellner@uas.alaska,edu, 907-796-6226

Student Contact: Justin Parish,, 907-723-6016

Meeting Times: TBD

Chess Club

The UAS Chess Club will promote the game of chess. Activities included will teach members how to learn, play, and discuss all about the game of Chess.

Club Advisor: Glenn Knight,, 907-796-6115

Student Advisor: Amos Kissel,, 907-988-3012

Meeting times: Saturdays at the downtown public library. October 20th, 2-5pm, and November 3rd 2-5pm at the downtown public library conference room.


To view our 2012 - 2013 Constitution, Click HERE!

Gaming Club

The Gaming club will host weekly gatherings of students that enjoy playing games of all types, including video, tabletop and board games.

Club Advisor: Jacob Achee,, 907-796-6118

Student Contact: Martin Carter,

Meeting Times: Meetings will occur starting at 5pm on Saturdays in the Egan library.

Gay Straight Alliance

GSA strives to enhance social acceptance and awareness of non -heteronormative issues on campus, and act as a point of reference for resources. 

Club Advisor: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Contact: N/A

Meeting Times: NRSC, Twice a week: Thursdays 2-3 pm, Fridays 3-4 pm.

Golden Key International Honour Society

Golden Key International Honour Society is dedicated to academics, leadership and service. Golden Key members step up, stand out, and make a difference.

Club Advisor: Hildegard Sellner,, (907) 796-6226

Student Contact: Natasha McClanalan,, (907) 209-6848

Meeting Times: Will meet eery other Wednesday @ 4:30 pm on campus near spikes. Next meeting is November 20th, 2013.

Improv Club

A club dedicated to creating a safe place for people to learn the art of improvisational theatre

Club Advisor: Cassie Stuart,, (907) 312-0634

Meeting times: We will meet on Saturday afternoons for an hour. Room TBA


Juneau Fencing Club

Juneau Fencing Club is a recreational fencing club where you will learn fencing fundamentals, values, traditions, and techniques. Focuses will be on precision, efficiency, endurance and grace.

Club Advisor: Brian Vander Naald, (907) 796-6071,

Student Advisor: Michael Malin, (907) 723-7263,

Meeting Times: We will meet once a week at the UAS Rec Center for practice and instruction. Times  will depend on when the most club members can make it.

Marine Bio Club

The UAS Marine Biology Clubs mission is to connect students, faculty, and community members that share a passion for the ocean and its organisms.

Club Advisor: Sherry Tamone,, (907) 796-6599

Student Advisor: Kierstin Barlow,, (541) 226-8144

Meeting times: TBD

Math Club

The Math Clubs intent is to present Mathematical trivia, history, theory, and humor to the USUAS-JC Campus.

Club Advisor: Andrzej Piotrowski,; (907) 746-6423

Student Contact: Charles McKenry Jr,, (907) 500-2271

Meeting Times: Fridays @ 4-5pm in the Think Tank (located in Egan Library 105)

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club plans to organize weekly meetings to discuss philosophical problems. We will organize occasional film screenings with following discussion and we will set up a symposium with the community to discuss social issues within Juneau.

Club Advisor: Sol Neely,, (907) 796-6411

Student Contact: Nathan Block,, (907) 957-9525

Meeting times: Bi-weekly readings and discussions, 1 semester film screening and open discussion

Psychology Club

The Psychology club aims to facilitate psychological discourse and research, while providing opportunities for academic growth and future career development.

Club Advisor: Amanda Sesko,, (907) 796-6436

Student Contact: Izzy Rowland,, (907) 957-3990 or Ashley Troupin,, (907) 209-4532

Meeting times: TBA


The S.C.R.I.P.T club will produce contemporary & artistic projects for UAS and the Juneau Community at large.

Club Advisor: Shona Strauser,, 907-364-2421 ext.232

Student Advisor: Bryan Crowder,, 918-629-9825

Meeting times: TBA

UAS’s drama club S.C.R.I.P.T. will be performing Douglas Carter Beane’s “The Country Club” this February. Opening on Valentine's day, performances will be on Feb. 14, 15, 16 and 21, 22, 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Hendrickson Building, Room 113. This fast-paced play goes through a year of holidays, including a naked New Year’s Eve romp, a tacky Italian wedding, and an explosive Thanksgiving dinner. “The Country Club” provides a witty commentary on club relationships, from the surface-level to the sordid, and explores what it means to be 20-something without purpose.
The Flying University

The Flying University is a philosophical & political group that wants to address wrongs in society. We want to educate our campus community about injustices within institutions in prison reform, and parlor integration. This club will be a strong support system for ex-convicts wanting to return to school and get reintegrated into society.

Club Advisor: Sol Neely, (907) 796-6411

Student Contact: Marcos Galindo,, (907) 209-4632

Meeting Times: TBA


This group is a way for students to gather and participate in fish related activities and perform community service / outreach.

Club Advisor: Anne Beaudreau,, (907) 796-5454

Student Advisor: Jane Sullivan,

Meeting times: Last Friday of each month, Lena Point UAF Building, 17101 Pt. Lena Loop Road @ 2:30pm, Room TBA

UAS Baptist Campus Ministries

Through UASBCM, we encourage Christian students to embrace and live for Christ and to educate and inform interested students about the Bible. 

View the club's 2012-2013 Constitution.

Club Advisor: Rachelle Grossardt,, 907-305-0624
Student Contact: Meghan Cook, 907-254-6351

Meeting Times: Thursday night Bible study, 9PM @ Chapel by the Lake.

Christian and Interfaith Community for Justice and Peace

UAS Ecumenical Christian & Inter-Spiritual Community

Christian and Interfaith Community for Justice and Peace Club's mission is with their sacred texts, experiences, reasoning, and various spiritual and religious traditions, we intend to journey into Love as we live day to day seeking hope, love, and justice in our relationships with others, the earth, ourselves, and the Divine locally, nationally, and globally.

Club Advisor: Melissa Engel, (815) 481-3351,

Student Contact: Kelsey Savikko, (907) 209-7090,

View the club Constitution.

Upcoming Events:

Friday, March 28 - 4:15-5:30 PM - Southeast Waffle Company ~ Come stop by for a relaxing cup of joe or tea and just unwind.

Tuesday, April 1- 7:00-8:30 PM UAS Housing Lodge ~ PB+J's for the Hungry ~ Come make lunches for the hungry people at the Glory Hole!

Wednesday, April 2 - (Time TBA) Glory Hole ~ Come serve the lunches we made to the hungry people at the Glory Hole to increase awareness of people's hunger and celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day! (We are participating in an international movement)

Thursday, April 10 - "Be Blue" Interfaith Awareness Day - Mourant Cafe ~more to come on this

Friday, April 11 - 4:15-5:30 PM - Relax & Refresh @ UAS Housing Lodge ~ Come stop by for a cup of tea, soothing music, quiet, and meditation/prayer.

UAS Dance Club

The club's mission is to promote social dance activities on the Juneau campus. Dance is a physical activity with lifelong benefits including health, confidence, self-expression, social life, relaxation, and fun. The club will provide students with regular opportunities to learn and practice various forms of social dance through scheduled dances, group instruction, practice sessions, and community engagement.

Club Advisor: Maria Moya & Mark Hopson, (907) 796-6147 and (907) 796-6111, for Maria and for Mark

Student Contact: Maranda Clark, (907) 491-1241,

Meeting Times: TBA

***UPCOMING EVENT*** Winter Etiquette Ball with Thunder Moutain Big Band- Saturday January 25th, 2013 @ UAS Rec Center. Free Admission, Dance Instruction: 7:30-8:30 pm, Live music: 8:30-11pm.

UAS Pre-Health Professions Club

The UAS Pre-Health Professions Clubs mission is to provide UAS Students access to resources that will help them be successful in applying to professional programs such as medical, dental schools, etc.


Club Advisor: Chris Urata,,  907-796-6125 or Elizabeth Spence, 907-796-6128

Student Contact: Stephen Ellison,, 907-401-1168


Meeting times TBA

Veterans and Family Student Association

The UAS Veterans and Family Student Association will work together to collaborate ideas on how to improve college services for all Veterans and their families. They will organize activities for Vets and their families while enhancing relationships between Vets, Faculty, Staff and students.

Club Advisor: Eric Ramaekers,, (907) 796-6312

Student Contact: Daniel Rufkahr,, (907) 796-6312

Meetings are at least once a month. February 21st will be the first meeting in the Fireweed room. Please contact Eric or Daniel for more information.


A leadership club, Wooch.een works closely with the University and community organizations to foster a better understanding of our states wonderful tribes and promotes an awareness of our states cultural and social issues. 

Club Advisor: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Contact: Nae Tumulak,, 907-796-6454

Meeting Times: Fridays 2PM to 3PM in the NRSC, lower Mourant.