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Juneau Campus Student Organizations

Do you have an interest or hobby? Looking for a fun way to meet and hang out with other students who share your interests, make connections, and pad your resume? Check out the list of Current Clubs in the tab above!

Don't see the club you're looking for? Consider starting one of your own! The club registration process is easy, and as an official club you'll have access to resources not available to other groups on campus! For more information on starting clubs, see the Club Handbook and Registration tabs.

Why Join a Club?

Student organizations are an essential part of campus life at the University of Alaska Southeast. Involvement in student organizations can enrich your experience as a UAS student and offer you the chance to develop leadership skills as well as strengthen your relationships with fellow students, your campus, and the Juneau community.

Joining or starting a club may help you;

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Make connections with UAS faculty and staff
  • Make connections within the Juneau community
  • Relieve stress
  • Add new skills and experiences to your resume

If you have any questions about Student Clubs or Organizations, please contact Student Government.

Providing a space for students to come together and make art, planning annual art show gallery.

Student Lead: Jenae Kesey,

Club Advisors: Jeremy Kane,, 907-796-6222 

Meeting Times: TBA

A group dedicated to creating a safe community and opening doors for all UAS students -regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and more through supportive discussion and events.  

Club Advisors: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Lead: Student Lead: Gabrielle Kirschner,

Meeting Times: Fridays 2 PM - 3 PM | NRSC

The UAS Disc Golf Club gives everyone the opportunity to get out and enjoy the pleasures of disc golfing.

Club Advisor: Derek Eby,, (907) 796-6392

Student Contact: Blake Fletcher,

Meeting times: TBA

The Flying University at UAS is an on-campus extension of the Flying University at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, a prison education project that brings UAS Students into LCCC for mutual study with incarcerated students. The mission of Flying University is to provide peer support and social comfort for those transitioning from Prison to University life.

Club Advisor: Sol Neely,, (907) 796-6411

Student Lead: Marcos Galindo,

Meeting times: TBA

The Gaming Club will facilitate a meeting of gaming enthusiasts of all forms in a social gathering with the intent of spreading love of gaming to those unfamiliar with various forms of gaming.

Club Advisor: Martin Carter, 340-3583

Student Contact: Walter Czopek,


Meeting Times: Meetings will be every Saturday5 PM - 12 AM in the top floor of the Egan building 

A place for history fanatics and newcomers alike to grow their knowledge and share information for a subject they're passionate about.

Club Advisor: Robin Walz and Will Elliott,,

Student Lead: Trystin Luhr,

Meeting Times: Every Saturday from 3-5PM

The purpose of the Humans vs. Zombies (HvZ) club is to prepare and organize the Humans vs. Zombies yearly event, as well as provide opportunities throughout the year for similar, smaller events.  We are made of HvZ players and enthusiasts (humans and zombies alike!), and we ensure a quality playing experience for anyone willing to participate.

Student Lead: Jonathan Deatse,, (907) 419-3889

Club Advisor: Sol Neely,, 907) 796-6411 

Meeting Times: Alternate Saturdays 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

This club is for people who are interested in investment or want to start investing their money. We will share investment strategies and portfolios as well as discussing risk management methods. 

Check out our website: Investment Club Website 

Advisor: Michael Boyer,, (907) 796-6347

Student Lead: Felix Xian,, (907) 539-8943

Meetings: Saturday's  at 11:30am-1:30pm

Objective book club whose purpose is to expand philosophical knowledge and discuss possible solutions to current issues. 

Advisor: Ivan Hazelton,, (907) 796-6119

Student Lead: Stefann Paddock,

Meetings: Friday at 5:00pm

Our purpose is to show mathematics outside of the classroom. This includes looking at fun facts, presentations, or challenge problems from journals. All students welcome no matter what level they are in.

Club Advisor: Andrzej Piotrowski, apiotrowski@alaska.edu907-796-6423

Student Advisor: Blake Fletcher,

Meeting Times: See the schedule at

Learn about Fungi of Southeast Alaska and others around the world. The club will learn to grow mushrooms and identify fungi in the wild, as well as do some wild mushroom foraging.

Club Advisor: Dr. Sherry Tamone,, (907) 796-6599

Student Lead: Alannah Johnson,,  (760) 974-0646

Meeting Times: Please Contact

Provides non-ODS outdoor leadership opportunities.

Club Advisor: Forest Wagner,

Student Lead: Tedmund Hanrahan,

Meeting Times: TBD

The purpose of PAWsitive Impact is to provide UAS students a chance to be an advocate for animals on and off campus.

PAWs members will be given volunteer opportunities throughout the year and will work to create a positive, animal friendly community.

View the club's Constitution.

Club Advisor: Ernestine Hayes,, 796-6406

Student Lead: Emma

Meeting Times: Saturday 1:00pm - 2:00pm

The UAS Pre-Health Professions Clubs mission is to provide UAS Students access to resources that will help them be successful in applying to professional programs such as medical, dental schools, etc.

Club Advisor:  Ce Ce Brenner, (907) 796-6124, 

Student Contact: Hailey Quinto and Hailey Stockton,,

Meeting times TBA

The Psychology club aims to facilitate psychological discourse and research, while providing opportunities for academic growth and future career development.

Club Advisor: Amanda Sesko,, (907) 796-6436

Student Lead: Liz Hawkins,, (907) 957-5546

Meeting times: TBA

The Society for Human Resource Management Club's goal is to connect students in the BBA HR emphasis with each other and professionals in the field. Activities will include virtual webinars for professional development, social media awareness campaigns, and networking opportunities.

Club Advisor: Charla Brown, 907-796-6310,

Student Lead: Kelli Barkov, 

Meeting times: TBA, varies, virtual meetings. 

Please check out our website: Click Here

Radio UAS is college radio for life on the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus. With live broadcasts, fun events, and volunteer/community outreach, we work to bring everyone together.

Club Advisor: Rosemarie Alexander-Isett,, (907) 796-6421

Student Contact: Felix Thillet,

Meeting Times: TBA

Guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors the UAS Red Cross Club will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects.

Club Advisor: Andrew Bogar,, 907-347-5841 

Student Lead: Taylor Hrupek,,  763-656-9665 

Meeting Times: Friday at 12 (noon) to 1pm

The Accounting Club provides a forum for students to meet informally with accounting faculty and professionals working for the government and business. The purpose of the club is to connect local and online students with accounting professionals.

View the club's Constitution.

Club Advisor: John Blanchard,, 907-796-6340

Student Lead: Jesyca Ellenbecker,

Meeting times: Twice a term

We will speak Spanish in order to extend our vocabulary. We will be learning and practicing Spanish in a fun and informative environment.

Club Advisor: Andrea Dewees,, (907) 796-6008

Student Leads: Aspen Daigle,; Erika Cruz,

Meeting Times: Tusedays, 1:30 - 2:30 in the Lakeside Grill.

A fun and empowering group promoting sustainable practices on the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus.

Club Advisor: Lora Vess,, (907) 796-6152

Student Lead: Gretchen

Meeting Times: Every Tuesday 8:45am - 9:15am

University of Alaska Campus Conservatives is to bring the many voices of conservatism to the UAS campus in order to foster open discussion and political discourse between the political parties. 

Club Advisors: Glenn Wright,, (907) 796-6115 

Public Information Officer: Kieran King, Work Cell: 907-465-7136 calling hours between 3:00pm-6:00 pm Monday-Friday or text at any time during the week. For best results send an email.

The UAS Veterans and Family Student Association's purpose is to connect students who are Veterans or dependents of Veterans to other students as well as staff/faculty members. Professional development sessions will be offered throughout the year that will cover topics relevant to Veterans and Veteran dependents.

Club Advisor: Deb Rydman,, (907) 796-6368

Student Contact: Norix Mangual,

Meeting Times: Once per month

An all inclusive Jesus lovin club with the goal of providing a positive, spiritually open enviroment for students no matter their background. During open hours there is some chill coffee study hours and general hanging out. Once a month we throw a larger event, with lots of food (gotta have it), crazy games, and break out discussions over current hot topics in the world. 

Club Advisor: Allie Mogensen,, (414) 731-0706

Student Lead: Amy Jensen, 

Meeting Times: Mondays 7:00pm - 12:00am

As a leadership club, Wooch.een works closely with the University of Alaska Southeast and community organizations to foster a better understanding of our states wonderful tribes and promotes an awareness of our states cultural and social issues.

Club Advisors: Kolene James,, 907-796-6454

Student Contact: Brandon Johnson,, 907-796-6043

Meeting Times: Fridays, 11:00am - 12:00pm

Our goal is to encourage dialog and understanding of important international, economic, political and social issues through expert presentation, informed discussion, and other educational activities.

Club Advisor: Dan Monteith,, (907) 796-6143

Student Lead: Evan Carnahan,

Meeting Times: Please contact

Club Handbook

Please take time to reveiw the following document: club handbook

Contact Info

Per the USUAS-JC Constitution, each club is required to supply a monthly report to Student Government. Reports are due by the 10th of each month following activity to the Student Activities Office.

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