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UAS Recreation Center rooms are available for reservation by members, UAS sponsored individuals and groups, and non-profit organizations (NPO's). Eligible groups and individuals may reserve rooms on a space available basis, university events receive priority. The Recreation Manager will determine if the requested facility use falls under these guidelines. All charges and reservation fees will be paid directly by the contracting individual or department.

Room Availability

Visit Astra Schedule and click the Calendars tab to view room availability or check if an event has been scheduled. The calendar views all events and classes scheduled on the Juneau Campus, to include the REC Center. A login is not required to view calendars.

You may also fill out our Facility Request Form to request a room reservation or call our main desk at 907-796-6544. The information you provide will be used to determine availability and appropriateness of reservation.

Rec Center Room Reservation Fees

UAS Rec Center room rental rates and services for non-profit organizations are:

  • Gymnasium: $40.00/hr
  • Student Activity Center (SAC): $30.00/hr
  • Classroom: $25.00/hr
  • Dance Studio: $20.00/hr
  • Climbing gym*: $20.00/hr *
  • Bleachers in the gym: Add $20.00 per event for set-up and take-down
  • Floor cover in the gym: Add $75.00/half court and $150/full court per event for tape, set-up, and take-down
  • Performance Stage: Add $50 per event for rental, set-up, and take-down of stage
  • Labor Charges**:  Add $25.00 per hours outside standard hours of operation

UAS Rec Center room rental rates and services for-profit organizations are:

  • Gymnasium: $80.00/hr
  • Student Activity Center (SAC): $60.00/hr
  • Classroom: $50.00/hr
  • Dance Studio: $40.00/hr
  • Climbing gym*: $40.00/hr *
  • Bleachers in the gym: Add $40.00 per event for set-up and take-down
  • Floor cover in the gym: Add $150.00/half court and $300/full court per event for tape, set-up, and take-down
  • Performance Stage: Add $100 per event for rental, set-up, and take-down of stage
  • Labor Charges**:  Add $25.00 per hours outside standard hours of operation

* The UAS Climbing gym usage REQUIRES all patrons to become approved on the policies and procedures of our wall in order to utilize the space.
** Labor charges may be required for specific events, to be determined by the facility manager


Facility rentals amounting to more than $500 are required to place a 25% deposit before space can be reserved. Any amount under $500 is required to place a 10% deposit.


Payment must be received within three (3) days prior to event. Refunds will be issued if cancellation notice is received two (2) days prior to event. Credits cannot be issued.

Facility Rental Rules and Regulations

Upon booking a room at the UAS Student Recreation Center, it is agreed and certified that the eligible reserving party will abide by the following reservation rules and regulations. Failure to follow these rules will result in forfeiture of the rental fees and future use of facilities.

  1. For a reservation to be confirmed/reserved, a Facility Use Request form must be completed. A short form is used for low-risk activities (meetings, training) with a long form for high-risk activities (gym, climbing wall, studio, or when minors are involved).
  2. UAS Priority - When event bookings are confirmed, it is with the understanding that university use, particularly in support of academic classes, has priority and may preempt events.
  3. Room Request Time Frames – REC Center rooms may not be available on University holidays due to campus closure or during National Guard Closures. Visit the REC Hours page for details
  4. Licensed caterers may provide for food services at the UAS REC Center. It is the obligation of the reserving party to make arrangements with a licensed vendor. The UAS Lakeside Grill offers catering services. There are no coffee services on site.
  5. Events open to UAS students, faculty or staff, must be posted on the UAS campus calendar for the room reservation to be confirmed.
  6. No message phone or copying service available.
  7. Smoking is not allowed in any room or interior portion of the building. Starting July 1, 2015 this extends to the university property line. View the Tobacco Free Campus Policy for more information.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in/on UAS REC Center property without approval by UAS Chancellor’s office and the Army National Guard.
  9. Hazardous and flammable materials are not allowed in the facility.
  10. Minors must be supervised at all times while on UAS property. The REC center requires a 1-5 ratio (adults to minors).
  11. Use is limited to the scheduled room(s) and only during the hours specified.
  12. Group size may not exceed the seating capacity of room(s).
  13. The customer will protect UAS property from damage or mistreatment, and is responsible for the condition in which the building/room(s) is left.  In the event UAS property is damaged or stolen, the user group will be held liable and charged for the cost of repairs or replacement. 
  14. UAS property shall be returned to its original location after use, a minimum charge of $100 will be charged if terms are not met. Rooms are provided with default room layouts.
  15. Facility use will be revoked or canceled by UAS if usage has a conflict of interest with UAS classes, programs, or mission.
  16. Solicitation is prohibited in the UAS Recreation Center. Solicitation includes the act of seeking by persuasion, plea, or formal application of  one’s audience, money, or influence. This may include face-to-face visitations by individuals or groups looking to rent REC space for selling merchandise, sharing religious or political beliefs, or request participation in surveys or petitions. The REC Center may be used to conduct non-partisan voter training and registration programs designed to increase an understanding of and participation in the electoral process. Such programs must be open to all members of the University community regardless of their political affiliation and may not be held in coordination with any campaign-related event or activity.
  17. The customer shall hold the REC Center, University, employees, officers, agents and Board of Regents blameless in the case of unavailability of the facilities, except return of rental monies.
  18. Indemnify, defend and save harmless, UAS, its employees, officers, agents and Board of Regents, against any claim of any loss, damage, or injury to person or property resulting directly or indirectly from an accident occurring in, upon or about the premises of UAS and its grounds and facilities as a result of the acts, errors or omissions of the non-UAS organization arising in connection with their operations, use or occupancy of the premises.

The Fine Print

Department Sponsorship of Third-Party Use of Rec Center Facility Space

A UAS department may sponsor an individual or group’s facility use by paying the reservation fees with departmental funds. Eligibility for space reservation is determined by the status of the third-party sponsored by the department and their relationship to the University. Department sponsorship requires approval from the department’s representative on the Space Utilization Committee.

Space Utilization Committee Representatives

Chancellor Richard Caulfield

Vice Chancellor Joe Nelson

Vice Chancellor Michael Ciri

The Recreation Center will operate daily, Monday through Sunday, in accordance with the posted semester schedule. The facility may be closed on university holidays and National Guard Joint Use closures.

Scheduled activities may be preempted by special events without notice. No refunds will be granted during these closures. The university will not be responsible for accidents or injuries to users of the facility. UAS will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Facility users are responsible for knowledge of, and compliance with, all posted regulations and the direction of facility staff members. Users not in compliance with facility regulations or staff direction or persons misusing equipment or I.D. card privileges will be required to leave the facility and can be denied further access without regard to user status or refund.


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