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UAS in the News

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What elementary students can learn from a talking flounder

4-22-2016 | Juneau Empire - “Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of Perseverance Theatre,” Shona Osterhout said to a room of roughly 70 Montessori Borealis first through fourth graders. Osterhout is Perseverance Theatre’s director of education. She also teaches a spring production class at the University of Alaska Southeast. For two weeks, Osterhout and three college actors toured all the elementary schools performing “The Fisherman and His Wife,” adapted from the Brothers Grimm. The play reached 730 students, including every second grader in the Juneau School District. ...More

Weekend Course Geared for Budding Fishery Managers

4-21-2016 | KMXT - This weekend, a Sitka fisheries technology professor is bringing his class across the Gulf of Alaska to Kodiak. Joel Marcus, an assistant professor of fisheries with the University of Alaska Southeast will be holding a fisheries management lab in the classroom and in the field. ...More

Puppy Break

4-19-2016 | Juneau Empire - Callie Conerton, the UAS Student Body President, had the idea to use puppies as a stress release for students getting ready for next week’s finals. ...More

Prince of Wales mining symposium to be held on April 27-28

4-13-2016 | Juneau Empire - The sixth annual Prince of Wales Island-Wide Mining Symposium will be held on April 27-28 at the Klawock School Gym in Klawock. The symposium is hosted by the Organized Village of Kasaan. Graham Neale, Director of the University of Alaska Center for Mine Training will present on the UAS mining program. ...More

Tidal Echoes features Rofkar, Jensen in 2016

4-13-2016 | Juneau Empire - The newest issue of Southeast Alaska’s undergraduate-led literary and arts journal launches April 15, and features Ravenstail and spruce root basket weaving, thoughts on motherhood and the wild in Tracy Arm, and writing and art from around Southeast Alaska. ...More

UAS School of Management receives international recognition

4-7-2016 | Juneau Empire - The School of Management at the University of Alaska Southeast received international recognition for its Human Resource Management program. The Society of Human Resource Management recognized that the Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management degree program at UAS fully aligns with SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. ...More

Tribal Scholars program finds its stride

4-7-2016 | KRBD - Walking into the street-level room where Tribal Scholars meets each weekday, it doesn’t look like any other classroom on the island. With a fridge, some couches, bookshelves and art on the walls, it feels like home. Freshman Nayomie Welty likes the lessons she can eat. The intertidal food unit was a partnership with University of Alaska Southeast. Tribal Scholars project director Sonya Skan says the partnership allows kids to earn college credit, and gain confidence to pursue a degree after high school. ...More

Tlingit Immersion School to Provide a Path to Revitalization

3-27-2016 | Indian Country Today Media - Alaska Native Languages Assistant Professor Xh’unei Lance Twitchell, University of Alaska Southeast, thinks it’s time to stop trying to fix the old state-run, English-based education system. “We have an education system that graduates about 50 percent of Alaska Native students. At some point, as Alaska Native people, we’re going to have to say that’s not enough, that’s not good enough.” Twitchell envisions building an entirely new system in which everything is taught through the medium of Alaska Native languages. He plans a pilot program to begin in 2017 that’s designed around the Tlingit language and culture. ...More

PITAAS Program seeks to increase number of Alaska Native teachers

3-23-2016 | Juneau Empire - PITAAS Program seeks to increase number of Alaska Native teachers Preparing Indigenous Teachers and Administrators for Alaska Schools, a scholarship program through the University of Alaska Southeast, is designed to help Alaska Natives earn a degree in education. ...More

Juneau mine training program takes off

3-11-2016 | Juneau Empire - The mining industry needs more than just miners — it needs harbor masters, chefs, dentists and lawyers. “Each mine is almost like it’s own little small town,” said Graham Neale, director of the Center for Mine Training at the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

UAS hosted 14th Annual Oratory Event this past Saturday

3-11-2016 | KTOO - On Saturday, the Native and Rural Student Center at the University of Alaska Southeast hosted its 14th Annual Oratory Event. Students competed in the categories of oratory, storytelling, Alaska Native language and dramatic declamation. This year, 15 students stepped forward. [KTOO has an] audio postcard from the event. ...More

UAS, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center receives $500K grant

3-9-2016 | Juneau Empire - The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center at the University of Alaska Southeast has received $500,000 from the National Science Foundation to study the linked forest and marine ecosystems of Southeast Alaska. ...More

UAS hosts 14th Annual Oratory Event on Saturday

3-4-2016 | KTOO - The 14th annual Oratory Event is Saturday at the University of Alaska Southeast. The day-long event, based in Alaska Native languages, includes storytelling, speeches and dramatic presentations of poetry, songs and more. ...More

Fairbanks (musical) invasion

3-2-2016 | Capital City Weekly - Eight different musicians will come to The Alaskan Hotel and Bar March 4 and 5 for a Fairbanks-themed mini-festival with more than eight individual performances from musicians across the state. “We aim to recreate the spirit and inclusivity of life up North, while sharing our music and culture with Juneau’s nightlife,” said co-organizer Annie Bartholomew. Bartholomew organized the event along with Rebecca File; the two are members of the Fairbanks psych-folk band Harm, and currently reside in Juneau. University of Alaska Southeast and Katie Bausler, UAS Director of Public Relations, helped fund travel for group members living in Fairbanks, as Harm will perform a free show as part of UAS’ “Sound + Motion” series Friday at 7 pm. Saturday at 7 pm, they’ll tape an episode of Alaska Originals at KTOO’s @360 North. ...More

UAS Update on Capital Chat, part 2

2-25-2016 | KINY - UAS Chancellor Rick Caufield, Marketing and Communications Director Katie Bausler and Student Body President Callie Conerton talk about proposed Budget Cuts, and upcoming spring events. ...More

UAS Update on Capital Chat, part 1

2-25-2016 | KINY - UAS Chancellor Rick Caufield speaks about the proposed 50 million dollar budget cuts facing the University and the economic impact the University has on the community. He was joined by Student Body President Callie Conerton. ...More

From rock to forest: Southeast's carbon sink

2-19-2016 | Juneau Empire - To talk with local scientists about the Tongass National Forest is to become aware of how much lies literally beneath its surface. “There are places where the peat is tens of meters thick. It’s basically building up since the last ice age,” said University of Alaska Southeast Assistant Professor of Forest Ecosystem Ecology Brian Buma. “You can dig down a couple meters and you’re back a thousand years.” ...More

Alaska’s Bieber: Yup’ik Eskimo singer gains online following

2-18-2016 | WTOP - Teen Internet sensation Byron Nicholai is a Yup’ik Eskimo from Toksook (TUCK’-sook) Bay, a tiny community on Nelson Island just off Alaska’s mainland in the Bering Sea. It’s about 525 miles west of Anchorage. The 17-year-old high school senior performs songs that blend traditional Yup’ik and English. He has more than 22,000 followers on the Facebook page “I Sing. You Dance,” where he posts videos of himself singing and drumming. Last weekend, Nicholai performed at the University of Alaska Southeast campus in Juneau as part of a program that prepares indigenous teachers for Alaska’s schools. ...More

'Blonde Indian' gives Alaskans plenty to talk about

2-10-2016 | Juneau Empire - I told my author friend [and UAS Professor] Ernestine Hayes of Juneau that I’m thinking of writing a book called “Walking with Friends,” which would really be about talking with friends. Which is what we had been doing all day. Ernestine was here because her Alaska Native memoir, “Blonde Indian,” has been chosen by Alaska Writer Laureate Frank Soos as the first Alaska Reads title of his tenure. The hope is that libraries, bookstores, schools, book clubs -- we Alaskans -- will all get together and read the same book so we have something in common to talk and think about. It may even help shape our state’s post-oil future. ...More

Yup'ik singer Byron Nicholai to perform Friday and Saturday

2-11-2016 | Juneau Empire - Yup’ik singer Byron Nicholai who gained national attention through his Facebook page “I Sing. You Dance” will perform in Shuká Hít (the clan house) at the Walter Soboleff Building and the Egan Library. The first of these two free events will take place at 7 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12 at the University of Alaska Southeast’s Egan Library. The performance at the Soboleff Building will be on Saturday, Feb. 13, at 5 p.m. ...More

Fireside Lecture on Humpback Whales on Feb. 12

2-10-2016 | Juneau Empire - University of Alaska Southeast professor Heidi Pearson will present her research on the behavior of humpback whales and dolphins at two Feb. 12 Fireside Lectures at Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center. Talks occur at 6:30 pm and repeat at 8 pm. ...More

Ernestine Hayes - Alaska Reads 2016 "Blonde Indian"

2-2-2016 | Alaska Dispatch News - Juneau writer and University of Alaska Southeast faculty member Ernestine Hayes’ Blonde Indian was a recipient of the 2014 Alaska Literary Awards, the 2007 American Book Award, finalist for the PEN Nonfiction Award and Kiriyama Prize, and now first choice for the 2016 Read Alaska campaign. “Blonde Indian” tells the story of the author's journey back home after a twenty-five year absence. ...More

Ernestine Hayes - Alaska Reads 2016 "Blonde Indian"

2-2-2016 | Alaska Dispatch News - Juneau writer and University of Alaska Southeast faculty member Ernestine Hayes’ Blonde Indian was a recipient of the 2014 Alaska Literary Awards, the 2007 American Book Award, finalist for the PEN Nonfiction Award and Kiriyama Prize, and now first choice for the 2016 Read Alaska campaign. “Blonde Indian” tells the story of the author's journey back home after a twenty-five year absence. ...More

Report: Some yellow cedars to remain healthy through 2100

01-22-2016 | Juneau Empire - It turns out polar bears and yellow cedar trees have something common. So do ice seals and red cedars. That commonality: One is negatively impacted by climate change; the other appears to be a climate change “winner.” Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center, the Forest Service and the University of Alaska Southeast are working together to test some affected areas around Kake, and to better see how red cedar does in places yellow cedar has died and been left standing, or died and been harvested, said Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center Director Allison Bidlack. ...More

Simulating disaster: Red Cross prepares for landslide drill at UAS, seeks volunteers

01-20-2016 | Juneau Empire - In the early hours of Aug. 18, heavy rainfall and wind loosened the earth above a small neighborhood at the base of Harbor Mountain in Sitka. By late morning the unstable ground gave way, and several landslides tore down the mountain in a matter of seconds. All told, the landslides killed three men, destroyed at least one house entirely and caused several families to evacuate their homes. This Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. in the University of Alaska Southeast Joint Use Facility, the Red Cross will be hosting a “sheltering exercise” following a mock landslide to determine how prepared Juneau is for a disaster similar to the Sitka slides. ...More

UAS Alumni & Friends "Art and Wine 101" scholarship fundraiser

01-17-2016 | Juneau Empire - University of Alaska Southeast’s Alumni & Friends will host “Art and Wine 101” as a scholarship fundraiser on Saturday, January 30 from 2-5 p.m. at the Auke Lake Campus, room 105 in the Soboleff Building. ...More

Jeremy Kane's work on display at Juneau-Douglas City Museam

01-17-2016 | Juneau Empire - Jeremy Kane’s exhibit of wood, soda and gas-fired ceramics is currently on display at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. On Thursday, Jan. 21 from 7-8:30 p.m. he will deliver a free admission lecture and slideshow about his process and techniques, which are unique in Juneau due to the type of kiln he built with his colleagues and students on the University of Alaska Southeast campus where he has been a professor of art for the past 11 years. ...More

Alaskapella Fundraising for Carnegie Hall

01-13-2016 | Juneau Empire - Members of Alaskapella, Juneau’s community a cappella group, are in the final month of fundraising for their trip to Carnegie hall this spring. The Alaskapellicans, which are a fiscal agency under the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council and are based at the University of Alaska Southeast, though they include non-students as members, were invited by Distinguished Concerts International New York City (DCINY) to participate in Total Vocal II, a performance of contemporary a cappella under the creative direction of arranger/producer Deke Sharon (The Sing Off, Pitch Perfect, etc.). ...More

UAS's Dr. Pearson Studying Dolphin Population

12-31-2015 | - A study underway in Kaikoura looks set to reveal the secret behaviour of dusky dolphins. Video cameras will be attached to the mammals for the first time to track their social behaviour and diving habits, so it should give valuable details about their otherwise unknown movements. The study is being led by Heidi Pearson, a marine biology professor from the University of Alaska Southeast, in Juneau, Alaska. ...More

Alaskan premiere of John Luther Adams’ composition ‘Inuksuit’ coming to UAS

01-06-2016 | Capital City Weekly - This year, Juneau Jazz & Classics will celebrate 30 years of festivals with a special performance of Pulitzer Prize- winning composer John Luther Adams’ “Inuksuit,” a percussion piece scored for anywhere from 9 to 99 players and designed to be performed outdoors, where ambient noise becomes part of the music. The piece has never been performed in Alaska, the place where it was written and Adams’ home for more than 25 years. Described as “as much an event as it is a performance,” the piece will be performed by musicians dispersed over a large outdoor area at the University of Alaska Southeast; listeners may choose to be seated or to wander around the performance area during the concert. Featured musicians will include Third Coast Percussion, one of this year’s Jazz & Classics artists. The festival runs May 6-21 this year in Juneau. ...More

Faking out whales

12-31-2015 | Society for Science - In many parts of the world, people take boats to go whale watching. In places like the Gulf of Alaska, it can work the other way. There, sperm whales often go “boat watching” and follow fishermen. The clever mammals have learned to snatch black cod off longlines before crews can haul their catch of fish out of water. To stop these “lunch line” raids, a group of commercial fishers teamed up with scientists to find ways to keep their catch. They described how to distract whales, without harm, this week. Their tool: Noise. The idea for building a decoy came from fishermen who teamed up with the Southeast Alaska Sperm Whale Avoidance Project (SEASWAP). This group was founded in 2003 by Victoria O’Connell. She’s now the research director of the Sitka Sound Science Center. Jan Straley, a marine biologist at the University of Alaska Southeast, in Sitka, is the project’s cofounder. ...More

North Words Writers Symposium scheduled for May 25-28

12-16-2015 | Juneau Empire - After years of pandering, fawning, and badgering from adoring Alaska readers, celebrated author Brian Doyle has finally consented to be the keynote speaker for the seventh annual North Words Writers Symposium in Skagway, Alaska May 25-28. Registration to North Words is now open to all writers — aspiring or professional — who seek inspiration, direction, a flesh-and-blood social network, and fun. One or two credit hours may be earned through University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

FSU and UAS team up to estimate melting glaciers' impact

12-16-2015 | FSU - When glaciers begin to thaw, what happens to all of the carbon that’s been trapped inside them for thousands of years? That’s what Assistant Professor of Oceanography Robert Spencer is trying to determine. Spencer and Eran Hood, a scientist from University of Alaska Southeast, provided the first global estimate of how much carbon will be released as glaciers thaw. ...More

Mendenhall River soon to shorten (then lengthen)

12-11-2015 | Juneau Empire - In the not-too-distant future, the Mendenhall River will get about a half mile shorter. The land inside the u-shaped bend in the river that Riverbend Elementary School was named for has gone from about 500 feet at its narrowest point in 1947 to a little more than 12 feet when University of Alaska Southeast assistant professor of geology Sonia Nagorski’s students measured it this year. Soon, the river will cut through that narrowest place in the u, creating a new, more direct path for the water to follow. A while after that, the original, slower-moving curve will eventually fill up with sediment and vegetation, and the river will take the shorter course. ...More

Whale Talk set at UAS Sitka Campus

12-08-2015 | Sitka Sentinel - “Insights into the Ecology of Southeast Alaska’s Humpback Whales” will be presented by Dr. Andy Szabo, director of the Alaska Whale Foundation, 7:30-9 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, at the UAS-Sitka Campus in Room 229. Szabo will present his research findings as part of the Natural History Seminar series. ‘‘One major source of the ‘charisma’ of Southeast Alaska is its whales,’’ UAS said. ‘‘Their size inspires awe; and their impact on the ecosystem looms ever larger as we learn more about them.’’ ...More

The future of Northwest Coast art

12-9-2015 | Juneau Empire - Panelists were Rico Worl of Juneau, Nick Galanin of Sitka, Alison Bremner of Yakutat and David R. Boxley of Metlakatla. Xhunei Lance Twitchell, an artist and assistant professor of Alaska Native Languages at the University of Alaska Southeast, moderated. ...More

Tidal Echoes submission deadline is Dec. 1

11-25-2015 | Capital City Weekly - The submission deadline for the 2016 edition of Title Echoes, a literary and art journal showcasing the art and writing of Southeast Alaskans, is Dec. 1. The journal, sponsored and administered by the University of Alaska Southeast, accepts poems, stories, essays, plays, and artwork from any full-time resident of Southeast Alaska, with a portion set aside for UAS students. ...More

Winter flooding, warm ocean likely affected Southeast humpies

11-24-2015 | KTOO - This year’s pink salmon or humpy runs in Southeast Alaska weren’t horrible, but they weren’t great either. Fish returns weren’t consistent across the Panhandle. John Joyce, also a research fisheries biologist and one of Orsi’s colleagues at the NOAA institute, spends a lot of his time at the weir. Joyce said they’re collaborating with the University of Alaska of Southeast, which is using their 35 year data sets in their research to determine how climate change is influencing migratory behavior, marine survival and productivity. ...More

Plan proposed for sub shortage

11-25-2015 | Juneau Empire - The Juneau School District is reporting the highest rates of substitute shortages since 2012, a problem often resolved by teachers who double down and take on extra students or classes. A dean from the University of Alaska Southeast is proposing a new solution — train high school students for the role. ...More

Short plays on Climate Change to be presented Dec. 3

11-18-2015 | Capital City Weekly - Perseverance Theatre, the University of Alaska Southeast, and the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center will present "A Pain in the Crevasse: Short Plays on Climate Change" at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3. This is a free event. ...More

Film on the Dauenhauers to be presented Friday

11-18-2015 | Capital City Weekly - The initial cut of a film based on the lives and work of Richard and Nora Dauenhauer will premiere at the final Evening at Egan presentation of the 2015 series on Friday, Nov. 20, at 7 p.m. at the Egan Library at the University of Alaska Southeast. The Dauenhauers drove language revitalization, civil rights, and equal education efforts in Southeast Alaska. ...More

UAS yields key data for fishing industry

11-15-2015 | Juneau Empire - For years growing up in Juneau, Donovan Bell walked, drove and rode his bike past one of the most dynamic resources in his collegiate career, and he never knew it existed. It’s the Auke Creek weir, where University of Alaska Southeast Juneau students can study migration patterns of salmonids — trout, char and salmon — whose journeys can take them into the Gulf of Alaska and even into the Bering Sea hundreds of miles away. ...More

Book review: Food, identity and memory in Hayes' 'Blonde Indian'

11-4-2015 | Capital City Weekly - Ernestine Hayes' genre defying debut takes its shape from the many braided rivers of Lingit Aani -- the Taku, Stikine and Naas. Part prayer, part tragedy and part triumph, "Blonde Indian" presents a memoir in which the story of person cannot be separated from the story of place. Beginning in territorial-era Juneau, the setting is familiar and full of landmarks still present today (Village Street, the Governor's Mansion). Depictions of the discrimination, poverty, alcoholism and abuse Hayes experienced typify the fierce honesty with which her story is told. ...More

UAS co-sponsors lectures for Native American Heritage Month

11-04-2015 | Juneau Empre - Sealaska Heritage Institute will sponsor its annual noon lecture series to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and Walter Soboleff Day in November. This year’s lineup includes distinguished Northwest Coast and Alutiiq artists and will conclude in early December with a panel discussion by young Native artists on the future of Northwest Coast art. SHI also will host a panel discussion titled Retrospective View of Dr. Walter Soboleff to commemorate the state’s annual Walter Soboleff Day. The event was co-sponsored by the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

Rasmuson Foundation announces grants

10-30-2015 | Juneau Empire - The Rasmuson Foundation has announced $826,634 in third-quarter grants across the state, and the list includes several in Juneau. The grant list was announced Thursday [and] the University of Alaska Southeast Foundation was awarded $25,000 for its Alaska Native Language Lab, library and a new video documentary. ...More

From Juneau to Carnegie Hall

10-21-2015 | Capital City Weekly - A few months ago, local a capella group Alaskapella got some unexpected news: they’d been invited to Carnegie Hall to perform with singers from around the world. Only thing was, they hadn’t even auditioned. They’re next giving a concert of Pixar and Dreamworks songs at 7 p.m. Nov. 14 in UAS’ Egan lecture hall. The concert is free, though they’re accepting donations. ...More

UAS offers new marine transportation degree

10-28-2015 | KTVA - Students with an interest in marine transportation will soon be able to stay in Alaska for school. The University of Alaska Board of Regents ruled earlier this year the University of Alaska Southeast-Ketchikan can offer a degree program in the field. ...More

Lemon Creek matches Rio Grande in water volume

10-26-2015 | KTOO - Experts believe water scarcity will become a significant issue across most of the world over the next decade. In Southeast Alaska, it’s a different story. The volume of water flowing through Juneau’s Lemon Creek at one point Thursday was equal to the volume of water flowing through the coveted Rio Grande in the Southwestern United States, according to Brett Walton, a reporter with the online publication Circle of Blue. Walton spoke at The Politics of Water last week, a three-day forum hosted by the Juneau World Affairs Council and the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

Writer Nick Jans captivates audience with tales of Romeo the wolf

10-22-2015 | KTOO - Writer Nick Jans calls the years between 2003 and 2009 “a magical and transformative time” in Juneau’s history. It was during those years that a wild black wolf, who came to be known as Romeo, lived in the community, played with dogs and interacted with residents. Jans spoke at the University of Alaska Southeast last week about his 2014 book “A Wolf Called Romeo.” ...More

Is this climate change-battered conifer migrating northward?

10-19-2015 | High Country News - We are high in the fold of a steep, boggy valley when my friend Sarah spots our quarry tucked amidst blueberry and dark hemlocks. The first yellow cedar is spindly, no more than four inches in diameter, with striated reddish bark and drooping feathery fronds that seem to fit the sodden, misty September day. “One thing that seems to be coming out of the data is that these are new stands,” says disturbance ecologist Brian Buma, an assistant professor at University of Alaska Southeast ...More

Nick Jans to speak on Romeo

10-16-2015 | Juneau Empire - Local author Nick Jans will discuss the subject of his best-selling book, “A Wolf Called Romeo,” at the University of Alaska Southeast’s Evening at Egan at the Auke Lake campus tonight, Friday October 16. He’ll narrate a slide show, show short video clips, and read from his book. ...More

‘Assimilation’ playwright flips the script on Native history

10-09-2015 | KTOO - In a dystopian future, Western civilization has crumbled and indigenous people are in control. That’s the premise of Jack Dalton’s play “Assimilation,” now touring Alaska. It flips the history of boarding schools with whites violently assimilated into Native culture. "Assimilation" will play at the Egan Library on the UAS Auke Lake campus this Friday as part of the Evening at Egan Lecture series. ...More

A Day in the Life of: Chas' Koowu Tla'a Teri Rofkar

10-08-2015 | Capital City Weekly - For renowned Sitka Ravenstail and spruce root basket weaver Teri Rofkar, the past, present and future are interwoven. Rofkar teaches weaving at the University of Alaska Southeast-Sitka. A current project, her "Tlingit Superman" series, is a prime example of that. She's woven what she believes to be the first all mountain goat wool robe - and definitely the first all mountain goat Ravenstail robe - in more than 200 years, complete with double helix designs for DNA, to indicate Baranof Island's unique mountain goat population. She's also making a robe that lights up like the aurora. And she's making a bulletproof robe, out of Kevlar. ...More

"Read Local: An Alaska Book Week Celebration" to be held Oct. 10

10-08-2015 | Juneau Empire - In celebration of Alaska Book Week, observed Oct. 3-10, an author event has been scheduled in Juneau on Saturday, Oct. 10, at 7 p.m. at Coppa, 917 Glacier Ave. The event will be hosted by the University of Alaska Southeast’s One Campus One Book program in collaboration with 49 Writers, the Alaska Center for the Book, the Alaska State Library, the Anchorage Public Library, and the Alaska Quarterly Review. Coffee, ice-cream and pastries available for purchase. ...More

Amid cuts, UAS moves focus to enrollment

10-02-2015 | Juneau Empire - At the University of Alaska Southeast, it’s the same tune heard around the state — an uncomfortably tight budget countered by expanding program needs. UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield, however, remains optimistic. During Thursday’s Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Caulfield presented a summary of where UAS is, where it’s going and what it all means for Juneau’s economy. ...More

UAS student government votes to recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day

10-02-2015 | KTOO - Students at the University of Alaska Southeast will recognize Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Oct. 12, a day otherwise known as Columbus Day. The student government recently passed a resolution to do this on the second Monday of every October. ...More

Scientists exploring what caused deadly Sitka landslide

09-23-2015 | Alaska Public Media - One month after a deadly landslide struck in Sitka, a group of scientists and agency officials are starting the complicated task of learning what happened. The Geo Task Force has been meeting informally at the Sitka Sound Science Center. The center’s director, Lisa Busch, believes these gatherings are an important first step in understanding the area’s geophysical hazards. UAS Assistant Professor of Forest Ecology Brian Buma is among those working with the Geo Task Force. ...More

Pugh 'honored' by UAS hall naming

09-18-2015 | Juneau Empire - The new freshman dorm at the University of Alaska Southeast was named in honor of one of its favored administrators during a Thursday evening ceremony at the campus. ...More

UAS to offer degree program in marine transportation

09-20-2015 | KTOO - Students and mariners will soon be able to get formal marine transportation education without leaving the state. The University of Alaska Board of Regents last week approved a new marine transportation degree program at the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

Traveling exhibit "Native Voices" opens at UAS Egan Library

09-16-2015 | Juneau Empire - A traveling exhibition, “Native Voices: Native Peoples’ Concepts of Health and Illness,” opened Friday at the UAS Egan Library. The traveling exhibition, produced by the National Library of Medicine, examines concepts of health and medicine among contemporary American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian people, and explores the connection between wellness, illness, and cultural life through a combination of interviews, artwork, objects and interactive media. ...More

UAS to host presentation, film series on indigenous languages

09-09-2015 | Juneau Empire - Prior to the beginning of the University of Alaska Southeast’s Evening at Egan lecture series, which begins Oct. 2, the university has scheduled a presentation and three-part film series focused on indigenous languages. The following events will be held on Thursday evenings, Sept. 10-Oct. 1, in the Egan Lecture Hall. ...More

Caulfield: Amidst challenges, 'UAS will thrive'

08-30-2015 | Juneau Empire - [The Juneau Empire] recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Rick Caulfield, the new chancellor for the University of Alaska Southeast. Caulfield has been with the University of Alaska for many years, starting out as an instructor for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks’ Bristol Bay campus before coming to Juneau. Just before the start of UAS’s fall semester, Caulfield took the time to answer some questions on where he sees UAS headed in the future. ...More

UAS Sitka Campus Selects New Campus Director

08-26-2015 | Juneau Empire - Dr. Paula Martin has been hired as Campus Director of the University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka Campus. Currently, Martin serves as Assistant Director for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor at UAA’s Kenai Peninsula College – a role she has held since 2008. Dr. Martin earned her Ph.D. at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in entomology in 1993. She taught at Emory University, where she led its Human and Natural Ecology program. She then accepted an opportunity to create a new department, Environmental Science and Studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. This department grew rapidly, and Dr. Martin augmented her experience as full Professor by becoming Assistant Provost at Juniata. ...More

Tech Prep Program Among Changes at Wrangell High School

08-21-2015 | Wrangell Sentinel - A number of changes will greet students when they walk through those doors, some more noticeable than others. The overarching goal is to change the way the school district approaches education, looking at the experience less as being split into individual grades than its encompassing a broader K-12 continuum. With the recent re-siting of the University of Alaska Southeast technical preparation program office to Wrangell High School, that view will be further expanded to include a post-graduation context as well. ...More

Annual picnic brings hundreds to UAS

08-16-2015 | Juneau Empire - Hundreds of people showed up to the Governor’s Annual Picnic in Juneau at the UAS Auke Lake campus on Friday, lining up for free grub and a chance to meet Gov. Bill Walker in his first turn behind the serving table. ...More

Governor's Annual Picnic is Friday

08-11-2015 | KTOO - Gov. Bill Walker is carrying on the annual community picnic tradition in Juneau on Friday at the UAS Auke Lake Campus in front of the Mourant Building. Gov. Walker, first lady Donna Walker, Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, second lady Toni Mallott and members of the administration will be mingling and serving up salmon and hot dogs at Friday’s free picnic, which runs from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. ...More

Scientists Pioneer Method to Track Water Flowing Through Glaciers

08-10-2015 | University of Texas - Researchers for the first time have used seismic sensors to track meltwater flowing through glaciers and into the ocean, an essential step to understanding the future of the world’s largest glaciers as climate changes. The team included researchers from the University of Alaska Southeast, the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. ...More

Wrangell High School Readying for Upcoming Year with Tech Prep

08-06-2015 | Wrangell Sentinel - Various members of the Wrangell community were invited to the high school library Monday afternoon to meet with technical preparation program staff for the University of Alaska Southeast. Earlier in the summer the program’s regional coordinator, Kim Szczatko, set up a permanent office at Wrangell High School, which will expand its scope in Wrangell and other island communities. ...More

My Turn: UAS offers good education close to home

07-30-2015 | Juneau Empire - I’m excited to be the new UAS chancellor, with one goal for the university foremost in mind: to help Alaskans improve their lives and to make Alaska an even more prosperous, healthy and rewarding place to live. ...More

Teaching Formline

07-28-2015 | Juneau Empire - This week, Sealaska Heritage Institute released the results of a three-year project designed to help students learn the basics of formline -- the design elements around which most Northwest Coast Native art is built. The in-depth educational resource, designed for students in grades 5-8, was introduced to teachers from around the state Monday by Juneau School District art teacher Nancy Lehnhart during the 10th annual Basic Arts Institute at the University of Alaska Southeast on Monday. ...More

Jim Johnsen named new University of Alaska president

07-28-2015 | Alaska Dispatch News - The University of Alaska Board of Regents said Tuesday it appointed Jim Johnsen, a senior vice president at Alaska Communications, as the 14th president of the UA system. ...More

KINY Capital Chat - Fall UAS Update

07-24-2015 | KINY - UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield and Vice Chancellor Joe Nelson appeared on KINY radio's Capital Chat in a two-part segment and talked registration deadlines, the admission process, requirements, and academic advisors. August 1st is the deadline for Fall admissions. ...More

Filling the Freezer: The pros, cons and costs of stocking up on Alaska salmon

07-26-2015 | Alaska Dispatch News - Every July in Alaska, the conversation turns to salmon. University of Alaska Southeast sociologist Lora Vess is researching how Alaskans interact with their food systems. She’s still going through her research and conducting interviews, but she’s found that many people who live in Alaska or move here find themselves drawn to salmon. ...More

Teachers’ field trip: Lessons from the Mendenhall Glacier

07-24-2015 | Alaska Public Media - “Teacher training” usually means spending time in a library with textbooks and PowerPoints. But for 13 Alaska educators last week, it meant hopping on a helicopter, donning crampons and toting an ice ax on top of the Mendenhall Glacier as part of Discovery Southeast’s Teacher Expedition. I was invited to tag along. Teachers pay tuition to learn in an outdoor classroom for a week and can get continuing education credits from the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

At glacier, a casual jökulhlaup season

07-23-2015 | Juneau Empire - By 10 a.m. Tuesday, the most recent glacier outburst flood, also known by the Icelandic name jökulhlaup, had done its worst. Mendenhall Lake had risen about a foot and a third since the day before, but on a sunny Tuesday, tourists’ attention focused on the scenery around them, not at the lake lapping at their feet. The most recent glacier outburst flood was the sixth such flood of comparable size since May 30, and more may be on the way, according to Eran Hood, a professor of environmental science at the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

University of Alaska Presidential Candidate Visits Juneau

07-08-2015 | Juneau Empire - University of Alaska president candidate Jim Johnsen said he expects the state university system to be providing fewer academic programs in 10 years, but that the remaining areas of study will be stronger and more successful. ...More

UAS Juneau Goes Smoke-Free

06-30-2015 | Alaska Public Radio Network - UAS will join thousands of colleges nationwide with similar policies banning tobacco use by students, staff and visitors. No more cigarette, e-cigarette or hookah breaks between classes; the ban applies to all tobacco products. Anyone looking for a nicotine fix will have to leave campus to get it. ...More

UAS Ketchikan Students Make Spring 2015 Honors List

06-29-2015 | SitNews - University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan students have made the UAS Chancellor’s and Dean’s lists for the Spring 2015 Semester. Starla Agoney, John Brown, Samuel Graham and Ian Johnson-Beitman made the Spring 2015 semester Chancellor’s List. Stephanie Alley, Tuffina Arnold, Leona Baumeister, Kay Brudos, Stephanie Compton, Sarah Fitzgerald, Mattie Ginter, Angel Gomez, Sirena Jackson Rodgers, Teresa Munroe, Isabel Stephens and Robin Strunk made the Spring 2015 semester Dean’s List. ...More

New Juneau Icefield Map Available

06-25-2015 | Juneau Empire - The new 2015 Juneau Icefield map is now available, according to a release from the U.S. Forest Service. The icefield illustration was created for the USFS by Eric Knight with support from the University of Alaska Southeast and the Banff Institute. ...More

Fisheries Economists Meet in Ketchikan

06-22-2015 | SitNews - Members of the North American Association of Fisheries Economists recently gathered in record high numbers for the 8th biennial conference in Ketchikan. The main conference theme was "Economic Sustainability, Fishing Communities, and Working Waterfronts". The Forum was held May 20-22, 2015. The Organizing Committee included Keith Criddle (University of Alaska Fairbanks Fisheries), Quentin Fong ((UAF Marine Advisory Program Fisheries), Gary Freitag (University of Alaska Southeast Ketchikan) and Eric Thunberg (NAAFE President, NOAA). ...More

Every Voice Matters - StoryCorps Project

06-03-2015 | Juneau Empire - A new oral history project at the Juneau Public Library is inviting people of all ages to share stories around the theme of Alaska Native educational experiences. Supporting the project is UAS Professor of Alaska Native Languages X̱’unei Lance Twitchell. ...More

New UAS chancellor takes reins

05-31-15 | Juneau Empire - Incoming University of Alaska Southeast Chancellor Rick Caulfield will have his first official day in his new position tomorrow. But this isn’t the longtime Alaskan’s first rodeo — not by a long shot. ...More

Admiralty, from many angles

05-27-15 | Capital City Weekly - The impact of the Southeast Alaskan environment on residents and visitors can't be measured, but it can be appreciated, particularly in the work and words of the region's scientists, writers, artists and culture bearers. Among them were UAS Sitka Associate Professor of Marine Biology Jan Straley. ...More

Chancellor John Pugh leaves behind a legacy of caring for students

05-28-15 | KTOO - John Pugh’s last day as chancellor of the University of Alaska Southeast is Friday. He’s retiring after almost three decades with the college. Pugh leaves a legacy of being much more than a chancellor to students — he was a teacher, adviser and friend. ...More

NW Coast Arts, Language Classes to be Held at UAS Sitka

05-26-15 | Sitka Sentinel - UAS-Sitka Campus is offering a full schedule of Northwest Coast Arts and Language classes this summer. Courses are in most cases in a concentrated workshop format and of special interest to high school students for college credit. ...More

UAS dorm has its dedication

05-18-15 | Juneau Empire - With snow-capped mountains vividly reflected in the huge windows behind him, outgoing University of Alaska Southeast Chancellor John Pugh led the charge Saturday in dedicating the school’s year-old freshman residence hall, a construction project that took less than a year to build but about half a decade to plan. ...More

UAS announces faculty award winners

05-14-15 | Juneau Empire - The University of Alaska Southeast has awarded faculty members Suzanne Malter, Ben Huff, Heidi Pearson and Julie Hamilton for their excellence, hard work and dedication to teaching. ...More

UAS 44th Commencement Ceremony Slideshow

05-12-15 | Juneau Empire - The Juneau Empire produced a slideshow of the recent Spring 2015 commencement ceremonies held at the University of Alaska Southeast Juneau. Great shots, check it out! ...More

Shellfish workshops offered in Ketchikan and Homer

05-07-15 | SitNews - The Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program is offering two levels of shellfish workshops in Ketchikan and Homer. The workshops are free but registration is required. The Ketchikan-based workshops [May 14-16, May 20-22] are sponsored by the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, and cosponsored by the University of Alaska Southeast – Ketchikan and OceansAlaska. ...More

Tidal Echoes: Capturing Southeast culture in print

05-05-15 | KTOO - The latest edition of the University of Alaska Southeast literary journal Tidal Echoes was recently released. It takes a year to curate all of the work that goes into the book, which showcases poets, fiction writers, and artists. There’s only one requirement for submission: you have to be a full-time resident of Southeast. ...More

UAS marks 44th commencement with farewell to chancellor

05-04-15 | Juneau Empire - Graduates of the University of Alaska Southeast departed the school’s 44th annual commencement on Sunday afternoon with their degrees and a bit of advice for the continuing journey. The event also marked the start of a new journey for now-Chancellor Emeritus John Pugh, who had the opportunity to confer degrees upon the last class of students in his career at the university. ...More

President Announces Selection of University of Alaska Southeast Chancellor

05-06-15 | UAS - University of Alaska (UA) President Patrick K. Gamble today announced that Rick Caulfield has been selected to replace John Pugh as Chancellor at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS). Pugh announced last October he would retire at the end of May. Caulfield currently serves as UAS Provost. ...More

Path to graduation: one student’s journey to UAS alum

05-04-15 | KTOO - Graduation is often a time for celebration, and it should be because getting through college can be hard. There are exams to ace, late night study sessions and pressure over what comes next. A self-described “ambitious home school kid,” [Rebecca] Salsman started taking classes at UAS when she was just 14. She’s now 24 and receiving a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. ...More

PHS students earn certification with help from UAS Sitka instructor

05-01-15 | UAS - Petersburg High School shop teacher Nick Popp took eight students to Sitka for a three-day welding performance exam April 15-17. Students were assessed on flat, vertical and overhead steel plate welding techniques by Allen Puckett, a Certified Welding Inspector and assistant professor of welding technology at the University of Alaska Southeast in Sitka. All eight students passed at least two of three positions tested as part of the American Welding Society's steel plate credential. ...More

UAS Sitka Campus Commencement

4-28-15 | Sitka Sentinel - The University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka Campus, will hold its commencement exercises 7 p.m. Friday, May 1. This year, it will be held at the Odess Theater in Allen Hall on the SJ Campus. Graduating students, their families and friends, and the general public are invited to attend. The university faculty and staff will join the celebration along with Sitka Campus Advisory Council members, UA President Pat Gamble, UAS Chancellor John Pugh, and Provost Richard Caulfield, and several University of Alaska regents. ...More

UAS Ketchikan Campus Commencement

4-27-15 | SitNews - The 2015 commencement ceremony for University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Ketchikan students will be held Saturday, May 2 at 3:00 PM at the Ted Ferry Civic Center. The public is invited to attend. Thirty-nine students are receiving degrees this spring. ...More

UAS Juneau Campus Commencement

4-30-15 | UAS - The University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus celebrates the 44th annual commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 3, 2 p.m. at the Charles Gamble Jr.-Donald Sperl Joint Use Facility, 12300 Mendenhall Loop Road (UAS Rec Center). The Native & Rural Student Center is hosting the annual Alaska Native Graduation Celebration in the Mourant Café Saturday, May 2 at 3 p.m. on the Auke Lake campus. ...More

Empty Bowls event benefiting the Glory Hole happens Sunday

04-24-15 | Juneau Empire - Once a year, an empty bowl contains something filling. This year, the Empty Bowls fundraiser celebrates its 25th anniversary. The University of Alaska Southeast Arts Department and the Canvas have provided this year’s bowls. Companies like Kenny’s Wok and Teriyaki, Mi Casa, Rainbow Foods, Baranof, the Sandpiper and others are providing the food. Bread, coffee and cookies are also provided. ...More

Tidal Echoes Launch Party, Friday, April 24

4-22-15 | Juneau Empire - This year’s edition of Tidal Echoes, the University of Alaska Southeast’s literary and art journal, will be celebrated with a release party at 7 p.m. Friday, April 24, at the Egan Lecture Hall. The event is free; light refreshments will be served. ...More

UAS Assistant Professor Jan Straley to Speak at Feiro Marine Life Center

4-22-15 | Feiro Marine Life Center - When faced with an easy buffet of seafood, what would you do? Biologist Jan Straley from the University of Alaska-Southeast will describe how Sperm whales in the Gulf of Alaska have learned how to “steal” black cod, halibut, and lingcod from longline fishing gear. ...More

Greenland and the Changing Arctic: Climate, Culture and Self-Determination

04-15-15 | KTOO - The Juneau World Affairs Council presented “Greenland and the Changing Arctic: Climate, Culture and Self-Determination” with Richard Caulfield. Caulfield is an author and the provost of the University of Alaska Southeast. His doctoral dissertation focused on aboriginal subsistence whaling in Greenland and cultural dynamics of natural resource use in the Arctic. ...More

Greenland and the Changing Arctic: Climate, Culture, and Self-Determination

04-15-15 | Juneau World Affairs Council - Dr. Rick Caulfield, UAS Provost, will share insights about Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaat), which is experiencing dramatic change as a 21st century Inuit homeland. Part of the Danish realm, Greenland is engaged with the global economy through fishing, mining, and tourism while struggling to hold on to indigenous traditions. ...More

Coeur presents check to UAS Mining Training program

04-12-15 | Juneau Empire - Coeur Alaska Mine presented a check for $7,500 to University of Alaska Southeast Center for Mine Training Director Mike Bell during the Juneau Chapter of the Alaska Miners Association breakfast at the Prospector Hotel on March 27. ...More

Art Meets Science Week at UAS

04-13-15 | Juneau Empire - The University of Alaska Southeast Juneau campus will be hosting Art Meets Science from April 13-19. Art Meets Science is a week-long showcase of student accomplishments in the liberal arts, Alaska Native oratory, outdoor studies, and scientific, mathematical and social science research. ...More

Former UAS Assistant Professor Tom McKenna Named New Harborview Principal

04-13-15 | Juneau Empire - Longtime teacher Tom McKenna is getting called to the office — as Harborview Elementary School’s new principal, that is. He replaces Dave Stoltenburg, who recently announced his retirement after 37 years in education. ...More

Tlingit language to be officially recognized in federal maps database

04-10-15 | KTOO - To Lance Twitchell, professor of Native languages at the University of Alaska Southeast, the point east of Thunder Mountain has always been called Tlaxsatanjín. “From the Tlingit prospective, nothing has really changed,” he says. ...More

Fish-stealing whales take bite out of black-cod harvest

04-09-15 | Seattle Times - “We thought they were just mostly biting the fish off. It really opened our eyes,” said Jan Straley, a University of Alaska Southeast marine biologist. “We realized that empty hooks could mean a whale was responsible.” How do you keep a whale from grabbing the fish off your lines? Do you put out decoy buoys to try to trick them? Do you blast heavy metal  from the deck of your boat to annoy them, or run for hours in hopes of ditching them? ...More

Wearable Art of place: Regalia

04-08-15 | Capital City Weekly - The theme of this year's Art of Place presentation series at the University of Alaska Southeast -- Wearable Art of Place -- was brought vividly to life Friday during the series' final event of the season, a regalia show. About a dozen models of all ages displayed items of regalia including woven robes, button blankets, beaded tunics, carved masks, hats, leggings, collars, headbands, bags and moccasins. ...More

Northrim Bank donates 50K to UAS

04-06-15 | Juneau Empire - Northrim Bank CEO Joe Beedle presented a $50,000 check to the University of Alaska Southeast during their Economic Luncheon at the Baranof Hotel on Friday, 4/3/2015. ...More

Stories and Science of our Transboundary Rivers

04-01-15 | Juneau Empire - 7-9 p.m., Friday, April 3, University of Alaska Southeast Egan Lecture Hall. Ryan Peterson will tell his story of floating the transboundary Unuk River, on which the Canadian Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell open pit and underground mine will be located. He traveled the river from source to sea while making the short film Xboundary, which will be shown. B.C. First Nations representative Jacinda Mack, of the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, will share her personal account of the devastating consequences of the Mount Polley mine disaster in central B.C. in August of 2014. Mining expert Dr. David Chambers, along with Southeast Alaska leaders, will discuss the science and potential local impacts of transboundary mining development. Xboundary explores the huge threats to the Alaska/B.C. transboundary region from large-scale developments in B.C. ...More

SHI to Sponsor Latseen Leadership Academy

03-31-15 | Alaska Native News - Applications are now available for Sealaska Heritage Institute’s annual Latseen Leadership Academy program. This year’s academy for high school students will be held July 6-19 at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau. The academy will serve 40 high school students from Angoon, Prince of Wales, Klukwan and Juneau. Travel scholarships are available. ...More

Path to Prosperity Kicks Off Year 3

04-01-15 | Alaska Native News - Do you or someone you know have an idea or dream to own a business? The Path To Prosperity (P2P) competition supports innovative business plan ideas in Southeast Alaska. The 2015 P2P business plan development competition is now open. [The] University of Alaska Southeast School of Management will award each of the 12 finalists a scholarship to attend one (3 credit) course of their choice at the School of Management. ...More

Seeking a Stable Table

03-25-17 | Juneau Empire - Lia Heifetz, owner of Grow Southeast and Food Security Coordinator for Southeast Conference, hopes to increase security in the region through local production in Southeast Alaska, where most food comes from around the world and arrives on Alaskan forks only through a complex web of transportation. ...More

Blues-Fusion Kickoff Party Coming to UAS Juneau

03-25-17 | Capital City Weekly - Blues-Fusion Kickoff Party with live music by Mr. Moo, 8-11 p.m., Friday, March 27, UAS Rec Center, 12300 Mendenhall Loop Rd. Free. Doors open at 8 p.m. with an intro dance lesson ("Basics of Blues Connection") by Daniel Martin at 8:30 p.m. ...More

'Denali's Howl' author to speak at UAS March 27

03-25-17 | Capital City Weekly - Alaskan writer Andy Hall, author of "Denali's Howl, The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak," will make a presentation Friday, March 27, at 7 p.m. in the Egan Library at the University of Alaska Southeast as part of the Sound and Motion series and the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Egan Library. ...More

Author Jeff Chang to speak at UAS on Monday, March 23

03-19-17 | Capital City Weekly - Award winning author Jeff Chang will speak on the UAS Auke Lake campus Monday, March 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Egan Lecture Hall. The presentation is part of the University of Alaska Bartlett Lecture series. Chang's illustrated (via comic strips and contemporary art) lecture will focus on his latest book "Who We Be: The Colorization of America," covering themes from campus protests to corporate marketing campaigns, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Trayvon Martin. His presentation will be a timely discussion of cultural history and the idea of racial progress. ...More

Tlingit Raven stories get due attention at UAS symposium

03-09-17 | KTOO - Tlingit elder Paul Marks discusses the Raven story with a packed audience at the UAS Egan Lecture Hall Friday night. Ravens are ubiquitous in Southeast Alaska, and Tlingit stories about Raven the creator are often told as folklore. But at the University of Alaska Southeast, Raven got his story told in an academic setting. ...More

A new world of education

03-09-15 | Juneau Empire - "Colin Osterhout, who recently completed his master’s in Ed-Tech through UAS, describes it as digital Legos. It’s a lot more than that, though. He’s seen a fully functioning calculator built within Minecraft. It’s also possible to explore engineering and physics, even calculus in Minecraft." ...More

Education liberates former Lemon Creek inmates

03-10-15 | KTOO - Inmates at Juneau’s Lemon Creek Correctional Center are using the works of Shakespeare and Dostoyevsky to get on the road to academia, and ultimately a better life. They’re part of classes taught by UAS Professor Sol Neely, who brings college students behind bars with him each semester to learn writing skills alongside convicted felons. ...More

Rebuilding coral reefs - with art and electricity

03-11-15 | Capital City Weekly - Flanigan came to the University of Alaska Southeast as part of the university's Sound + Motion series, visiting a welding class, a chemistry class, and giving a talk on her work as part of UAS' One Campus, One Book discussion. This year, they're centering talks around themes in "Log from the Sea of Cortez," by John Steinbeck. ...More

UAS students crunch data for governor

03-06-15 | Juneau Empire - University of Alaska Southeast student Katie Jo Parrott thought she had through the end of April to crunch the numbers in a stack of a few hundred surveys for Gov. Bill Walker’s administration. At the beginning of his time in office, the governor put out a survey to the public and state workers asking for feedback on how to streamline state operations. Those results were rolling in. ...More

A professor, wearer of fancy hats, food bank creator and advocate honored

03-06-15 | Juneau Empire - Ernestine Hayes wants you to know that you have a story, and it’s a story worth hearing and that only you can tell. As a professor of English at the University of Alaska Southeast and a mentor to women at Lemon Creek Correctional Center, Hayes tries to reach out to the people who may not have a strong voice. She works closely with students of color, first-generation students, those who have grown up in poverty and those who have overcome great obstacles. ...More

Alaska Climate Science Center Designer to Receive International Vizzie Award

02-25-15 | USGS - Timm and her collaborators received the People’s Choice award in the poster division for their illustration entitled "From Icefield to Ocean" Timm worked with glaciologists Shad O' Neel, from the U.S. Geological Survey's Alaska Science Center, and Eran Hood, from the University of Alaska Southeast. She also worked with ecologist Allison Bidlack, from the Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center at the University of Alaska Southeast. ...More

Educator Spotlight: Molly Box

02-08-15 | Juneau Empire - I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education (K-8) from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, in 1990. I received my master of education degree in educational leadership from the University of Alaska Southeast in 2011. ...More

Wearable Art of Place: Armor and masks

02-11-15 | Juneau Empire - Long, long before Juneau carpenter and artist David Walker began steaming sheets of wood veneer into incredible one-of-a-kind works of wearable art to present on Juneau’s runways, wearable art of a very different kind has been flourishing in Southeast Alaska: Tlingit armor, masks, jewelry and regalia. This culturally significant wearable art is the focus of this year’s Art of Place lecture series, Wearable Art of Place, which kicked off Friday at University of Alaska Southeast and continues through April. ...More

Glacial melt could change chemistry and food web in world's oceans

01-24-15 | Alaska Daily News - This is the first time it’s been done in a comprehensive, data-driven way,” said lead author Eran Hood, an environmental science professor at UAS. ...More

UAS professors examine Charlie Hebdo shootings

01-27-15 | KTOO - A professor of French pop culture history at the University of Alaska Southeast is questioning how Americans should show solidarity with France in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings. Professor Robin Walz held a seminar Friday called “I am (not) Charlie.” ...More

Teacher's method goes beyond the worksheet

01-21-15 | Juneau Empire - Jennifer Thompson has been a kindergarten and first-grade teacher in Juneau since she received her degree from the University of Alaska Southeast in the late 1980s, and she has been advocating “constructivist” teaching since she began. ...More

The Alaska Bellwether: Perception, response and adaptation in a time of climate change

02-21-15 | The Banner Press - Alaska is often seen as the “canary in the climate change coal mine”, said Jim Powell, Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), where he teaches natural resource policy, sustainability, and public administration. ...More

You are here Reading the North: Second look at Alaska's fascinating geology

1-11-15 | Alaska Dispatch News - Author Cathy Connor discusses the latest findings in Alaska and adjacent parts of British Columbia and the Yukon. In addition to roads and national parks, the book covers the "boatside geology" of Alaska, including the fjords of Southeast Alaska, islands in the Bering Sea, and the Tatshenshini River. ...More


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