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News for Staff

2017 Staff Excellence Award nominations are open!

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes outstanding staff excellence in service to the UAS community and accomplishing and enhancing the UAS mission. 

All UAS benefit-eligible, non-executive staff (including local 6070) are eligible to win. Four winners will be chosen, with two hailing from Juneau, and one each in Ketchikan and Sitka. 

The winners will receive $500 or one day of annual leave, and a plaque.

To qualify for this award, the candidate should consistently meet some or all of the following qualities:

  • Dedication to their job
  • Advocating for UAS
  • Dedication to special projects
  • Demonstrating a helpful and positive attitude
  • Community engagement (e.g. volunteering, special events, partnerships)
  • Improving campus culture and collaboration

Nominations must be received by 5 p.m., on March 8, 2017. 

Submit a nomination

Fall 2016 Convocation - Staff General Assembly

Thank you for attending and to our presenters, VC Nelson and Alison Krein. Staff Council Presentation (powerpoint)

Congratulations to our new Staff Council representatives!

The following new members will be serving for the term 2016-2018

Kolene James, President
Amelia Budd, Member-At-Large, Sitka

Chancellor's Comments

From the Provost

Statewide Voice

The Statewide Voice is a monthly, online newsletter for University of Alaska Statewide employees, published the last Wednesday of each month. The Voice features helpful news from Human Resources, Governance Groups, OIT, the President, Board of Regents and other system departments housed in the Butrovich Building, K-12 Outreach Building or the Bragaw Office Building in Anchorage. This is your newsletter, in that you provide the content. If you have news or information to share, please do so through the SW Voice. 


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