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1. Difference between Username and Student ID

Username - typically your first and middle initials and full/partial last name and possibly including number. For example, if your name is Allie Susan Duncan, your username may be asduncan. Your username and password is used for:

  • login to computers at UAS
  • access to your UAS webmail
  • access to your class websites at UAS Online

Student ID Number - an eight digit number (for example, 3xxxxxxx) is automatically assigned to you on your  first attendance at UAS. This student ID# corresponds to your student records in the UAS database. Your student ID# is  used to access:

  • UAOnline- access to your UAS student records such as applications and registration, grades, financial aid, student account, class schedule, etc. (This can be in person, over the phone, or online through UAOnline.)
  • uses a PIN

2. Difference between UAS Online!, UAOnline, Blackboard...

There are multiple systems that you will be using throughout your career at UAS, and keeping track of them can be a little tricky. Here is a list of systems you may be using and why/how you will access them:

System:Log in with:Used for:
UAS Online!usernameemail, computer log in, class homesites
UAOnlineStudent IDapplications, accounts, financial aid, registration, transcripts
WebmailusernameUAS email account
Blackboardusernameclass site - part of UAS Online!
ELMOeitherreset password
Elluminateusernameclass site - part of UAS Online!

Still have questions? Call the Helpdesk at 907-796-6400 or check out their site for useful information.

3. How to find your username and ID

Not sure what your username or student ID is or how to find them? No worries, ELMO can help!

ELMO is our Easy Login Maintenance Option and it allows you to look up your student ID number, username and reset your passwords.

4. Why login?

It is important to login to your classes in order to interact with your classmates, instructor, access important documents, view your grade and submit assignments.

It is important to also login to your UAS webmail account because almost all of the emails from UAS will be sent to your UAS email. This includes financial aid, registration, important notices, course information, as well as faculty interaction.


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