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Technology Support Groups
Please visit us at our UAS Online site where you can participate in technology support group discussion forums and subscribe to weblog updates. You can send your ideas and suggestions for improving teaching and learning through applications of technology. We want to hear your ideas! Click here to contact us.

2015-2016 TLTR Members
TLTR members are appointed by the UAS Provost, Dr. Priscilla Schulte, and represent students, faculty, staff, and University departments. Current members are listed below. You can send an e-mail to any TLTR member by clicking on their e-mail address.

Kimberly Schulte

Academic Support & Testing Center Supervisor / CIOS Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 228-4507


Learning and Testing Center

Paul Bldg

Ketchikan Campus

Associate of Arts from Seattle Central Community College

Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Alabama Birmingham

CIOS 100, CIOS 101A & 101B, CIOS 110A, CIOS 105, CIOS 132A, CIOS 135, CIOS 193A, ACCT 100 and ACCT 222

Kimberly Schulte has been teaching and working in computer/technology related fields throughout the past 10 years. After completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management at the University of Alabama, Kimberly worked for several years in Accounting, Payroll, Human Resources, and Business Management positions.  In the evenings Kimberly managed the computer lab at UAS-Ketchikan and eventually was hired as Computer Lab Instructional Technician.  Today she supports UAS faculty, students, & staff with technology needs and teaches basic Word and Excel courses.  Kimberly previously managed the campus Learning Center and still serves as the Testing Specialist there. 

Kimberly has lived in New Mexico, Washington, & Alabama, but has spent most of her life in Ketchikan. She has traveled to all of the continental United States, been to a handful of European Countries, attended school in Japan on the exchange program, and vacationed several times in South American countries. Kimberly has two small children that add vibrancy to her life.

Jason M. Amundson

Assistant Professor of Geophysics

Phone: 796-6247


Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences - Environmental Sciences

Soboleff Annex, Rm 109

Juneau Campus

Ph.D. Geophysics, 2010, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Iceberg Calving Dynamics of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Greenland

M.S. Geophysics, 2006, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Evidence for Stress Redistribution Beneath Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska

B.S. Geology, 2003, University of Minnesota
B.S. Geological Engineering, 2003, University of Minnesota

Curriculum Vitae (see Jason's personal site)

  • Controls on iceberg calving
  • Oceanic response to calving events
  • Glacier seismicity
  • Subglacial processes, including basal motion and glacial erosion

Lower Division:

  • PHYS 103: College Physics I
  • PHYS 104: College Physics II
  • PHYS 211: General Physics I
  • PHYS 212: General Physics II

Upper Division:

  • ENVS 393: Science, Politics, and Economics of Climate Change
  • ENVS 493: Climate and the Earth System

Marnie Chapman

Professor, Biology

Phone: 747-7702


Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences - Biology

Sitka Campus

M.S. Biology University of St. Joseph (Focus: Human Biology) 2008
M.A. Biology Humboldt State University (Focus: Intertidal Biology) 1992
B.A. Zoology Humboldt State University 1983
Graduate coursework at Friday Harbor Laboratory and Bamfield Marine Station

Special Recognition:

UA President’s Award for Outstanding Distance Educator in Alaska (2001)
UAS Faculty Excellence Award Sitka Campus (2012)

BIOL 111 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 112 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

Past Courses Taught:

Microbiology, Natural History of Alaska, Intertidal Biology, General Biology, Biology & Society,
General Zoology, Alaska Naturalist Program; Science for K-8 Teachers

I’m originally from Northern California and lived in Bethel and Skagway before moving to Sitka in 1992. I enjoy helping students build a firm foundation in the topic that will serve them well in their careers. I am active in the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS).  As part of HAPS I helped develop standards for undergraduate human anatomy and physiology courses taught in the US and Canada. I am committed to quality eLearning opportunities and developed and delivered the first distance science courses offered by UAS. As Sitka’s lab director I currently help oversee the lab support portion of UAS Sitka Distance Science courses which have grown to involve multiple faculty members and currently serve over 200 students each semester.  I believe it is important to give back to my community by doing what I can to enrich science literacy, assist in community-based scientific research, and help create science-related opportunities for everyone, especially K-12 students.

Community Projects:

  • Served as an invited researcher for Scientist in the Schools programs at elementary, middle, and high school levels.
  • Helped establish science clubs at the local elementary and middle school that give kids a chance to interact with scientists and collect data for meaningful research projects.
  • Found opportunities for K-12 students to meet and work with scientists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, UCSF, UAF and Project Budburst.
  • Assisted with marine invertebrate identification for community BioBlitzes and provided intertidal ecology expertise for many community organizations.
  • Involved in a project to revisit historical work done in Sitka by Ed (Doc) Ricketts and link it to modern intertidal survey protocols.

I am particularly interested in the ecology and functional anatomy of intertidal organisms, especially with respect to predator-prey relationships.  I am also very involved in marine invasive issues and research, particularly with respect to invasive tunicates. I am a member of the Alaska Marine Invasive Species subcommittee and the Didemnum vexillum Rapid Response Team.

Susie Feero

Assistant Professor, Health Information Management

Phone: 747-9477 Second Phone: 1-800-478-9069


Career Education: Health Sciences

Sitka Campus

Robin Gilcrist

Assistant Professor and Program Head, Construction Technology

Phone: 796-6141


Career Education: Construction

Technical Education Center, TEC 223

Juneau Campus

Ms. Gilcrist was born and raised in Sacramento, California where she received an Associates of Arts in drafting Technology. Robin moved to Hawaii in the early eighties and completed a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Hawaii before leaving for Alaska. Ms. Gilcrist has worked as a drafter and designer since 1980 in California, Hawaii and Alaska, working for large architectural firms as well as small construction businesses. Since moving to Juneau in the fall of 1993 she has been working full-time designing custom homes, remodels and additions. Ms. Gilcrist owns her own residential design business, Interline Design. She also is actively involved in creating affordable housing through volunteer work with Housing First and Habitat for Humanity.

Jill Hanson

Educational Program Support

Phone: 747-7733


Sitka Campus

Maureen O'Halloran

Instructional Design Regional Director

Phone: 796-6557


Sitka Campus

B.S. Physics, Wisconsin; Ph.D. Physics, Stanford University.

At UAS since 2004. Supports faculty in design and development of e-Learning courses. 

Ann Spehar

Assistant Professor of Economics

Phone: 228-4559 Fax: 225-3624


Arts and Sciences Department

Paul Bldg, Room 506

Ketchikan Campus

Ann Spehar earned a Masters in Applied Economics at Seattle University in Washington State where she also earned two undergraduate degrees in economics and math at the University of Washington. She holds a Master in Education in curriculum and instruction from Montana State University and has two years of study toward a doctorate degree in economics at Washington State University and the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

Ann Spehar is currently an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Alaska Southeast. She is responsible for designing, developing and instructing online asynchronous courses in Money and Banking, International Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, and principles courses.

Spehar’s field of interest is the theory of the endogenous business cycles. She has studied the 1930’s U.S. ‘Great Depression’ extensively, and has compared it to the 2008 financial crisis. Spehar has recently published two papers on that topic in the World Economics Journal.   She has also published in the International Journal of Wilderness International Journal of Wilderness.

Spehar has also worked as a consultant in industry, with areas of expertise in mathematical modeling, software engineering and project management. She worked 15 years at the Boeing Company, supporting clients that included Bell Laboratories, AT&T Long Lines, McDonnell Douglas and Hanford Nuclear Facility. She served in executive leadership at the Boeing Company in Seattle and received over 700 hours of Boeing Company training when that company was expanding its territory beyond aviation into computer timesharing services to the world. At the time, Boeing Computer Services (BCS) provided cutting edge computer engineering consultation to 148 government and commercial customers.

Ann Spehar was born in Fairbanks, Alaska “before it was a state” where her father served as editor of the Fairbanks Daily News Minor and headed up AP for Alaska.  She has recently moved from Montana with her husband Alex and Australian Shepherd Montana.


Richard F. Simpson

Assistant Professor of Humanities

Phone: 796-6437 Fax: 796-6406


Arts and Sciences - Humanities

Soboleff Bldg, Rm. 206

Juneau Campus

Jon Martin

Assistant Professor, Biology

Phone: 747-7752


Arts and Sciences - Natural Sciences - Biology

Sitka Campus

Katy Spangler

Professor of Education

Phone: 694-7019


School of Education

Juneau Campus

Program:  Elementary Education: MAT (distance), Teacher Certification (distance)

Jennifer Ward

Associate Professor of Library and Information Science, Outreach Services Librarian

Phone: 796-6285


Egan Library

Egan Library, Room 204

Juneau Campus

M.L.I.S., University of Hawaii (2001)

A.L.B., Harvard University (1995)


Librarian Liaison to Education and Management.

Wendy Miles

Assistant Director of Business Operations & Special Projects

Phone: 228-4523


Ketchikan Director's Office

Ketchikan Campus

Eve Dillingham

Associate Professor of Information Systems

Phone: 796-6355 Second Phone: 1-800-478-9069


SOM: Information Systems

Novatney Bldg, Rm 125

Juneau Campus

Computer Applications

Wanda E Whitcomb

Testing Supervisor / IT Liaison

Phone: 796-6223 Fax: 796-6225


Learning and Testing Center

Egan Library, 101A

Juneau Campus

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