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Information Technology Services (ITS) provides reliable support and maintenance of computing technology and services responsive to the needs of the University community in accordance with the University Mission. Through computer management practices, ITS is able to provide better support and to ensure UAS is properly licensed to avoid costly fines/litigation.

UAS managed computers share a common software build. This build is intended to ensure that:

  1. UAS computers run licensed software.
  2. Only authorized individuals can access UAS computers.
  3. Effective “patch management” is in place to keep software and operating systems up to date.
  4. Files are automatically backed up and encrypted to protect sensitive data.
  5. University resources are consistent.
  6. Devices are effectively maintained by UAS ITS.

These strategies are intended to provide a uniform level of service across UAS. In developing these standards, UAS works closely with the rest of the UA system to ensure that there is commonality across UA. When departments need to work outside the established strategies, they need to address the University requirements on the departmentally managed equipment page.

Looking forward

UAS ITS is continuing to develop a "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure" (VDI). The intent of this change is to place UAS more into alignment with the rest of the UA system. VDI will enable staff and faculty access to their University software and documents from any computer, allow them to customize and control their environment, and be hardware agnostic. 

Computer Hardware Recommendations

Departments are responsible for the purchase of their own computers. ITS has provided the below information as guidance for departments preparing to make a new purchase:

Windows and Mac computers are both supported by UAS. When deciding on a platform, we recommend choosing one that is not only familiar to you, but also supports the applications you will need to be using. For a list of University licensed software available for each platform please see the software catalog.

UAS ITS will make every effort to place the staff/faculty build on departmentally purchased hardware, but cannot guarantee that it will work with every device. Departments should be aware that they may need to return the device(s) if found to be incompatible with our build, or assume responsibility for them as departmentally managed computers.

 Minimum Recommended Specifications

Processor Intel Core i5
Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Hard Drive 500 GB or 256 GB SSD
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Service Contract  

For Mac computers: please add Apple Care for iMacs, and Apple Care Plus for MacBooks.
For Dell Computers: Please add Pro Support for Desktops, and Pro Support Plus for Laptops.

The University of Alaska has contracts with Dell and Apple which allow us to purchase computers at a discounted price with enterprise level support. UAS ITS cannot guarantee support for other computer brands or those purchased from other vendors. 

Please visit the Office of Information Technology’s Current Hardware Recommendations webpage for Dell and Apple purchasing links.


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