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After you have met with an advisor and know what classes you want to take, it is time to register There are several different ways to register. Check out the options below. Questions? Call the Registrar's office for help. Juneau: 907-796-6100, Ketchikan: 907-225-6177. Sitka: 907-747-6653.

How To Register


New and returning students may register through UAOnline

If you are new to UAS and are not seeking a degree:

  • First apply as a "non-degree seeking" student through UAOnline (choose: Apply for Admission).
  • Once you complete your application, the signature page will appear and it will explain how to login to UAOnline immediately. After 48 hours, a student ID number will be generated and you will then login using that number.


Complete and sign a Registration form, then fax, scan into an email, mail or drop it off in person. Please be advised that you will be asked to show a valid government issued or student ID if dropping the form off in person. 

Fax: Juneau 907-796-6365 | Ketchikan 907-225-3624 | Sitka 907-747-7793
Mail: UAS Registrar's Office, 11066 Auke Lake Way, Juneau AK. 99801

Call us - if you need any assistance!

Juneau: 907-796-6100
Ketchikan: 907-225-6177
Sitka: 907-747-7700

Priority Registration

Registration is only available for UAS degree-seeking students during priority registration.

Visit Academic Advising for further information.

Open Registration

All students are welcome to register during open registration.

Personal Information Changes

Update your current address and telephone number at UAOnline or the Registrar's Office to receive information from UAS in a timely manner.

Prerequisites For Courses

You are responsible for having met the prerequisites for the courses. Prerequisites are listed in individual course descriptions in this schedule. If you have not taken the necessary prerequisites but feel confident to perform the course work, you may request permission from the instructor of the course to enroll in the class, and have the instructor sign the registration form.


You will have access to several resources after registering at UAS, including your official UA student email account and the online course site UAS Online. Retrieve your Username and setup your Password through ELMO (Easy Login Maintenance Option).

All official university correspondence will be sent to your UA student email account. Be sure to check it often or set forwarding to any commercial account you prefer. You may also choose your "preferred" email account through UAOnline under 'Personal Information'.

Registrar's Office
  • (907) 796-6365  (Fax)
Novatney Bldg 2nd Floor
11066 Auke Lake Way
Juneau, Alaska
Mailstop: NOV 2

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